Tiki Juice Bar at Disneyland Park | Disneyland Resort

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  • Zlataisawsome
    Zlataisawsome 1 yıl önce

    I ate dole whips with my sister and my brother , since Everytime we go to Disneyland it's a tradition, we got served with these wooden bowls with Hawaiian carving and they let us keep the bowls. My brother still has them in his house

  • Austin Klein
    Austin Klein 1 yıl önce

    I WANT ONE😫😫

  • Janet Ramirez
    Janet Ramirez 1 yıl önce

    Hello halloween

  • Soph R
    Soph R 1 yıl önce

    Going in August to Disneyland & can't wait to try a dole whip!! Can't believe I didn't try one last time I went to Disneyland and Disney World

  • Diana
    Diana 1 yıl önce


  • The PrimeStone Collection

    Yummy that looks delicious 😋 can someone give me a doll wip

  • MayMovieExpert
    MayMovieExpert 2 yıl önce

    I love dole whips!!!!!

  • Sparkly Girl
    Sparkly Girl 3 yıl önce

    allergic to pineapple :(

  • R.D. Dragon
    R.D. Dragon 4 yıl önce

    I wish I was eating one right now!

  • Coke addict
    Coke addict 4 yıl önce

    I remember that my first dole-whip was here!!

  • Indira Houtenbrink
    Indira Houtenbrink 5 yıl önce

    Love working at this place! How amazing to see Jenn in this video!

  • Jeff Hogan
    Jeff Hogan 5 yıl önce

    The only thing that can make it better is having one at Dole Pineapple Plantation in Oahu.

  • SaverofAnchors
    SaverofAnchors 5 yıl önce

    OMG there's a pin for these! I need to get one when I try my first dole whip

  • Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez 5 yıl önce

    it about five dollars

  • Pia
    Pia 5 yıl önce

    It's actually called Pineapple Float in Magic Kingdom.

  • Kodachrome40
    Kodachrome40 5 yıl önce

    I believe the only other place you can get Dole Whip is at The Dole Plantation in Hawaii.

  • Valles Family
    Valles Family 6 yıl önce

    I can't wait to try my first dole whip float in December, 4 months away!!

  • SpokaneWashingtonAndShit

    Yeah and the line for a whip is horrible!

  • Angelyka Amber Datiles
    Angelyka Amber Datiles 6 yıl önce

    How much is it? Please please answer

  • Djungelsoda
    Djungelsoda 6 yıl önce

    It's like that Monty Python sketch - Pineapples with pineapples. :-)

  • deshue58
    deshue58 6 yıl önce

    I just had my 2nd dole whip last Monday. Had my first one this year & I'm old! Didn't get a button for my first one! Boohoo!

  • Kare Bear
    Kare Bear 6 yıl önce

    Mmmm... How I would like one now! Last time I had a Dole Whip Float was in 2011 when we went to the Dole Plantation on O'ahu! It's a 'must-have' when we visit Disneyland, that's for sure!

  • TravelThrills
    TravelThrills 6 yıl önce

    Last year at Disneyland, I got a Dole whip Pineapple float while waiting an hour before the parade. Very refreshing!

  • briannacherrygarcia
    briannacherrygarcia 6 yıl önce

    That may be, but it still doesn't excuse a 30 minute wait for a snack.

  • nuffzed202
    nuffzed202 6 yıl önce

    I want one hmmm

  • Cad Bane
    Cad Bane 6 yıl önce

    Yum pineapple ice cream and pineapples in disneyland. It's like being I'm Hawaii and disneyland at the same time! :)

  • moviesperson100001
    moviesperson100001 6 yıl önce

    Well this is the only area in the entire park where the theme fits!!

  • Nick Hefflin
    Nick Hefflin 6 yıl önce

    So when did this pop up? I remember seeing it last year but not before that.

  • Tabi Townsend
    Tabi Townsend 6 yıl önce

    Best nomnom available!

  • Eddie Agin
    Eddie Agin 6 yıl önce

    briberry is the top comment on a DisneyParks vid about a fan favorite item... this YEAR just got so much better because of this...

  • My Disney Life in Tokyo

    It looks so delicious!

  • 1973StingrayVette
    1973StingrayVette 6 yıl önce


  • ilowadiz
    ilowadiz 6 yıl önce


  • Eicarr Carr
    Eicarr Carr 6 yıl önce

    I love it, but I hate all the grumpy faces of the people waiting in the hot line or knowing that they'll have to skip it due to the slow moving long line.

  • Sara Zarate
    Sara Zarate 6 yıl önce

    I agree!! Love the dole whip float!

  • katherinesilen
    katherinesilen 6 yıl önce

    I'm getting that button on the 27th. Never had Dole Whip in my life...

  • Enrique Briceño
    Enrique Briceño 6 yıl önce

    Very good but I wish they offered it with vanilla soft serve as well.

  • gaft24
    gaft24 6 yıl önce

    My 5424697531135th Dole Whip.

  • AlyssaBritney
    AlyssaBritney 6 yıl önce

    i want to try the float I only tried the juice!!!!! I want a button too lol!

  • Glamhippiehiker
    Glamhippiehiker 6 yıl önce

    Hands done one of my most favorite treats to get when I go to Disneyland! Have to have one every time!