Next Level DIY Vortex Cannons!

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  • Trent Covert
    Trent Covert 2 gün önce

    Can you make it slow mo please

  • lukas
    lukas 1 hafta önce

    he says we will upgrade to a jigsaw, but i don't see any puzzle peices

  • Guarishi
    Guarishi 1 hafta önce

    Basically a DIY AirZooka

  • Edvards Hercmanis
    Edvards Hercmanis 1 hafta önce


  • Gary s
    Gary s 1 hafta önce

    I think you should smash a vacuum

  • Corey Justin
    Corey Justin 1 hafta önce

    Put some smoke bombs in it

  • Loptic HQ
    Loptic HQ 2 hafta önce

    Make a flamethrower with a build in extinguisher.
    Like 2 tanks welder together that can shoot either fire or extinguisher from the same nozzle

  • Jake McGee
    Jake McGee 2 hafta önce

    Should of just got some of those colord smoke balls you get on the 4th of july

  • Emil Hallgren
    Emil Hallgren 2 hafta önce

    As I recall the military wanted to make a giant version that used the reaction gasses from an explosion to create vortices that could take down planes. Long story short, you get diminishing returns the bigger you go.

  • Константин Никитин

    Чем бы дитя не тешилось лишь бы не плакало.

  • Razorboss
    Razorboss 3 hafta önce

    The full auto air cannons are now banned

  • Iwe Naeem
    Iwe Naeem 3 hafta önce

    Do a vortex minigun with paddle

  • Justin Potter
    Justin Potter 3 hafta önce

    you are just like the hacksmith

  • Kraig Eichhorn
    Kraig Eichhorn 1 ay önce

    What happened to the original King of random?!?!!?

  • Andrea Wallace
    Andrea Wallace 1 ay önce

    i love your vids they are awsome

  • Nouway
    Nouway 1 ay önce

    Omg that’s so cool imma make 1 :0

  • Infinitor ‘S realm

    Do a vortex collision thing

  • TriggerPlays
    TriggerPlays 1 ay önce

    How ridiculous. Ly EPIC

  • Wa Jacob
    Wa Jacob 1 ay önce

    You should put 2 colors in at once

  • CATSMASTER96483 96104440

    Make a lego gumball machine machine

  • SoFloJitt 27
    SoFloJitt 27 1 ay önce

    Zarya is that you?

  • Coburn Ingram
    Coburn Ingram 1 ay önce

    Fire cannon?

  • Adrienne Poe
    Adrienne Poe 1 ay önce

    my ears my ears

  • D. Wil.
    D. Wil. 1 ay önce

    you are not filling up enough smoke load it up its no fun if you cant see the rings

    LAZAR LAZAR GANG 1 ay önce


  • Ethan Ngo
    Ethan Ngo 1 ay önce

    The las cannon it’s circle is fast then the 3rd cannon

  • SarRaptor4 Noah
    SarRaptor4 Noah 1 ay önce

    next lvl DIY confeti cannons!

  • mohamed Salah
    mohamed Salah 1 ay önce

    Wait Steve Spangler Has A Show Named DIY Science

  • Aylin Konyar
    Aylin Konyar 1 ay önce

    Actually if you put dry ice inside the bucket there will be better rings so can you please try it

  • Delia Salazar
    Delia Salazar 1 ay önce

    Looks like some thing I would rage quit in a sec...

  • Rob McKinzie
    Rob McKinzie 1 ay önce

    aaron jackson: try it with dry ice...
    Me: try bubbles...
    Try it with bubble covered dry ice

  • Ariel Reyes
    Ariel Reyes 1 ay önce

    Bruh use propane. Better and more flammable.

  • Green pearl gamer Shivers

    try difrent shapes of holes.

  • Armando Reneaum
    Armando Reneaum 1 ay önce

    Thats grate

  • Joel Reece
    Joel Reece 2 ay önce

    teach us how to make the supped up versoin of the air acnnon

  • Tammy Benson
    Tammy Benson 2 ay önce

    We get it u vape

  • Dieter William
    Dieter William 2 ay önce

    This is just great, and fantastic. Thanks for being highly creative and share to us. Stay Awesome.

  • Zarif Sufi
    Zarif Sufi 2 ay önce

    You should make more smoke and the colourful one (more and more smoke in one trash)

  • Clark Dauphin
    Clark Dauphin 2 ay önce

    What if you ionized the ring?

    CLIPPY 2 ay önce

    can you try to build an air cannon with a trigger that autofills the smoke using built-in vape.