How Pregnancy Ruined My Body

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  • Eliza
    Eliza Biraz önce

    Girl- I’m 24 weeks POSTPARTUM. And I can say your body does get better. It for sure takes time, but things improve more. I haven’t exercised at all, just exclusively breast fed. I haven’t lost much more weight, maybe 7-10lb. But I think I have gained way more muscle (my baby is nearly 20 lbs now!) I got a lot of stretch marks on my tummy, they are so much lighter, and my skin has formed up so much. I’ve dropped like two dress sizes. I can even see my muscle underneath, I for sure have fat. I’m 5’8” and weigh 160, (I’m naturally a pretty muscular body type, and I don’t have a lot of excess fat- BUT MY TITS ARE HUGE) it’s ridiculous! I sear they weigh like 20lbs. 😬 anyway, give yourself time. Just try your best to love yourself and be kind :)

  • Stephanie Melendes
    Stephanie Melendes Biraz önce

    You look great colleen!!

  • UberTwilight - Gaming & Vlogs

    Honestly what my body looks like right now and I've never even been pregnant lmao 😂 this video is so body positive

  • Why Leavemealone
    Why Leavemealone 48 dakika önce

    R u still a virgin?

  • Ashley Mae
    Ashley Mae 50 dakika önce

    As someone who's always been really busty and curvy, it's crazy to hear her talking about her new butt and hips, and everything jiggling lmao, like that's my normal. I've always hated those things about myself, but Colleen you made me feel more normal and I think this is an important subject to talk about.

  • PandiieBear
    PandiieBear 1 saat önce

    I don't know why I thought you were Sam from iCarly.

  • Magical My My
    Magical My My 1 saat önce

    You look good but then again its not what on the out side it's what's on the inside that counts

  • Allie Wermuth
    Allie Wermuth 1 saat önce

    Your gorgeous

  • Jessica Barnes
    Jessica Barnes 1 saat önce

    Don’t say you are proud of your body and say it’s ruined ... you are such a hypocrite!!! Horrible video !!!!!!

  • Jessica Barnes
    Jessica Barnes 1 saat önce

    BIG THUMBS DOWN!!!!! 👎🏼

  • Jessica Barnes
    Jessica Barnes 1 saat önce

    There’s that CAT again OMG !!!

  • Jada Waldmann
    Jada Waldmann 2 saat önce

    Veins on your boobs are normally the first sign you’re pregnant. Some people don’t get them but most do. It’s just your boobs growing and veins expanding

  • Carrie Pletcher
    Carrie Pletcher 2 saat önce

    You look great!!!❤❤❤

  • Hey itz D & A
    Hey itz D & A 2 saat önce

    i think you look great

  • Hey itz D & A
    Hey itz D & A 2 saat önce

    your beatiful love you

  • Tania Jones
    Tania Jones 2 saat önce

    Sounds like you have stretch marks on your boobs... stretch marks aren’t always red

  • Adult Paquin
    Adult Paquin 3 saat önce

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  • yk.isabella
    yk.isabella 3 saat önce


  • Victoria Waudby
    Victoria Waudby 3 saat önce

    Name her ulga😂😂😂

  • Ela A
    Ela A 3 saat önce

    Flynn is so cute and you're so beautiful!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • lilygracesings13
    lilygracesings13 3 saat önce

    You’re so much smaller than me and I’m a freshman

  • Max Palmer
    Max Palmer 3 saat önce

    You should name your vein Blaire, Blee, Gayle, or Cioffi

  • Kennedy Burns
    Kennedy Burns 3 saat önce

    There most likely stretch marks

  • Maddie Angel
    Maddie Angel 4 saat önce

    omg shes so beautiful oof <3

  • Taylor Simpson
    Taylor Simpson 4 saat önce

    your body is beautiful!!! love this video.

  • Tea Styles
    Tea Styles 4 saat önce

    u have the veins/lines bc they are instantly growing, it is normal, u have an oil that can cure it♥️✨

  • Bobbi Smith
    Bobbi Smith 4 saat önce

    Girl I’m two months post partum and only lost 20 pounds and gained back 5 lol... I’ll lose the weight, but I’m not in a rush. I don’t have social media because I don’t have the time to worry or care about other people. You should talk about sex After pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a virgin again! I was bleeding and it still hurts honaayyy. It feels like he opens me up every time. Never want to have kids again lol.

  • Mrs. Chim
    Mrs. Chim 5 saat önce

    Olga the vain!

    P.s. I have stretch marks in my butt crack! BUTTCRACKKKKKK! Like wtf?!

  • Emma kate Daly
    Emma kate Daly 5 saat önce

    I don't know anything about this but I still warned

  • Brittany Creamer
    Brittany Creamer 5 saat önce

    I have that shirt! Bless Target for bringing us together!

  • April Pettitt
    April Pettitt 6 saat önce

    Btw my first was 8lbs and my 2nd was 9.4 a week early

  • April Pettitt
    April Pettitt 6 saat önce

    No hon u were under weight thats why u gained so much. I was 98 pre baby and 115 after. And thought I was big. Now i look at an old pic and am like... ewwww

  • Hi_ Jess
    Hi_ Jess 6 saat önce

    I look like I'm 2 weeks after pregnancy and I've never had a child (obviously I'm 13 lol)

  • Pyrosmantia
    Pyrosmantia 6 saat önce

    You look stunning

  • Marla Hernandez
    Marla Hernandez 7 saat önce

    You have plenty of money, if it bothers you that bad get a tummy tuck

  • jenny j
    jenny j 8 saat önce

    You look absolutely beautiful 😊😘

  • Jordan Stamper
    Jordan Stamper 8 saat önce

    you are beautiful

  • ϯLady_ Sinisterϯ
    ϯLady_ Sinisterϯ 8 saat önce

    This just cemented my CF life for sure lol, I ain’t gonna ruin my body to pop something out. 🤮

  • Shaohuahua
    Shaohuahua 8 saat önce

    Colleen, give your self a little bit more time, it will go back more! Wait till you stop breastfeeding, boobs get smaller :P

  • isabel Idk
    isabel Idk 8 saat önce

    Your body looks beautifull girll