The Hypocrisy Of The Kevin Durant Injury Reaction!

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  • Rusty Buckets
    Rusty Buckets 5 ay önce

    Aannnddd Klay Thompson tears his ACL…. c’mon basketball gods, why you doin us like this? 
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  • ApolloKnight
    ApolloKnight 1 hafta önce

    Fuck you too!🤠Good videos though😎👍

  • Kodreanu23
    Kodreanu23 1 ay önce

    Kawhi was called "diva" because he didn't said anything. If he came out with some explanation (like Derick Rose), I don't think he would be called that.

  • Cheng Chung Chow
    Cheng Chung Chow 3 ay önce

    But my question is this. At what point is it ok to say players want to sit out for too long? These sat out games aren't free. You pay 30-40 millions dollars a year to wait for them to be mentally ready to play? That's kinda bs imo.

  • Patsy Sadowski
    Patsy Sadowski 3 ay önce

    You can’t predict the Durant injury. It happens or doesn’t. A tight hamstring can be a precursor but he was cleared by his own doctor too. Blaming the Warriors seems ridiculous.

  • Obi KWAB Kenobi
    Obi KWAB Kenobi 4 ay önce

    I've have negative reviews lately, however I must admit, this is great content; this video exemplifies why YouTubers are taking over the media market (gradually)... accountability, these guys bloviate with no regard for sensibility.

  • HardRock Whisker
    HardRock Whisker 4 ay önce

    I agree with you about the hypocrisy of the media, but I disagree with your conclusions to let players take however long they want to take, because that opens up the doors to manipulation and exploitation. Sure, players can still be hurt and be cleared to play (misdiagnosed) by the medics, but if your solution is to ignore medical diagnoses that are based on facts altogether and let players decide on their own, do you honestly think they would not take advantage of that? I mean they all want to prolong their careers as far to the future as possible, what is the best way to preserve their body's to achieve that? The answer is to not play, even if they are completely healthy. In certain situations that's even more likely, for example, if free agency is coming along with big money contract, why take any risk? If you had some injury earlier (especially if you don't even want to be with your team anymore anyway), just pretend that you are still "rehabing", and act like a victim when asked about it.

    Sure, what happened to KD was bad, but that's all it was - a misdiagnosis. Sure, maybe the league could do something about it like hiring a medical staff of every team and paying them directly to make their decisions more impartial - that's a more realistic proposal at least.

  • greypimps chass
    greypimps chass 4 ay önce

    there was a rumor or report that hisnown doctor clear him to play.. so if both doctors clear him and he wants to play, how can you blame the warriors?? after he knows his own body bettter than anyone else.right??

  • DQuake
    DQuake 4 ay önce

    The only thing about the raptors fans who cheered the injury at the time. Yes it was the wrong thing to do, but I think most people thought it was a re-aggravated calf strain. Like still, don’t cheer, but in that 10-15 seconds I don’t think anyone thought he had a career threatening, life altering injury.

    To them thought they saw him re-aggravate his calf, which means they had a shot. Because even raptors fans didn’t think they could win with KD. So yeah, dick move, but it not like they saw a Paul George, a Gordon Haywood, a Kevin Ware, and were happy about it.

    I compare it to when you see a football player get lit up, and fumble. Your team cheers because we got a shot to score/win/whatever. But once you see the guy isn’t getting up, you calm down and notice, oh this might be pretty bad.

  • El-ahrairah
    El-ahrairah 4 ay önce

    These 3 situations are very, very, very different.
    KD should have never been playing. We all knew he should not have been playing, they cleared him to play because he wanted to play but even the medical staff didnt have him at 100%.

    The issue with Kawhi was that the Spurs medical staff had him at 100%. His conflict came from going to a different doctor who said he was not and he needed another procedure. He then seemed to leverage this into a trade and i could be wrong on this, but i don't remember any extra surgeries needed with Kawhi. So something more was definitely going on there.

    Rose, Rose was talking about life after basketball.And btw, at that point everyone was right about Rose, it was mental. Well... mostly. The biggest problem was he didnt know how to land properly. But he was healthy.

  • Colin Crasta
    Colin Crasta 4 ay önce

    I was happy when Durant was injured cuz he was in the opposite team but then I realized that I was wrong to cheer him getting injured.

  • Mindaugas
    Mindaugas 4 ay önce

    of course no team wants to waste millions on an inactive player, but Michelle was half-right

  • CanIBeZeroun
    CanIBeZeroun 4 ay önce

    People forget Dwight Howard in talks like this. Played with a bad back and tore his pecs later that year and called him soft for talking about it. Never was the same after that year

  • Mr. Suhaib
    Mr. Suhaib 4 ay önce

    "Fuck anybody who cheered KD's injury,"
    Well fuck you too, dont act like you dont watch "fail compilation" videos from time to time and laugh. And most of those people arent even set for life so lets chill with the fake vitriol, especially on a video about hypocrisy.....

  • Valeri Marinov
    Valeri Marinov 4 ay önce

    It's true that the KD injury reaction was hypocritical. But those weren't good examples. Beadle was mad at Kawhi because he gave no explanation to the fans and used his uncle to do his bidding around the league not because he was refusing to play while hurt and I am sure a lot of Spurs fans felt the same way and Charles was actually right. It was not about D Rose refusing to play it was because of that statement he made came off a bit too whiney and he was right to call him out.

  • Kyle Gregory Devaras

    Man, hindsight is twenty twenty.
    I think at the time Kawhi should have communicated better. He kind of allowed other people to control the narrative. Such a great thing for him to win the championship or else this injury narrative won't be looked over like this.

  • Mandel Harvey
    Mandel Harvey 4 ay önce

    As a warriors fan, kawaii was the one player I thought was good enough on the court to be competitive. Not harden LeBron etc. Harden and LeBron and the refs. But coming from his last finals MVP kawaii don't need refs to cheat. Would have liked to have seen him with a full strength Klay Thompson but I like that he's real.

  • Nebula Hendrix
    Nebula Hendrix 4 ay önce

    Rusty agree fuck everybody too🏀👌

  • DarkSaint411
    DarkSaint411 4 ay önce

    Look at blonde trying to be Skip Bayless. Lol.

    Great video man

  • geezy1776
    geezy1776 5 ay önce

    It's fucking sports. Get over people cheering you panzy. Nobody cares about your virtual pats on the back for sticking up for KD. Holy shit I can't stand all these fucking people acting like they are so righteous for standing up for KD. Jesus Christ, humans are selfish by nature. Do you want a full explanation as to why people would cheer? Or so you not care and just want to get feel good point cuz you didn't cheer LIKE A REAL MAN OF CULTURE. Shhhhhut the fuck up.

  • WHAT
    WHAT 5 ay önce

    Injuries are part of the game the good the bad and the ugly when kd went down it dint look that bad like lets say paul george or gordon hayward he walked it off. Watching the game i can see why they cheered like the injury was just part of the game it wasnt gruesome. Im sure later on they felt bad looking at kd as a person when the game was over but i have no problem with it.

  • beep beep depression is deep

    Damn barkley is rough but sometimes he spits fax

  • Dikembe Mutombo
    Dikembe Mutombo 5 ay önce

    I'm gonna say it............ I dont care that you broke your elbow

  • fabian jojo
    fabian jojo 5 ay önce

    Derrick rose was out for a year. If he was my favorite player and I see him shooting around just to see him say he doesn’t want to play in the playoffs, I would be mad too. And Kevin Durant was asked to play in an elimination game in the Finals, not so first round playoffs game.

  • Al Boog
    Al Boog 5 ay önce


  • dot0verdrive
    dot0verdrive 5 ay önce

    Although I am fine with and agree with most of what you said... how are you going to say that we need to respect the players' decision to sit if they don't feel right, but NOT respect the player's decision to play if they feel like they can contribute, even at the risk of re-injury?

    It's not necessarily that the players just "want" to play, but they can legitimately feel like their body is good to go, ala KD. Why is it expected that the medical staff should then overrule his decision that his body is ok to play, but should respect his decision to sit if he decides?

    I think that there is a touch of hypocrisy in that argument. If you are going to respect a player's wishes, you have to respect their decision regardless of what they decide

  • Aditya Verma
    Aditya Verma 5 ay önce

    Why in the hell are you analyzing what Barkley says? He is just a clown who just talks shit most of time, while actually thinking about eating donut or chicken wings.

  • Santiago Macahilas
    Santiago Macahilas 5 ay önce

    Hahahaha cant walk onto the gravy train I'm glad they lost cause they were getting way too cocky sitting there and stockpiling all stars building there superteam looking to get every good available free agent before anybody else does that's bullshit

  • I'm Your Huckleberry

    Michelle beadle is a really hateful bi***. She went off on lavar ball too for no reason. She's not a true professional.

  • Dave
    Dave 5 ay önce

    I dont see a problem with tge cheering they dont want him to die just to not finish the finals. Im a warriors fan i live in oakland and i see nothing wrong with what they did. You would be doing the same thing. Its not out of malice.

  • Chicken Bubblegum
    Chicken Bubblegum 5 ay önce

    I agree, FUCK 'EM

  • G23Farrakhan52
    G23Farrakhan52 5 ay önce

    Charles Barkley is the worst. He talked over his head too much. He is no where smart as he thinks he is.

  • Eric Clapton
    Eric Clapton 5 ay önce

    First 35 secs was funny af lol

  • rxtsec1
    rxtsec1 5 ay önce

    They are hypocrites but it doesn't excuse the warriors for what they did to that man. Shame on them for forcing him to play and I'm glad they lost. Kd going there was always a weak move to me

  • Ryk Hen
    Ryk Hen 5 ay önce

    no star players no viewers(low ratings)thats why they(media)are ranting on players who choose not to play. lol these all start when spurs choose to sit players for rest. i hope the nba would lessen regular season games or whatever. 👍 nice video sir.

  • mayhemlolz
    mayhemlolz 5 ay önce

    Not forced, pressured.

  • Digos HNDRXX
    Digos HNDRXX 5 ay önce

    In Charles defense... KD had literally just gotten injured...and he went into details about why he thought it wasn’t right for KD to play which all made sense

  • Uno
    Uno 5 ay önce

    Great knowledge and use of words, “fuck you”

  • jessie fabillar
    jessie fabillar 5 ay önce

    Where is the f@ck you for the doctors and management.

  • Erick Rodriguez
    Erick Rodriguez 5 ay önce

    I respect kd a shit ton because he went in trying to play its the finals anybody who has heart and loves to play this sport would of done it look at thompson trying to play with a rupture acl for example leonard he doesnt play if hes really injured i dont really beleive he was even injured in finals sorry him being the spurs and what happen there says alot he doesnt have the heart to play injured all great players play hurt sorry mj kobe shaq i can keep going.