Halo - tribute to UNSC soldiers

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  • Tribute to all what UNSC soldiers must endure. I hope you will like it. I created it simultaneously with this one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE6RVlmm2Y0&list=UUxiVEDicQQLvARUCcNDIr3A&index=1 There are some changes and it is more in satiric way. You decide which one you like more :-) Enjoy
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  • Jessica Gard
    Jessica Gard 2 hafta önce

    Like si no entiendes el ingles

  • Rodolfo Gonzalez
    Rodolfo Gonzalez 2 hafta önce

    Máster chef es el jefe maestro

  • J Pepe Romero
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  • Тагир Мансуров

    И тут не показали лицо мастера

  • stranger virus
    stranger virus 3 hafta önce

    Откуда это видео? Из игры или фильма?

  • Cecilia Lamas
    Cecilia Lamas 1 ay önce

    like si juegas a halo yo si

  • Lucia Lopez
    Lucia Lopez 2 ay önce

    Yea yea yea

  • jose cristobal orozco

    Es lo mejor

  • Eduardo Fernando
    Eduardo Fernando 2 ay önce

    sou português

  • HECTOR Mijangos
    HECTOR Mijangos 2 ay önce

    :O :'( :-\ :-$ :-P :-\ 😅😊

  • T-90
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  • Wendy Arredondo
    Wendy Arredondo 2 ay önce

    Like si están en el 2018B-)

  • Victor Manuel Ortiz Mozo

    Like por la canción

  • Victor Manuel Ortiz Mozo

    Y también la canción

  • Victor Manuel Ortiz Mozo

    Si así me gusta el juego ahora mas

  • Teone Taiaroa
    Teone Taiaroa 3 ay önce

    What does Master Chiefs face look like? The person who made this video should make a video about Master Chiefs amor coming off and his mask coming off to.

  • Teone Taiaroa
    Teone Taiaroa 3 ay önce

    Nice armor, also did that guy just die? If he did R.I.IP poor guy

  • Juan Herrera
    Juan Herrera 3 ay önce

    USCA BCD sur

  • Tobias Quiroga
    Tobias Quiroga 3 ay önce

    como SEñama el juego

  • Edzio leonardo
    Edzio leonardo 3 ay önce

    yo tengo la colecsion del jefe maestro

  • andres molino
    andres molino 3 ay önce

    What is title ?

  • Bryan Andrade
    Bryan Andrade 4 ay önce

    his name is master chef

  • Bryan Andrade
    Bryan Andrade 4 ay önce

    im going to doun loit

  • Isaac Hingson
    Isaac Hingson 4 ay önce

    Make an scp 173 one

  • Jesus Mora
    Jesus Mora 4 ay önce

    No se ustedes pelo halo es lo mejor

  • Dylan Castillo
    Dylan Castillo 4 ay önce

    Love my mom

  • Blanuitta Torrejon
    Blanuitta Torrejon 4 ay önce

    yo le pongo 1000 like aguante halo
    Halo cabo es mejor que todo y que ferriere pero fiel más capo sólo aquí están empate por un poquito chao chao señores

  • CharlesFBronson
    CharlesFBronson 4 ay önce

    Thank you all for visiting. I would never have imagined that this will get so popular. As much as I love Halo I also love Star Wars, mainly Stormtroopers/Clones. If you like them as well please watch my new "Tribute to all Clones and Stormtroopers" on my channel and I hope you will enjoy it like you enjoyed this one. And again thanks for watching !

  • Xacel Escudero
    Xacel Escudero 4 ay önce

    setabuena cansion

  • Alexjhon Vega
    Alexjhon Vega 4 ay önce

    Alguien me dise como se llama la parte de cuando les ponen el traje a los spartans en el minuto 2:31

  • Charley Saimon
    Charley Saimon 4 ay önce

    Too sick

  • Roland Alca Q
    Roland Alca Q 4 ay önce

    Me gusta su canción es bacan un aplauso para los creadoles

    CIROSAID© 4 ay önce


  • Guadalupe Domingo
    Guadalupe Domingo 4 ay önce

    Me encanta música

  • marivel villamizar
    marivel villamizar 5 ay önce

    nico briga deje de ser idiota

  • Nicco Briga
    Nicco Briga 5 ay önce

    "For us, the storm has passed. The war is over. But let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark and did not return. For their decision required courage beyond measure...sacrifice, and unshakable conviction that their fight; our fight, was elsewhere. As we start to rebuild, this hillside will remain barren, a memorial to heroes fallen. They ennobled all of us, and they shall not be forgotten."

  • Jyson Davis
    Jyson Davis 5 ay önce

    Gg I like that you are part the reel thing I play halo sent I was 5 I'm a pro at it

    JOÃO PEDRO 5 ay önce

    Amo esse Filme eu só fan de gerra

  • Max Skylar Molina
    Max Skylar Molina 5 ay önce

    3:12 who thinks this part is scary cause i dont think its scary. pretty cool