Epic Rap Battles of History News - Season 6

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  • Welcome to ERB News! Epic Rap Battles of History return for Season 6 on Saturday, April 20th! That is soon! This season, you can get involved more than ever before at http://www.patreon.com/erb Sign up for all sorts of goodness including extra content, a discord server, live streams, writing sessions, quizzes, polls, inside knowledge, lyric submissions, merch discounts and exclusive items! You can even get your name in the credits of our upcoming Season 6 videos. See you in one week! np & eL #epicrapbattles #erbnews #erb Some of the music used in this video is by: Tone Jonez he makes incredible beats, check him out at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYcZFiipVFIZzqLzJlmOfaQ Official ERB Merch: https://erbmerch.com Checkout our new Teespring Merch Store: https://bit.ly/2E8lCGW And don't forget to subscribe to our ERB channel: https://bit.ly/2zBQU53
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  • Buddy Felt
    Buddy Felt Biraz önce

    "No one's ever really gone..."
    Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler 4

  • Douglas Dunnam III
    Douglas Dunnam III 10 dakika önce

    Allstate's Mayhem vs Progressive's Flo

  • Damean White
    Damean White 12 dakika önce

    John Wick vs Jason Bourne. Make it so.

  • Boss McBoss
    Boss McBoss 21 dakika önce

    Would Alexander Hamilton vs Aaron Burr be too predictable?

  • Dawson Christian
    Dawson Christian 35 dakika önce

    Tony Stark vs Justin hammer or like whiplash idk I just wanna see Tony Stark in a rap battle

  • Adam Bastable
    Adam Bastable 1 saat önce

    Orpheus & Eurydice vs. Jay Z and Beyonce

  • Only Alexa
    Only Alexa 1 saat önce

    Ho...ly shit. I've been waiting for this.

  • Forrest Pacitti
    Forrest Pacitti 1 saat önce

    Groot vs Hodor

  • Reptilian Elder of the Reptilian Brotherhood

    Most people Probaly don't know these people but Aliester Crowley Vs Anton Lavey would be really cool.

  • Forrest Pacitti
    Forrest Pacitti 1 saat önce

    Cheech vs Chong.

  • Cody Thomas
    Cody Thomas 1 saat önce

    Battle on 4/20? Definitely going to be a Cheech and Chong battle.

  • Nch3m
    Nch3m 2 saat önce

    Danny Fuckin' Elfman vs Ennio Cazzo Morricone

  • DJ Zan
    DJ Zan 2 saat önce

    JJ Abrams vs Rian Johnson

  • NC Scorp
    NC Scorp 2 saat önce

    HOLY FUCK!!!!

    Danny Elfman VS Ennio Morricone

  • Mrosen7542
    Mrosen7542 2 saat önce

    Aww that brings back Jibjab memories.

  • Macropus
    Macropus 2 saat önce

    Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier please I’m begging you.

  • dangjulian1
    dangjulian1 2 saat önce

    Pewdiepie vs t series

  • Your Boy Jose
    Your Boy Jose 2 saat önce

    Ash Ketchum VS Dora The Explorer

  • yaboi jack
    yaboi jack 3 saat önce

    Been Shapiro vs. AOC

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 3 saat önce

    I didn't get a full "What's up, Bitches!"
    I'm mad.

  • Julian Fan
    Julian Fan 3 saat önce

    1 day left!

  • H0tR0dLinc0ln
    H0tR0dLinc0ln 3 saat önce

    Cool you leave for awhile want money and ad money? No thanks.

  • Neon Monkey
    Neon Monkey 3 saat önce

    Already hype for Freddy Krueger vs Wolverine tomorrow.

  • JD
    JD 3 saat önce

    try not to get challenge

  • Jim Reed
    Jim Reed 3 saat önce

    How about Oak Island vs Deadliest Catch

  • Christopher Chubb
    Christopher Chubb 3 saat önce

    Jefferson Davis vs David Duke

    Shit on both of them. Hard constipated shits, greesey beer dumps and curri ring burners.

    <3 u

  • Nitro Esio Trot
    Nitro Esio Trot 3 saat önce

    My reaction at the same time

  • wikayelb1
    wikayelb1 3 saat önce

    Shigeru Myamoto (creatore of super Mario) vs Hayao Myazaky (ghibli studio CEO)

  • Josh Lowe
    Josh Lowe 4 saat önce

    You gotta do a Star Wars battle for May 4

  • BETO
    BETO 4 saat önce

    John Oliver vs Fox News

  • Jinn
    Jinn 4 saat önce

    Teddy Roosevelt, the VOICE of ERB News.

  • Mr Mellow
    Mr Mellow 4 saat önce

    Will donate to ERB but not on patreon as I refuse to support them as a company

  • Russian in the Eagle
    Russian in the Eagle 4 saat önce

    Vergil from DMC V vs Sephiroth Please do this.

  • Vickie Bailey
    Vickie Bailey 4 saat önce

    Do bob ross vs. Mr. Rogers

  • Roeland Wiersema
    Roeland Wiersema 5 saat önce

    Old Youtube vs. New Youtube

  • Elijah Nascarfan
    Elijah Nascarfan 5 saat önce

    Marshmello vs Skrillex

  • No Park
    No Park 5 saat önce


  • Moon Toon
    Moon Toon 5 saat önce

    Friends cast vs the office cast !!

  • stephan alexis
    stephan alexis 6 saat önce

    It's about dammm time lol need a poo bear vs Barney

  • oleary1210
    oleary1210 6 saat önce

    kim jong un vs hitler