Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral Procession Ended In Fatal Shooting

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  • Natedog
    Natedog 3 saat önce

    Blacks shooting blacks, man y’all doing exactly what white people want smh

  • josiah walker
    josiah walker 3 gün önce

    Niggas want violence not peace y'all dumb

  • Mackenzie Wilson
    Mackenzie Wilson 4 gün önce

    Lies!!! They never stated who, what, when & where! The news is the devil. They keep more negative information like no other!!

  • Victoria Lopez
    Victoria Lopez 4 gün önce


  • Smart Teas
    Smart Teas 6 gün önce

    Oooooooook then and another L.A shooting.

  • Guled Musa
    Guled Musa 1 hafta önce

    Feeling your presence whenever you come to my mind gone but will never be forgotten rest in eternal peace forever and ever.

  • Mondo O
    Mondo O 1 hafta önce

    People saying its just black people doing black people things or thugs being thugs. Yall are actually complicit in the bs, whether you know it or not. I think most of yall do know it and are happy to see negativity among black people or so called thugs.

  • mark spannar
    mark spannar 1 hafta önce

    Why is anyone shocked about more black on black violence. Such savages smh

  • Jose Luis Rodriguez
    Jose Luis Rodriguez 1 hafta önce

    y is she wearing sunglases wut is she trying to hide?....the truth ? her soul?

  • Anthony Okafor
    Anthony Okafor 2 hafta önce

    this is fake news. there is no record of this murder with the LA TImes homicide page

  • Glenda Lewis
    Glenda Lewis 2 hafta önce

    Pray for him

  • Magdalena Erazo
    Magdalena Erazo 2 hafta önce

    Nipsey was my uncle

  • Jacob Minochi
    Jacob Minochi 2 hafta önce

    0:42 why dafuq are u tellin us what kind of skin colours they had?!

  • mind yo fukkin business foreal

    Fake smh at courtney tezeno

  • Shaniqua stewart
    Shaniqua stewart 2 hafta önce

    Mexicans did it they not with the MOVEMENT 4life #WeAllWeGot lbc.movement 4life u see what they did to the kids in lbc.. At poly my home school smh.. it's gonna be a cold summer 💪🏾✌🏾💙💛🖤🏁😢

  • Kelly Benson
    Kelly Benson 2 hafta önce

    Lying MUTHA FUCKA!! CBS Los Angeles recorded the whole thing! Even said somewhat"peaceful".

  • virginia killebrew
    virginia killebrew 2 hafta önce


  • Suave Citygear
    Suave Citygear 3 hafta önce

    US THE TOP 1% are laughing at you sad, greedy, poor humans (Black, White, Latin, Indian) the bottom...WE OWN YOU GUYS WITH YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE, do you know why you really have one 😂??? OUR SYMBOLS ARE ALL OVER YOU LOSERS. Do you know why fire trucks are red? Why shell gas station is yellow and red? Why the “O” in Mobil gas station is red? Why the Walmart logo is a ☀️? Why bp gas station has yellow in it, besides the green and white? YOU LOSER PEOPLE MAKE US ALL 😂 VOTING FOR MULTI MILLIONAIRES TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOU...LOSERS. WE TAUGHT YOU GUYS RACISM THROUGH MEDIA, it never stopped 😂 WE NOW HAVE “SOCIAL MEDIA” to laugh even more in 2019 😂 I WISH MY JP MORGAN COULD SEE THIS 😂...HE IS EVEN ON THE MONOPOLY BOX 😂...YOU LOSER HUMANS NOT IN THE TOP 1% really is ONE BIG SOAP OPERA 😝..go have a monsters drink, YOU DUMMIES DONT EVEN REALIZE THE REASON FOR THE THREE SCRATCHES SUPPOSEDLy..666 in Hebrew dumb dumbs. WE ARE ALL OVER, SATAN IS YOUR NEW GOD...WE TOOK THE RAINBOW 🌈, a religious symbol and you know what is stands for now 😂...THE SAME WAY YOU GUYS DONT SAY “God bless you”...WE EDUCATE AND CAN SPIN ANYTHING AROUND WITH MONEY..THE MORE YOU GUYS KILL AND ARGUE OVER WHO IS THE BEST RACE, WE LAUGH ALL THE TIME LOSERS 😂 MY STOCK GOES UP EVERY TIME ONE OF YOU GUYS KILL EACH OTHER...INSURANCE LOSERS. HUMANS AT THE BOTTOM REALLY ARE DUMB. AT CHRISTMAS, YOU CHRISTIANS PUT UP CHRISTMAS 🎄 TREES...Celebrating a God that you don’t even know 😂 the book of Jeremiah Chpt 16 it clearly states that you shouldn’t...WE PAGANS LOVE HOW DUMB YOU PEOPLE OF ALL RACES TRULY ARE...LOSERS.

  • JIA The RecklessVevo
    JIA The RecklessVevo 3 hafta önce

    Illuminati took him

  • Ratt Pack
    Ratt Pack 4 hafta önce

    Of course it did, not surprising at all.

  • louise baxter
    louise baxter 4 hafta önce

    nipsey was one of the greatest r.i.p brother

  • Prisila Garcia
    Prisila Garcia 1 ay önce


  • Aurora Melchor
    Aurora Melchor 1 ay önce

    NIPSEY !!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  • Knowledge Is coming
    Knowledge Is coming 1 ay önce

    As they glorify a gangbanging pos
    Who paved the way for the youth to follow suit

  • Owen O'Hara
    Owen O'Hara 1 ay önce

    Nipsey was getting too big they had to take him out!

  • Eugene Trotter
    Eugene Trotter 1 ay önce

    Love you

  • Andre Tokes
    Andre Tokes 1 ay önce

    LA shit...

    Alot of shit u other states don't understand...i can say so much..but nah..if u ain't from here don't judge here..

  • Angelique K.
    Angelique K. 1 ay önce

    Rest In Peace 💚🙏🏼

  • Lord Akil
    Lord Akil 1 ay önce

    R.i.p larger than life nipsey....tall need to leave gods name out of promoting violence and crime...drugs and fornication, murder and pleasure of the flesh....he already told you what happens if you live by the gun....

  • Princess_kayla World


  • Jaylen Long
    Jaylen Long 1 ay önce

    It's sad bc all you heard was Cuz

  • maya rose cred cred
    maya rose cred cred 1 ay önce

    why does it really matter what color they are these are people who were killed PERIOD the mf marathon continues

  • Alex Chuks
    Alex Chuks 1 ay önce

    Which ancestors is she calling upon to guide her and the dead?., This is a satanic burial.

  • Simone King
    Simone King 1 ay önce

    Something really fishy here, just like Micheal funeral when all his member wore sunglasses indoor just like Nipsey wife..

    DEEBLOCCTV 1 ay önce

    They didn’t announce the fake victims of nipsey shooting . Laura get your fake as out of here

    DEEBLOCCTV 1 ay önce

    Nipsey is not in that casket ....y’all ass fooled

  • Daniel Van Evera
    Daniel Van Evera 1 ay önce

    #blm but only when it is a white gunman.

  • Stefanie Grierh. j by


  • Stefanie Grierh. j by

    My uncle love him his one song double up stuff is crazy man who ever shot Nipsey Hussle deserves to go to hell I hate killers my dad and great granny dead

    VGSR PLS 1 ay önce

    Police set up