OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

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  • Build2last 2k 117 banned

    What happenes when you break the pop up camera

  • PUBG Gamer
    PUBG Gamer 1 saat önce

    S10+/1+7pro/iPhone x which one buy if they are same price

  • Jay
    Jay 3 saat önce

    Video doesn't show there should be any adverts yet I got 4. Fuck you YouTube

  • Zaerrius6
    Zaerrius6 5 saat önce

    I'm still rocking the 6t love this phone I MIGHT upgrade but I don't think I will

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99 5 saat önce

    Vivo v15 pro pop up is also fast

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99 5 saat önce

    See same design as r17 pro

  • Annapurna Devi
    Annapurna Devi 7 saat önce

    Who's watching this on their one plus 7 pro?

  • B_A_FPS
    B_A_FPS 11 saat önce

    I sold my s10 plus for a OnePlus 7 Pro. I'm picking it up tomorrow!

  • BertSesh
    BertSesh 13 saat önce

    thinking of trading my S10 in for this

  • Gersommelk Felipe Comiano

    Watching on my OP5. Bought it on launch day... and that's the first time I want to switch to a new phone.

  • Rushil Chatterjee
    Rushil Chatterjee 1 gün önce

    How do i get that wallpaper in my phone?! Have been looking for weeks but couldn't find it

  • Amy Tran
    Amy Tran 1 gün önce

    “No headphone jack”
    leaves lol

  • Juan Plus
    Juan Plus 1 gün önce

    iPhone would have charged you $2100 base price for this.

  • Teos Funny World
    Teos Funny World 1 gün önce

    OnePlus 7 Pro or Huawei p30 pro or Huawei Mate 20 pro??

  • rajat kedia
    rajat kedia 2 gün önce

    Iphone xr or op7 pro
    Which one to buy??
    Currently using iphone 7 plus

  • snwbrdrollchll
    snwbrdrollchll 2 gün önce

    Is the oneplus 7 pro 5g?

  • Kayason Johnson
    Kayason Johnson 2 gün önce

    How do you go live on Facebook with this phone because I have it an it new to me!

  • Fsociety 95
    Fsociety 95 2 gün önce

    I have the pixel 2 xl and Idk if I should get the 7 pro or wait for pixel 4 and see what they come out with.

  • Mzkilla Cooling
    Mzkilla Cooling 2 gün önce

    How much does it weight?

  • Justin Grant
    Justin Grant 2 gün önce

    This phone is amazing! Almost two days use before I had to charge it again.
    That includes Bluetooth music in my car, using it for Navigation, messaging, calling. This thing is a beast 💪

  • Sam Mhatre
    Sam Mhatre 2 gün önce

    Where will i get the arc reactor wallpaper shown in this video.?

  • Adam Smaka
    Adam Smaka 2 gün önce

    iPhone 2019 has to have 120Hz in order to beat it

  • a
    a 2 gün önce

    Ummm the iPhone Xs has a 120 Mhz OLED 🤦‍♂️ and last longer than 4 hours 😂

  • Viner Vins
    Viner Vins 3 gün önce

    His palm is pale af

  • Yashvardhan Singh chundawat

    Where did u find that wallpaper

  • charls joseph
    charls joseph 3 gün önce

    Nearly there MKBHD !!! 9 million on the way !!!

  • Francisco Díaz
    Francisco Díaz 3 gün önce

    After trying the Oneplus 7 Pro my iPhone XS feels outdated... definitely considering switching.

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak 3 gün önce

    Too many basic features missing for me to shell out that much

  • Yunus Alfaa
    Yunus Alfaa 3 gün önce


  • KC Guy 88
    KC Guy 88 4 gün önce

    CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO exchange the microphone for the assistant in my Google search bar?? It's not in the "customize widget" options

  • Akarsh Vishwakarma
    Akarsh Vishwakarma 4 gün önce

    Give me the link for walpaper ...

  • Prateek Goel
    Prateek Goel 4 gün önce

    Definitely don't buy it from TMobile though in the US. Just order online from OnePlus store.

  • MyAcer20
    MyAcer20 4 gün önce

    im used to 120 refresh rate on my phone so that would suck going down back to 90

  • Rushil .k
    Rushil .k 4 gün önce

    Damn that intro

  • Mohammed Ishrath
    Mohammed Ishrath 4 gün önce

    gimme the link of wallpaper

  • Suzan Babo
    Suzan Babo 4 gün önce

    How do you listen to music if no head phone jack?

    SPRYZEN ! 4 gün önce

    Hai can you gift me OnePlus 7 pro

    SPRYZEN ! 4 gün önce

    Can you gift me OnePlus 7 pro

  • Josiah Browhaw
    Josiah Browhaw 5 gün önce

    Great shirt design man.great review

  • Minerva Guzman
    Minerva Guzman 5 gün önce

    Loved ur video ❤