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    107 Facts About Pink Gold Peach

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    All boss fights looks like Princess Peach's Face

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    Most of these are common knowledge and a lot of them are one fact split in two or three.

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    I only came here to see the facts, Daisy is still the best female character in gaming!

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    San Francisco Giants fan Peach Bumgarner #40 Sister to Madison Bumgarner

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    "In the japanese localization of the game"

    The game is japanese, they don localized it.

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    Please do one for daisy, I already did the facts job:
    1. Daisy is created by Gunpei Yokoi, Miyamoto's mentor, he is the creator of game & watch.
    2. Daisy is created by another Team called R&D1, R&D1 is Nintendo's Oldest development team and they also created Wario
    3. Daisy first appearance is Super Mario land in 1989
    4. After Mario land, Daisy made a Small appearance in Mario golf nes tournament as Luigi's Caddie
    5. after that, She didn't appeared in games for nine Years
    6. She was brought back to the franchise in Mario tennis (2000) because Luigi Needed a partner
    7. Daisy has always been Portrayed as Tomboy, even in Mario land but she never really showed her tomboy personality until Mario golf Toadstool Tour
    8. When Daisy became luigi's partner in Mario tennis (2000) a lot of people shipped her with Luigi and Now they are officially dating
    9. Daisy is Peach's Best friend but in Mario Kart Double Dash Prima guide states that Daisy is Peach's Cousin
    10. Waluigi has crush on Daisy, some people believe that Luigi and Waluigi Fight each other to win Daisy's Heart
    11. Waluigi later has bad chemistry with Daisy, now they Rival each other as seen in Mario Strikers and Mario sluggers
    12. Daisy used to have Long Brown hair with Red Crown and a she had tan but she got redesigned in Mario party 4 and they made her have short orange hair with Golden Crown and they removed her tan
    13. Although they removed her tan but it reappeared in Daisy's line stickers but still she doesn't have her tan in games
    14. Luigi, Tatanga, Millennium star and Waluigi all have Crushes on Daisy
    15. Daisy Appeared in 1993 Super Mario Bros. Movie, She is the princess of Dinohattan
    16. Sarasaland name come from the coleco Textiles Portuguese traders would take from India to trade with Japan during the Edo period, these textiles were very popular and known as the Portuguese name Sarasa, sarasa textiles are very common to have floral patterns and Beautiful Flowers
    17. It is revealed that Daisy chose the Yellow and Orange colors because it reflect her personality and not to resemble a real life Daisy
    18. Sarasaland is located in another world that exists in the same universe as mushroom Kingdom
    19. While daisy hasn't appeared in games for 9 years but she did appear in KC mangas
    20. Mario golf toadstool Tour, Daisy got her sassy personality
    21. There's mario land rap song and the main mario lady featured in the song is Daisy
    22. In Mario combat disco, Daisy sang a Song called (Save me with your charm)
    23. Daisy's (Save me with your charm) song Theme has been featured in Mario maker but without the vocals
    24. Daisy has 2 gigantic Cruisers featured in Mario kart and Mario sluggers
    25. Daisy's Dad has been featured in the KC manga
    26. Daisy's dress made in appearance in Bayonetta 1 and 2
    27. A lot of people thought daisy got Third eye in melee trophy but it's confirmed by Nintendo that it was just a Glitch
    28. There was a character named "Warupeachy" but was rejected by miyamoto and Added Daisy instead
    29. In Mario is missing, Luigi must receive information from a woman that looks just like Daisy
    30. Rosetta (from Disney fairies) Resembles Princess Daisy
    31. Daisy is one of the Wealthiest Mario chatacters alongside Peach and Wario
    32. Daisy name is the same in almost every region and Language except Portuguese where she is called "Princess Margarida"
    33. In Mario party 3 it has been stated that Daisy Resides in mushroom Kingdom but that was later fixed in Fortune street
    34. Mario actually knows daisy before He rescued her in Mario land
    35. Daisy has 3 Different voice actresses
    36. Jessica Chisum voiced Daisy in Mario tennis (2000)
    37. Jen Taylor voiced Daisy in Mario Party 3 & 4 & 5
    38. Deanna Mustard first voiced daisy in Mario golf toadstool tour after that Deanna became the stable Daisy voice actress
    39. Nintendo accidentally called Daisy in super Mario land Manual "Daisy Princess" that because her Japanese name is "Deji-hime"
    40. Daisy became playable for the first time in Mario tennis (2000)
    41. Daisy and peach has been friends since childhood
    42. Peach and Daisy wear the same dress to represent their Friendship
    43. She is portrayed by samantha Mathis in the super Mario bros movie
    44. (It may be Obvious) Daisy has affinity for flowers and her special often has flower background
    45. In Mario strikers charged, daisy didn't have a flower as Special, she got Crystals
    46. Also in Mario strikers daisy got the power of Teleportation and not flowers
    47. In Mario tennis Aces she got new Light themed power but her shot still has flower effect
    48. It has been stated that Daisy is Not afraid of bowser and he tries so hard to be scary
    49. Fortune Street proofed that Daisy now lives in sarasaland which it debunks the "Daisy lives in mushroom kingdom"
    50. Daisy has a lot of sponsors more than any Mario characters
    51. Daisy's sponsor "Princess Orange" has been Featured in the New Yoshi game on the Switch
    52. In Mario golf NES tournament Daisy has Blond hair instead of Brown or Orange
    53. A lot of people thought Kate Fleming is the one who voiced daisy in Mario tennis 64 but that's not true, Jessica Chisum is the one who voiced her
    54. Daisy's Main Royal Buddy is an Alien Looked like Tatanga just like toad to peach in KC manga
    55. Daisy cruiser is the most appearing track mario kart history
    56. In Mario Sport superstars Daisy is the horse riding Star
    57. Peach Copied Daisy's Clothes in the Mario & Sonic Series
    58. Daisy's first amiibo has been released for Mario party star Rush
    59. Daisy got different running animation -in Mario party 10
    60. Sarasaland itself isn't a kingdom
    61. Sarasaland has 4 different kingdoms
    62. Sarasaland's kingdoms are based of real life Locations
    63. Sarasaland's bullet bill is named BunBun and he is the cousin of Bullet Bill
    64. Daisy's earrings aren't only for Fashion, they are power ups, they give you Fire flower
    65. If Daisy got infected she could infect other people if you underneath her dress
    66. Sarasaland is often mistakenly written "Sarsa-Land" or "Sarasaraland"
    67. Daisy appeared in Mario print world
    68. It is proofed that Daisy likes Dancing
    69. Daisy appeared in Mario Party-e as playable while Luigi and Peach Didn't
    70. A lot of People don't Know that Daisy own a Field in Mario strikers called "The Palace"
    71. Daisy Talks in American Accent, Also Peach talks in American accent unlike the plumbers
    72. Daisy is the fairest of them all
    73. Although Peach is Daisy's Best friend and they sometimes rival each other and sometimes have friendly-rivalry relationship
    74. There's character named Azelea who often Mistaken as Princess Daisy because of their strong resembles
    75. Daisy was added in Super Mario Run 3.0.4 Update
    76. Daisy, Toad and Blue Yoshi can be unlocked in the free Version
    77. Tatanga Kidnapped Princess Daisy because wario told him to Distract mario so Wario could Steal mario's Castle
    78. But Tatanga Later fallen in love with Daisy and wanted to marry her and make her his queen
    79. In Mario golf Toadstool Tour, Daisy is one of the Strongest characters in the game
    80. And her Shot Height is High
    81. In Peach Garden in Mario golf world tour, a Daisy topiary appears in there
    82. And Again, in Mario golf World tour she is also one of the most strongest character
    83. In Mario tennis, Daisy is the Strongest technique type in the Game
    84. Daisy is shorter than Peach but taller than Luigi
    85. Daisy is seen in Nina's ending, Awarding her the trophy with Peach (Nina is a human character Btw)
    86. In Mario tennis (2000) Daisy is Luigi's partner and Birdo is Daisy's Partner and she is not Peach's Partner
    87. In the gameboy color version, Daisy appears as supporting character during the game's "exhibition mode"
    88. Once the player is invited to "Mario world", Daisy compliments them
    89. Daisy Slapped Bowser in the air in Mario party 3 because he was in her way
    90. Daisy's Partner in Mario party 3 is snifit
    91. Daisy has been in different Classes to Peach Than Luigi to Mario
    92. When Daisy equip Peach Parasol in Mario kart 7 it turns to Orange Parasol, Rosalina does the same thing but with Blue
    93. In Mario superstar baseball Daisy has Bad Chemistry with Petey Piranha and Good Chemistry with Luigi and Peach
    94. In Mario sluggers Daisy Still shares Good Chemistry with Peach and Luigi but now she shares good Chemistry with Birdo
    95. In Mario sluggers Daisy's baseball card listed that Daisy appeared in 1990 but her true debut is in 1989
    96. The same card also doesn't refer daisy as a princess even if she is actually is one
    97. In Yakuman DS, Daisy is unlockable and has High Luck
    98. In Mario & Sonic series, Daisy is the only Female character in the speed category
    99. Daisy appears in Mario & Luigi paper jam in one of Peach's Battle Card
    100. Daisy's crown appears in Mario golf advance tour in the girls locker room
    101. Her crown is mistranslated to "Diddy's crown" in Mario golf advance tour
    102. Daisy Likes to go shopping and Dine at the finest restaurants but gladly passes such enjoyments to train instead
    103. Daisy is portrayed as Champion
    104. In the comics Daisy Loves Mario and often fights peach to win his heart and Luigi has crush on her and she appears in his imagination
    105. Although Daisy Doesn't appear in Odyssey, she is given a brief mention when you scan her amiibo, uncle amiibo will mention that daisy is looking for clues on the power moon locations
    106. (The human Character in Mario golf/ten is series) Azalea is stated to be Daisy's Sister but the idea is dropped out
    107. And finally, She is the 2nd Most appeared female character in gaming history (Peach is the first)

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    I have a fact for you, but it's not about peach. The fact is that in the game where Mario can build his own levels, the outfit he is wearing is an buyable outfit in super Mario odessy in the retro kingdom, also known as new donk city.

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    We could’ve had Warette, oh boy.

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    107 facts about the goomba

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