Top 10 Best Music Producers

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  • Top 10 Music Producers Subscribe: TIMESTAMPS BELOW! Music producers, take heed. These are behind-the-scenes heroes that can make a track come to life. Between greats like David Foster, Mutt Lange, Timbaland, Quincy Jones, George Martin, Berry Gordy, Phil Spector, Dr. Dre and Brian Wilson, this list chronicles the greatest figures behind-the-boards. Join as we count down the top 10 music producers of all time. 00:52 #10:Timbaland 01:51 #9: Robert John Mutt Lange 02:44 #8: David Foster 03:36 #7: Phil Spector 04:41 #6: Berry Gordy 05:30 #5:Dr Dre 06:23 #4: Brian Eno 07:35 #3, #2 & #1: ??? Watch on Special thanks to our users Angel Valdovinos, Brandon Meenan and Antonio Lorusso for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at WatchMojo's Social Media Pages Get WatchMojo merchandise at WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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  • Jeff Killion
    Jeff Killion 6 saat önce

    Very surprised that Nile Rogers didn't make the list. He's produced a slew of major hits, in addition to the ones he had with Chic. Get Lucky, Let's Dance, We Are Family, I'm Coming Out, Like A Virgin, The Reflex and Love Shack, just to name a few.

  • Vincenzo
    Vincenzo 2 gün önce

    Scott Storch if you don’t know him google him because I can guarantee you have heard his work

  • Jameson O'brian
    Jameson O'brian 2 hafta önce

    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!!!

  • Clio Fox
    Clio Fox 2 hafta önce

    Why no max Martin. Max Martin can cross produce in multiple genres. And you don’t know his song track record, look it up. If you want a hit song you go Max Martin.

  • AdamFord 152
    AdamFord 152 1 ay önce

    Butch Vig? Rob Cavallo?

  • assame ayoub
    assame ayoub 1 ay önce

    Redone ???

  • Dennis Daar
    Dennis Daar 1 ay önce

    Nike Rodgers?Kanye instead of Timberland on the list i can relate maybe,but i see lots of names like it’s a hip hop only list.Takes away the honor for the real legends.Dr.dre “made” “gangsta” rap mainstream.You know how big that was at that time?Revolutionary shit

  • Vinti Leonardo
    Vinti Leonardo 1 ay önce

    Where is Max Martin?

  • Daniël Knaap
    Daniël Knaap 1 ay önce

    People saying Quincy jones isn’t the best on this list are retarded

  • Just_Me
    Just_Me 1 ay önce

    I was convinced Kanye would be number 1 😂 what a trash list

  • Just_Me
    Just_Me 1 ay önce

    Kanye should be number 1 wtf??

  • Jacob Denise
    Jacob Denise 1 ay önce

    Kanye? Dilla? C'mon man!

  • Ahmad Ashar Ghuman wonderful

    What about Daft Punk?

  • Jackson S
    Jackson S 2 ay önce

    How the f is dre at 5?!?!?

  • G. Strattmann
    G. Strattmann 2 ay önce

    Todd Rundgren

  • Akseli Alaspaa
    Akseli Alaspaa 2 ay önce

    Phil Ramone??

  • John Hermes
    John Hermes 2 ay önce

    I thought Mutt Lang deserved to be a few slots higher than number 9, but I’ll take it. Good list.

  • Pizza Slice
    Pizza Slice 2 ay önce

    Phil Spector gets a spot, but Brian Wilson gets an honourable mention. And even though shady pasts don't seem to stop some from getting shine, R. Kelly didn't get mentioned at all. Hmm....

    No Kanye, Dilla, Neptunes or RZA. No Babyface, Teddy Riley Nile Rodgers, Smokey Robinson or Prince. No Butch Vig either. Hmm...

    Mentions Thriller & Bad for Quincy, but leaves out Off The Wall & Soul friggin Bossa Nova. Hmm....

  • M.D Records
    M.D Records 2 ay önce

    What is this bullshit list? Who ever worked with Michael Jackson is the best producers .🙅

  • Sully X10
    Sully X10 2 ay önce

    I clicked to see Kanye
    Wtf he is the goat

  • Kaleb Faulkner
    Kaleb Faulkner 3 ay önce

    Damn. No Pharrell tho? The man is legendary

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  • Lrd. Suckme
    Lrd. Suckme 3 ay önce

    1: where's richard perry? You haven't heard of him, but you've heard his work... for fucking sure.

    2: fuck you for putting the beatles 2nd.

  • Write Deal Publishing

    I've been writing since I was like 15 and these guys are the ones to look up to. I'm a producer singer songwriter thanks guys you Rock. Any tips would be welcome Thank you.

  • Immortal ­Hunter
    Immortal ­Hunter 3 ay önce

    Dr. Dre will always be my number one producer.

  • Den gyldne pære
    Den gyldne pære 3 ay önce

    Where tf is El-P or 9th Wonder?

  • jixseylo portacion
    jixseylo portacion 3 ay önce

    Dre's beats!!

  • Brian Stark
    Brian Stark 3 ay önce

    Brian Wilson #1

  • Ryan V B
    Ryan V B 3 ay önce

    Trent Reznor and whoever the hell produces Depeche Mode

  • Eddie Love
    Eddie Love 3 ay önce

    Max Martin is the best producer of all the time ever and never compared with other producers. Why? You not even mentioned because he is not American. What about Red one because is Moroccan. Hate Mojo!!!

  • Beejay
    Beejay 3 ay önce

    No Ye, no dilla, or Pharrell, timbaland at 10 while Dre is at 5 . 🤔🤔

  • Ty Harris
    Ty Harris 4 ay önce

    jump forward to 2018, none of these niggas could ever touch monte booker lmao

  • Starlin Jimenez
    Starlin Jimenez 4 ay önce

    No Pharrell.... No Kanye...... yeah this list is actually super inaccurate

  • Steven Achilles
    Steven Achilles 4 ay önce

    Benny blanco is missing

  • The Sepia Giant
    The Sepia Giant 4 ay önce

    wheres deadmau5 and rezz

  • limp bizkit
    limp bizkit 4 ay önce

    Where is metro boomin?

  • kasonde katongo
    kasonde katongo 4 ay önce

    no babyface , what bs

  • Edson A.
    Edson A. 4 ay önce

    Where Is Kanye Man ???? com’on , this list cant be serious!

  • Sell Me On Craigslist

    Ross Robinson should atleast be an honorable mention.