Open Wide, We’ll Take Care of the Rest - RT Podcast

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  • ambxrpeoplxs
    ambxrpeoplxs 3 hafta önce

    1:08:14 leave it up to rt to use a clip that looks like link is checking rhett out

  • aazz0099503
    aazz0099503 3 hafta önce

    YooooooI I didn’t know Rhett and link were on the podcast

  • Nathanial Dupont
    Nathanial Dupont 4 hafta önce

    Shout out to Asheville peeps. Rhett and Link are definitely Asheville now 😂

  • Shiftrr-Old
    Shiftrr-Old 1 ay önce

    Detroit would have been awesome!

  • Carly Carlock
    Carly Carlock 1 ay önce

    Why is Rhett lisping?

  • Kenny
    Kenny 1 ay önce

    So do they know they are pronouncing Kolache wrong and it’s just a running joke now or what?

  • WalkingTurtle Jones
    WalkingTurtle Jones 1 ay önce

    Got to get a more creative way to support your sponsors :-)

  • sir loin
    sir loin 1 ay önce

    It would have been plenty of cuss pointed out how tall him and reht are

  • Brandy Watts
    Brandy Watts 1 ay önce

    Wow, I feel super called out for the "smart kids major so go to premed". Pick what you're good at and hope you like kind of thing.

  • poisednoise
    poisednoise 1 ay önce

    Very confused when Gus said it was 30 degrees outside... first thinking “wow I wouldn’t have expected it to be that warm in Austin already...” then he complains he was cold and it twigs: 30 is just below freezing in the alternate universe of imperial measurements.

  • blackandwhitenoise
    blackandwhitenoise 1 ay önce

    This is so funny and wholesome at the same time. One of the best RT podcasts ever.

  • Cami Maxwell
    Cami Maxwell 1 ay önce

    YIKES. Being from NC, guessing "Asheville" is not a compliment, lol. Although the LA versions of Rhett and Link are very much Asheville-types...

  • xydoit
    xydoit 1 ay önce

    Link smiling all the time. Rhett so serious.

  • Kelly Durgan
    Kelly Durgan 1 ay önce

    I just want to add, for anyone in Lily's situation where you're feeling stressed about college... There's no shame in transferring. There's no shame in changing your major. It's okay to make mistakes.

  • Katie -
    Katie - 1 ay önce

    Enjoyed the podcast. First time listener. Your mic filters make everyone sound like they have a lisp.

  • XeroRez
    XeroRez 1 ay önce

    WAAAIT... that's how AskANinja started!??!?!?!?! O.O :O I used to watch that EVERY DAY! OMG .. it's gone downhill over the years but it used to be SOO GOOD! <3

  • Thomas Rogerson
    Thomas Rogerson 1 ay önce

    Greatest Podcast of all time. Loved this.

  • Virginia Harp
    Virginia Harp 1 ay önce

    That thing that burnie brought up about missing out. I really dont know why but I burst into tears at that. I think I really needed to hear that. I'm 21 and I quit my job of 3 years a couple of weeks ago and I dont know what I wanna to and I really wanna go to college but I have know idea how to start. I'm a jobless collegeless loser......

  • Jamie Morrison
    Jamie Morrison 1 ay önce

    Best podcast mixover on the internet.

  • Envoko
    Envoko 1 ay önce

    2 best YouTube company's together

  • Jonathon Callahan
    Jonathon Callahan 1 ay önce

    This podcast is starring Gus, Rhett, Link, Burnine, and Gus.
    Lets talk about that.

  • Val Lyrian
    Val Lyrian 2 ay önce

    trying to be a up in coming You Tuber this podcast really helped me out. I've been struggling to keep my motivation going and keep my head up, thank you guys so much for being the inspirations you are. I have been watching for so long now and I've been through it all. seen the rise and low and rise of the community and I'm so happy i get to be a member of this community.

  • Kanes KUSTOMS
    Kanes KUSTOMS 2 ay önce

    It happened 👀

  • Abigail Huchko
    Abigail Huchko 2 ay önce

    this is my favorite episode. thank you.

  • AiErudito __-_-__
    AiErudito __-_-__ 2 ay önce


  • PRStorm99
    PRStorm99 2 ay önce

    As a struggling artist, right out of college, bouncing around tryna break through, the last 20 minutes of the podcast eased my mind so much. I really appreciate my mind. Thanks for the advice guys.

  • April Perry
    April Perry 2 ay önce

    I'm in NC. I had to learn all of the counties too, but I learned them in 5th grade. I honestly can't remember any of them except for a few.

  • Noah
    Noah 2 ay önce


  • Doug Rudolph
    Doug Rudolph 2 ay önce

    Arguably the best cast for the RT podcast

  • SQUEAKYrulez
    SQUEAKYrulez 2 ay önce

    Yo wtf they really had to tease me with the move to kansas thing

  • john lobo
    john lobo 2 ay önce

    Old people podcast. Yeay

  • Kei
    Kei 2 ay önce

    What is this a crossover episode

  • J .LangZ
    J .LangZ 2 ay önce

    That open wide slogan made me laugh like crazy, but I was scared that someone would take care of the rest.

  • natalia wilson
    natalia wilson 2 ay önce

    YAY this is great!!!!!!!!!

  • Tron Evolution
    Tron Evolution 2 ay önce

    Does this mean we’ll get a GMM and Slow Mo Guys crossover episode?

  • Tex Poseidon
    Tex Poseidon 2 ay önce

    I just think Gus is over pronouncyeting Antarctica 🤔

  • GeneralChurch
    GeneralChurch 2 ay önce

    We did six flags up north and we rode the same coaster 26 times without getting off. It was early morning on a weekday when no one was there, it was awesome!

  • delcidkidv
    delcidkidv 2 ay önce

    Now I'm sad Rhett and Link aren't regulars.

  • Samantha Tycz
    Samantha Tycz 2 ay önce

    My entire youtube viewing existence has led up to this moment. This is it, the best collaboration on this site.

  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee 2 ay önce

    This is probably the best mash-up I have ever seen. I wish this would be a regular thing, my two favourite channels!!!!!