17 BIGGEST Trees in the World

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  • 17 BIGGEST Trees in the World This Atlas Cedar in the Foret de Cedar in Northern Morocco is one of the tallest Trees in Africa. The tree has an estimated girth of 3.5 feet and is estimated to be more than 131 feet tall! This tree was planted around 1200-1400 A.D. which makes it at around 7 centuries old. The Queets River Spruce in Washington state was the largest Spruce Tree in the world. The Queets Spruce has a circumference of 60 feet and is 191 feet tall. It attracted nature enthusiasts and tourists from around the country, but unfortunately fell when a harsh winter storm hit the area in 2007. This tree is the largest known western redcedar in the entire world. It has a volume of over 18,000 cubic feet and a height of 180 feet when it was last measured. This tree makes its home about 21 miles from the pacific ocean near Quinalt Lake and took the title for tallest tree in the area after the Queets Lake Spruce was felled in a storm. These odd trees that decorate the plains of Africa are known for their many strange characteristics. The tops of their branches make them look like their roots sprout into the air instead of into the ground, they’re known to be fire resistant and it can last through even the most severe droughts. The Baobabs aren’t just incredibly fascinating alien-like plantlife, they’re also incredibly large, regularly reaching towering 100 foot heights and massive 30 foot diameters. Near a tiny village hidden in the mountains of central Colombia, the Cocora Valley acts as the residence for the world’s tallest palm trees which also have been recognized as Colombia’s national tree. The Palms in this valley grow more than 200 feet tall, which is strange even to many experts as there is no evolutionary benefit for a tree in an open field to grow so high. The Tane Mahuta is a giant kauri tree (Agathis australis) in the Waipoua Forest of New Zealand. Tane Mahuta is 58 feet high but has a total volume of 18,250 cubic feet, making it the 4th largest trees when measured by volume in the world. Experts estimate this tree to be between 1,250 and 2,500 years old, so not only is it one of the largest trees, it is also one of the oldest. Tane Mahuta translates to “Lord of the Forest” when translated from Maori, which is more than an appropriate name considering the Tane Mahuta’s size and age.
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  • keith cobin
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    Got it. Logged by the smartest species on the planet, HUMAN!

  • keith cobin
    keith cobin 3 gün önce

    ONLY 17??? what happened to the rest?

  • John O
    John O 1 hafta önce

    A couple of years ago I was driving along the Vancouver Island southern shore, a place where they cut down all the spruce trees in the Second World War for planes and mine sweepers. We saw a sign , old and tilting, that said worlds tallest spruce tree so we drove around this loop looking for it until we finally found the worlds largest spruce stump.

  • Smarter Than You
    Smarter Than You 1 hafta önce

    At 2:02 “alien-like plant life” Really? How many alien plants have you seen?

  • JM TeeVee
    JM TeeVee 1 hafta önce

    What about the God of the forest

  • brian sullivan
    brian sullivan 1 hafta önce

    Mate, Australia has some of the largest trees in the world today with several eucalypts of the mountain ash variety topping out at well over 300 feet.
    Tales abound of some that were felled years ago that were more than 350feet tall .
    In Victoria there is one forest giant named The Ada tree that is enormous and the girth is incredible.
    This tree towers overhead and yet, it has lost its top due to a lightning strike some time in the past.
    A plaque at the base says there is an estimated 1100 tons of wood in that tree.

  • TT
    TT 2 hafta önce

    Your pronunciation of Maori is pathetic

  • Michael Affleck
    Michael Affleck 2 hafta önce

    It's pronounced Baobob

  • Donna Maki
    Donna Maki 2 hafta önce

    Taaaaa neeeee maaa huta idiot
    Tane Mahuta

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    wrong image shown for the baobab tree

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    😂 I live in queets

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    chinar tree in kashmir r very long and most beautiful

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    18th biggest tree is inside my pants. 🌲

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    So General Sherman at 5:50 wouldn't float on water because he said it's 22% denser than water. I suppose that's quite possible. I had wondered whether there are woods that sink in water.

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    What a terrible accent has this dude, I always ask myself why are people so hysterical in telling something.

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    It’s best to watch with no volume.

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    Don't cut the trees pls

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    thats not a real photo

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    EARTH FIRST!!!! We'll log the rest of the planets later....

  • 90s Hip Hop Never Dies

    Wheres the LA Palm Trees

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    Our tree is bigger than yours, lol.

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    1 FOKU$!

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    Hyperion is only bigger than the Sherman Tree because Sherman was struck by lightning

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    I was waiting for him to absolutely butcher the Maori pronunciation....
    And he sure did.

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  • Folha Verde
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    Vamos divulgar estes Dinossauros (que podem despertar o amor pela ecologia em muita gente) no blog da ecologia e da cidadania, confira depois em folhaverdenews.blogspot.com

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    Man please use metric

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    @7:20 The "Hyperion" in Redwood National Park can't be that hard to find. It's in the park & much taller than anything else anywhere near it.

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  • Patrick Kitts
    Patrick Kitts 2 ay önce

    With a basic, inexpensive drone, how difficult would it be to find the Hyperion? It would make a rustic but wonderful Air B&B! Or I guess you could say Tree B&B.

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    I love trees i hope to make a house tree.

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    0:08 0:41 1:03

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    imperial system is useless unless they make them like 1000 instead of the metric. so we have to change maths. but now its totally useless

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    this dude can't pronounce words

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    these are big trees.

  • Ognjen Mali
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    The world's biggest tree is Serbia 398 feet, it's called "stari hrast" means "old oak" .

  • Pranav Prabhu
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    Great banyan Tree ????