Why Does Jon Richardson Look Like a "P***k in Heels"?! | 8 Out of 10 Cats | Best of Jon Series 18

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  • E4
    E4 2 ay önce

    What was your favourite moment from Jon?!
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  • Raqiba Khan
    Raqiba Khan 1 hafta önce

    People binge watch friends i binge watch Jon Richardson talking about having no friends

  • Katya Stokes
    Katya Stokes 1 hafta önce

    I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt
    But I make these high heels work

  • armpitfuzz
    armpitfuzz 2 hafta önce

    I totally get the dishwasher, my husband hasn't got a piggin' clue.

  • Luke Coleman
    Luke Coleman 3 hafta önce

    I played this back, just so I know how load my Dishwasher..... then I realised I don’t have one.....

  • Pierre O. Park
    Pierre O. Park 1 ay önce

    Jon Richardson talking about the proper way to load the dishwasher turns me on...

  • Skyberchylnne Beans
    Skyberchylnne Beans 1 ay önce

    sitting on a chair wrong isn’t cool, it’s gay

  • hunter wilk
    hunter wilk 1 ay önce

    TIL Baked Alaska, looks kinda gross.

  • evlredsun
    evlredsun 1 ay önce

    are you really telling me that a guy obsessed with cleanliness doesn't tie off his garbage bags?

  • nicola wylie
    nicola wylie 1 ay önce

    I want him as my husband 😍😍😍. Jon- we're made for each other. Gutted (and happy)u are married with a baby. They always pick on him😂😂😂😂.

  • Bacchus
    Bacchus 1 ay önce

    anyone else turn their chair around?

  • Brandon Bevill
    Brandon Bevill 1 ay önce

    - Lady tries to give an antidote about a shoe maker in a muffled mic
    - Jon walks around stage with hips strutting like he's the shit
    - Lady continues to try to tell her story, mic even more muffled than it was previously
    - audience awkwardly laughs at both jon walking around and this lady being completely ignored
    - lady insists on telling her muffled story, and is immediately cut off to show another scene of jon being sassy

    Yep. That happened.

  • Nilguiri
    Nilguiri 1 ay önce

    I don't think it's the accent that's the problem, it's more the fact that you're not funny.

  • Danu Bareti
    Danu Bareti 1 ay önce

    Hahahahaha & satana.

  • Lucian Green
    Lucian Green 1 ay önce

    The hold my gaze joke is pure gold!

  • Willie Stokes
    Willie Stokes 1 ay önce

    Whats the name of the american guy with the mustach .. i want to look him up he looks funny

  • Matthew Bitters
    Matthew Bitters 1 ay önce

    Wait putting big plates on the top what the hell? Different dishwashers in the uk cause they don’t fit jon

  • Matthew Bitters
    Matthew Bitters 1 ay önce

    Is prick a much more insulting word in the uk or what?

  • Dave Reeves
    Dave Reeves 1 ay önce

    For the US followers... The P word is Pricks

  • ConnorTQ
    ConnorTQ 1 ay önce

    When he talks about not getting stuff as a child, that's not about getting old, that's about not working 5+ days a week on your feet, nothingness against him, I love him as much as the next guy, just saying I work with 65 year olds who climb ladders and walk at least 30,000 steps a day

  • Kira Anastasia Andersen

    I wear 3 inch heels every day and im fine but Kim Jon Un breaks his ankles wearing 1inch boots, come on!

  • Milo Jones
    Milo Jones 2 ay önce

    Please add the missing episodes on the All4 app . There are entire seasons missing. Thanks.

  • Kevin Bailey
    Kevin Bailey 2 ay önce

    I just think these Brits are funny as hell!

  • Jordan Ault
    Jordan Ault 2 ay önce

    When is the numbers round?

  • DuSku
    DuSku 2 ay önce

    5:55 isn't that series 17?

  • Whateverfits
    Whateverfits 2 ay önce

    why did they say t heir height in feet and not centimeters?

  • zondaintheair
    zondaintheair 2 ay önce

    That is not the start of a bald patch , that is Jon's crown. Jon was told this by his Hairdresser.

  • ChaoticDoll
    ChaoticDoll 2 ay önce

    I always put the big plates on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. Bigger and heavier things at the bottom. And I'm autistic with OCD so to me that makes more sense. Sorry Jon.

  • Sloth on Caffeine
    Sloth on Caffeine 2 ay önce

    1:43 Surely this clip is not from S18E09. Jon is sitting with Charlotte Ritchie and David O'Doherty. That episode was S18E06. In S18E09 Jon was with Kelly Hoppen and David O'Doherty.

  • Troy Nicholl
    Troy Nicholl 2 ay önce

    Who looks better in heels? Jon Richardson or Noel Fielding?

  • William Green
    William Green 2 ay önce

    Love Jon Richardson..hell I fancy him he so cute and handsome 😉

  • Big Boy 92
    Big Boy 92 2 ay önce

    0:32 totally just missed the opportunity to stand up, freeze, and then just quietly say, ‘ʳᵉᵃˡˡʸ?’ Then slowly sit down and look to the desk.

  • Jennifer Holden
    Jennifer Holden 2 ay önce

    There's nothing wrong with a Lancashire accent.

  • Jasper Störningar
    Jasper Störningar 2 ay önce

    Hands up who wants to wrestle with Mel C

  • Kellie McCann't
    Kellie McCann't 2 ay önce

    I love Jon so much

  • Your Disappointed Father

    Well shit, that's a fucking retarded word to censor. Cunts.

  • highway man
    highway man 2 ay önce


  • machschau
    machschau 2 ay önce

    Ok but I really wanted to hear the story about the shoemaker

  • Mia Donkova
    Mia Donkova 2 ay önce

    unpopular opinion but i feel like jimmy has reached a point where he would genuinely die for jon. like its well disguised in bullying but the love is there

  • Kieran Campire
    Kieran Campire 2 ay önce

    Jon is like the personification of a clammy handshake, just with slightly more emotional attachment issues and cleaning habits