Next Level DIY Vortex Cannons!

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  • Gah Bah
    Gah Bah 2 gün önce

    Try increasing the power with large rubber bands or surgical tubing/a heavy duty tarp.

  • Archie Animations
    Archie Animations 6 gün önce

    we get it, you vape

  • Owl Ninja11
    Owl Ninja11 1 hafta önce

    Do not shoot me I am innocent

  • carmen ramgarib
    carmen ramgarib 1 hafta önce

    I wonder what his neighbours think...……..

  • Sub Matrix
    Sub Matrix 2 hafta önce

    What if you use other shapes will it work?

  • Lalith Mudiyanselage
    Lalith Mudiyanselage 2 hafta önce

    Hi Nate can you try making smoke rings from dry ice!

  • joemari Yambot
    joemari Yambot 2 hafta önce

    Layla Canon haha

  • Noah Ledesma
    Noah Ledesma 2 hafta önce

    Make a aimer with wire

  • Beer Beer
    Beer Beer 3 hafta önce

    7:30 the neighbor gonna send u with the brone watch out. 😄

  • Sarah Davenport
    Sarah Davenport 3 hafta önce

    I actually found this helpful! Thx King of random!! :D

  • Timothy Egoroff
    Timothy Egoroff 3 hafta önce

    Use a speaker and capacitor bank as the kinetic energy source for a vortex generator.

  • Satea Hmar
    Satea Hmar 1 ay önce

    Looks like Layla from Mobile legends

    U should shout like "we can do it" before shooting😂

  • kamoteng kahoy
    kamoteng kahoy 1 ay önce


  • Khekin
    Khekin 1 ay önce


  • Abrohamo 5280
    Abrohamo 5280 1 ay önce


  • Abrohamo 5280
    Abrohamo 5280 1 ay önce


  • Breazy Boys
    Breazy Boys 1 ay önce

    You should put a piece of dry ice in the trash can to make the smoke

  • Kelly Wang
    Kelly Wang 1 ay önce

    Isn’t it dangerous for the big one, it’s sharp at the end

  • Emilio CU
    Emilio CU 1 ay önce



  • Phoenix The dutchie
    Phoenix The dutchie 1 ay önce

    Child next door: daddy whats that weird white foam thing floating through the backyard
    Dad: I don’t know sweetie get inside.
    After a few more experiments
    Child: daddy what’s that blue thing floating through the backyard
    Dad: it’s fine it’s the neighbor

  • pantherj
    pantherj 1 ay önce

    That is a weapon of mass destruction

  • Jaiden Scott
    Jaiden Scott 1 ay önce

    Please do something like this again, but instead of using coloured smoke, use a flammable gas. Then light the gas on fire to make flying fire rings.

  • Colby Brian
    Colby Brian 1 ay önce

    I did this

  • Maria Aguirre
    Maria Aguirre 1 ay önce

    What happens when the smoke is dry ice

  • Ngaio Groenen
    Ngaio Groenen 1 ay önce

    what can you do if you are allergic to ballons

  • devan hahn
    devan hahn 1 ay önce

    That is a razor

  • Chaos: International

    4:28 why didnt you use a compass.................................

  • Trent Covert
    Trent Covert 2 ay önce

    Can you make it slow mo please

  • lukas
    lukas 2 ay önce

    he says we will upgrade to a jigsaw, but i don't see any puzzle peices

  • Guarishi
    Guarishi 2 ay önce

    Basically a DIY AirZooka

  • Edvards Hercmanis
    Edvards Hercmanis 2 ay önce


  • Gary s
    Gary s 2 ay önce

    I think you should smash a vacuum

  • Corey Justin
    Corey Justin 2 ay önce

    Put some smoke bombs in it

  • Loptic HQ
    Loptic HQ 2 ay önce

    Make a flamethrower with a build in extinguisher.
    Like 2 tanks welder together that can shoot either fire or extinguisher from the same nozzle

  • Jake McGee
    Jake McGee 2 ay önce

    Should of just got some of those colord smoke balls you get on the 4th of july

  • Emil Hallgren
    Emil Hallgren 2 ay önce

    As I recall the military wanted to make a giant version that used the reaction gasses from an explosion to create vortices that could take down planes. Long story short, you get diminishing returns the bigger you go.

  • Константин Никитин

    Чем бы дитя не тешилось лишь бы не плакало.

  • RazorRecon
    RazorRecon 2 ay önce

    The full auto air cannons are now banned

  • Iwe Naeem
    Iwe Naeem 2 ay önce

    Do a vortex minigun with paddle

  • Justin Potter
    Justin Potter 2 ay önce

    you are just like the hacksmith