How to water a plant.... the right way!

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  • Do you know that watering a plant has a right and wrong way? In this “HOW TO” segment, Denise Chavez from our horticulture department, will walk you through the best way to water your plants in order for them to live up to their full potential.
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  • blueray1969
    blueray1969 3 gün önce

    Surely the best way is to sit a hoyseplany in a bucket of fiktered or rain water, for at keast 15 minutes to allow the doil to deaw the water up by osmosis. This reduces leaching nd ensures all tbe soil us wet. Sincebive fone this my hiuseplanrs have been much healthier.

  • Dr Gurmeet Singh, Counsellor & Psychiatrist

    Water bit slowly..........

  • s je
    s je 4 gün önce

    Puerto Rico!

  • Bill Astell
    Bill Astell 1 hafta önce

    I my opinion the most important info was not included.  For most plants rain water is best.  Well water can be OK but then again it may be too hard.  Some plants don't like hard (high PH) water.  If you have to use city water you need to let it sit overnight to let the chemicals used settle out or evaporate into the air.  In areas where roads are salted the salt gets into city water supplies during thaws.  Not good for plants.  Cold water will shock plants so make sure it is close to air temperature.  Keep your plants in overflow trays.  When you water, the tray will catch the flow through and then suck back up into the dry soil.  Some plants appreciate that you water not from the top but into the tray to be soaked up until you just see moisture on the surface.  You should never leave excess water in the overflow tray.  Most plants don't tolerate wet feet for long.

  • Raminder Singh
    Raminder Singh 2 hafta önce

    Nice explanation.If u water leaves especially in evening in not so evaporating environment the plant may catch fungal infection.

  • katie renfrow
    katie renfrow 3 hafta önce

    What kind of plant is that? I have one and I do not know what it is?

  • Heidi Sainz
    Heidi Sainz 3 hafta önce

    What type of plant is this ?

  • Lil’ Boy
    Lil’ Boy 3 hafta önce

    Are you Portuguese

  • Arokhantos
    Arokhantos 4 hafta önce

    Learned you can see by the roots if you underwater overwater or water inconsistently, so usefull to know because now i know even more now 👁

  • Yajie Liu
    Yajie Liu 1 ay önce

    Question: if my plant root system looks like the example shown here, should i repot it?

  • Zack Leatherbarrow
    Zack Leatherbarrow 1 ay önce

    That’s shit 😂

  • N.A.R Channel
    N.A.R Channel 1 ay önce

    I just wanna know the species of that plant...

  • rehmansadia
    rehmansadia 1 ay önce

    Which plant is this can anyone tell the name please

  • Ashok Ramesh
    Ashok Ramesh 1 ay önce

    Thats too much water.

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones 1 ay önce

    I like hydroponics - deep water culture. Plant waters itself. I don't worry myself about how to water a plant any more.

  • Jenai Allen
    Jenai Allen 2 ay önce

    My left ear...

  • Sohail Gagai
    Sohail Gagai 2 ay önce

    Love this plant what is the name

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw 2 ay önce

    What is this CNN? Fake news.

  • Aircooled Andy
    Aircooled Andy 2 ay önce

    I think this lady needs a bigger pot.

  • AllTheWorldsWonders
    AllTheWorldsWonders 2 ay önce

    All my potted plants require a full submersion and soaking in water to actually get wet. Time after time I've seen the soil dry as can be after a rain. All the water seems to run down the sides of the pot on the inside. Very frustrating- so much so that I basically gave up (they're my moms plants) It's way too much work

  • Oktay Dogan
    Oktay Dogan 2 ay önce

    Cool video. Please do visit my channel too. Thanks.

  • dylk
    dylk 2 ay önce

    God I love watering plants

  • Manigamer
    Manigamer 2 ay önce

    I can't distinguish wether the soil is wet or just cold

  • Joseph Griffith
    Joseph Griffith 2 ay önce

    in my experience, having the proper soil, using flood irrigation and capillary action works 100x better than drowning your plants and pulling them out of the pot to check...especially when dealing with plants with an un-established root system. Please Ignore this video if you want your plants to live. Not all plants are meant to thrive in a swamp.

  • Arokhantos
    Arokhantos 2 ay önce

    day 2 i put in drainage holes in the bottom and watered my plants now my whole house floor is wet ? what to do ?

  • Arokhantos
    Arokhantos 2 ay önce

    Gave this a try my plant drowned had no hole in bottom of the pot.

  • Arokhantos
    Arokhantos 2 ay önce

    So if people where plant like they would drink through there asses not thru there mouth k.

  • Frances Dumaliang
    Frances Dumaliang 2 ay önce

    Most people nowadays know how to water pot-bound plants. This is such outdated information - and who's the idiot who posted this anyway???...(the woman is talking as if we're stupid retards). First of all, your grammar is inadequate and how you associate people's mouths with plant roots doesn't really relate (I mean, does a root have a "hole" like a mouth does???), I don't think so👎.

  • Yuval B
    Yuval B 2 ay önce


  • Yankis
    Yankis 3 ay önce

    "Plants only take up water through their roots"
    And... WRONG.

  • opal1920able
    opal1920able 3 ay önce

    I have to water my plants everyday, I also have to water my neighbors, sometimes, they need a ride to the store, to get food and meds. It is basically the same thing. My plants give me gifts sometimes like fruit. Sometimes a neighbor may give me a few dollars, sometimes not.

  • miscellaneous michelle

    Very informative video

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk 3 ay önce

    Thanks. Your video is still worth 25th Nov 2018

  • good caring
    good caring 4 ay önce

    Get a good hose (uses USA 3/4 inch Fittings only) for this. Here is where to get it ...

  • Paul Ricco
    Paul Ricco 4 ay önce

    get a soil moisture tester. $15 at your hardware...problem solved.

  • m nm
    m nm 4 ay önce

    lady you describe it very well. thank you.

  • Deni Cirkovic
    Deni Cirkovic 4 ay önce

    Long and deep is the way to go!

  • Nick name s
    Nick name s 4 ay önce

    Thank you ;)

  • Andrej Tajhman
    Andrej Tajhman 4 ay önce

    And they drink from the leafs too....if you didn't know....go home and read some more books..

  • Sheila Masters
    Sheila Masters 4 ay önce

    Hi hon
    How can I take my perennial out of the big hanging basket to a smaller one since only a small part is blooming ?