BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL

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  • Miss J Hops
    Miss J Hops Biraz önce

    These types of performers are worth the money to go see because they put on a show.

  • Allen Angel Cabangal
    Allen Angel Cabangal Biraz önce

    And some are even hating this talented group. Yall cant even breathe while walking. Pssh

  • Bangtan Pry
    Bangtan Pry Biraz önce

    Their stage presence is just....WOW

  • Cassidy Songvilay
    Cassidy Songvilay Biraz önce

    I wanna go to their concert sooooooo bad

  • Rommel Amorin
    Rommel Amorin Biraz önce

    mura mag dagkog otin

  • Figgy Newts
    Figgy Newts Biraz önce

    Melanie Fontana (the woman singing backup in the yellow heels) helped write this song. You can see how happy and how proud she is to be a part of it.

  • jhon espos
    jhon espos Biraz önce

    i really love all of them. Kookie made my heart raced sp fast

  • zaii •
    zaii • Biraz önce

    I just cannot stop smiling reading the positive comments from non-armys, I'M SO PROUD😭

  • jc ann
    jc ann Biraz önce

    still trending in ph. Yess!!!

  • Kokie98 MB
    Kokie98 MB Biraz önce


  • لعياشي تحت السباط Tanjawi f Singapore

    Soon Human will become extinct cos of gays

  • Speed Hacks
    Speed Hacks Biraz önce

    the backup singer looks like they were having fun

  • 행복진리
    행복진리 1 dakika önce

    이거 라이브임...??????? 진짜 미쳤네;;;;;;

  • Zahra Kim
    Zahra Kim 3 dakika önce


  • SpookyDarling
    SpookyDarling 3 dakika önce


  • Rubi Cueva
    Rubi Cueva 5 dakika önce

    Jin omg

  • Emilly Yoongina Trovosa
    Emilly Yoongina Trovosa 5 dakika önce

    Só eu que morro de orgulho ao ver que eles vivem em programas americanos agora?! Que o kpop seja reconhecido cada vez mais💗

  • Celestine Wong
    Celestine Wong 5 dakika önce

    3. 42 omygoshh jungkook sound so good ❤️❤️🔊

  • 졍이
    졍이 5 dakika önce

    우와... SNL이라니...

  • Patrick Henry Dela Rama
    Patrick Henry Dela Rama 5 dakika önce

    I don't really know these guys but I am loving them! The guy with the green hair and the guy with the black hair who most of the time is in the middle. I loooove theeeeem 😍😍

  • Joo Yoo
    Joo Yoo 5 dakika önce

    #46 in VN

  •  6 dakika önce

    TAEHYUNG ~~~♡♡♡

  • nabam yeyam
    nabam yeyam 6 dakika önce

    Okaye can we talk about how GOOD jeongguk's vocals were like it was the most stable among the vocal line (no offence) while dancing such a perfect choreography!!! I am so sad that they changed the center I mean jjg totally deserves it crying emoji

  • handmade sugakookie
    handmade sugakookie 7 dakika önce

    I'm so happy now I can see many comments admitting that our boys are great!!! welcome new armys! the door is open!^^

  • Sandra May
    Sandra May 7 dakika önce

    Escuchar su voz me dio años de vida , por dios!!!! Ellos son tan hermosooooos.
    Son unos ángeles , aaaah suga , jimin, hobi , Nam , Tae , jungkook , jin! Son hermosooos!💖💖💖💖😻😻😻😻

  • Emilly Yoongina Trovosa
    Emilly Yoongina Trovosa 7 dakika önce

    Tem como não ama-los?!

  • Sydney A.
    Sydney A. 10 dakika önce

    it's like their mics are lower in volume :( this happens a lot when companies want to prove that an artist rlly lip syncs... im rlly sad about that, bc bts doesnt deserve that.

  • RR EE
    RR EE 12 dakika önce

    بوي وذ لوڤ !!

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz 12 dakika önce

    I'm a straight guy but damn that Jimin is freakin attractive and can make a straight guy go gay. He's insanely eye catching.

  • RR EE
    RR EE 12 dakika önce

    BTS BTS BTS !!

  • Rofis Alfatomi
    Rofis Alfatomi 13 dakika önce

    Ni laki pa cewek sih.. 😂😂

  • Ivan Fontana
    Ivan Fontana 22 dakika önce


  • ShineyRubi
    ShineyRubi 22 dakika önce

    Like I need this live performance in my playlist NAOW!

  • Va La
    Va La 24 dakika önce


  • solji shin
    solji shin 24 dakika önce

    I asked for my boyfriend to dance a part of it on my wedding next week. I already feel like I’m gonna cryT.T

  • 1 Park
    1 Park 26 dakika önce

    This shit is super CRINGE

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy
    Emilio The Pixel Guy 27 dakika önce

    BTS=Ban T-Series

  • 강성경
    강성경 27 dakika önce

    호비만 보이네!^♡^

  • cℓøυ∂ү.εøηηι
    cℓøυ∂ү.εøηηι 28 dakika önce

    BTS is honestly so special to me, they are talented and it makes me proud to see them perform that talent, but even though I love their performances, I just really wish BigHit could give them a rest because for some reason they sound exhausted almost all the time, this song is a big hit so they would probably perform it everywhere and have no time to rest which is sad

  • Felicidad Arelec
    Felicidad Arelec 29 dakika önce

    BTS d BEST... 💜 💜 💜 😘