Carla Makes Blueberry-Ginger Pie | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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  • Carla Music
    Carla Music 7 ay önce

    Anyone can make a pieI For real! And if you think you might have HotHands™, blast the AC, make sure the butter is really, really cold before you start, and put on some chill music. Get it, "chill"?

  • Maria Ysart
    Maria Ysart 3 saat önce

    could i replace the flour with glutenfree flour and do everything the same? its my first time making anything glutenfree and i dont know the difference

  • Sara Gregory
    Sara Gregory 12 saat önce

    This makes me want to make a pie

  • ninjarevv
    ninjarevv 1 gün önce

    I wish this was my job

  • Se Coates
    Se Coates 2 gün önce

    Carla has beat out Andy as my fave ba creator. She's so chill. <3

  • Daniela Pagliarello
    Daniela Pagliarello 3 gün önce

    Love BA so much. What kind of aprons do ya'll use in the BA kitchen?

  • John coles
    John coles 6 gün önce

    Thank you for the video and for the laughs :)

  • ShapedSilver
    ShapedSilver 1 hafta önce

    I'd like to meet one person diagnosed with "hot hands"

  • Mienna the pie Nana
    Mienna the pie Nana 2 hafta önce

    Hey PIE BABIES! We are a fantastic pie making YouTube channel! If you wanna join us to make pies then come and join us!!!! 🤩😍🥰🥳🤪🤯👵🤖

  • Justin Go
    Justin Go 3 hafta önce

    Why didnt she cook the pie base first?

  • Laura J.
    Laura J. 1 ay önce

    I watched her cut off the extra pie dough and thought "Yummy! That's the best part! Sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on it and bake it in the oven, and then don't be surprised if the next time you make pie you 'accidentally' make extra dough."

  • manpreet kaur
    manpreet kaur 1 ay önce

    @carla music.. Whr do u want me put my pie for 24 hrs after its baked? In the fridge or just on the counter.. And what's the shelf life like of this pie..??

  • Locane256
    Locane256 1 ay önce

    Hahaha poor Carla eating pie by herself because no one is there!! XD

  • tladybug100
    tladybug100 1 ay önce

    Imagine if Carla accidentally put all the salt in and it cane out salty😂 I wonder if she would have to redo the whole video😂

  • Gravitation3Beatles3

    I was so surprised she swore

  • Eric Ackerman
    Eric Ackerman 1 ay önce

    Does anyone know if I use store bought dough can I bake it for the same amount of time as Carla says? Also can I switch out blue Berry’s for raspberry’s lol someone respond I want to make a pie

  • C Fernandez
    C Fernandez 1 ay önce

    It probably tastes ok but this is the worst pie crust I have ever seen on video. LOL

  • Berra Saral
    Berra Saral 1 ay önce

    But...warm pie is the best pie

  • cqdude01
    cqdude01 1 ay önce

    My mom used to own a bakery. She never told me pie was hard so I never thought of it that way. I've never made a 'perfect' pie in my life, mind you. If I wanted a perfect pie, I'd go buy one :P
    I live in a hot and humid part of the world so a thing I do is make pie dough in a double bowl with iced water on the outside.

  • Yana Elizaveta
    Yana Elizaveta 1 ay önce

    Okay so I’m confused 😂. My grandma taught me to roll the dough out in plastic wrap, so as to not add any more flour. But I hear from many other people that using flour to roll it out is a-okay. What’s better to do?

  • pangeaforever
    pangeaforever 1 ay önce

    My first impressions of carla were way off, she is so funny! But yeah, that pie looks doable

    JEONGYEON’S HOE 1 ay önce

    crimps? crimped

    edges? trimmed

    hotel? trivago

  • David Rawst
    David Rawst 1 ay önce

    Big Carla fan

  • exscythed
    exscythed 1 ay önce

    Carla is so cute and charismatic! ^^ I'm watching for her, not for the recipe <3

  • Aubrey Cooper
    Aubrey Cooper 1 ay önce

    the pie looked fabulous

  • ttul007
    ttul007 1 ay önce

    i watched this like 15 times before i made the pie. turned out great!

  • tatiana schaeflein
    tatiana schaeflein 2 ay önce

    Anyone else realize that Eugene from the try guys used this recipe in their bake off video ?

  • Dioshana Reyes
    Dioshana Reyes 2 ay önce

    This recipe doesn’t give exact measurements. How do I know what these measurements are?

  • SiMasBoyK
    SiMasBoyK 2 ay önce

    jehovah's witness... lol :D

  • Regan DeHaven
    Regan DeHaven 2 ay önce

    Put the whole thing into the thing.

  • Árón de Siún
    Árón de Siún 2 ay önce

    Since Mary Berry was mentioned I was so disapointed when she didn't lift it up to scrape the bottom for some asmr.

  • Melissa Epps
    Melissa Epps 2 ay önce

    😂 Lol I died and felt called out when she said "if you're one of those people who's great at braiding dough, then I don't think you should be watching this channel" because I just made a pie this afternoon and am good at doing things like "braiding dough" but I also love this channel. Just because I'm often asked if there's anything I can't do, doesn't mean I don't also love bon appetit.

  • NiGHTSaturn
    NiGHTSaturn 2 ay önce

    I just noticed, most aprons your cooks wear are awesome! I've seen some with the BA logo, I wonder if you would consider selling them.

  • Blair Watson
    Blair Watson 2 ay önce

    hahahaa! MOIST - WORST word of all time

  • CheriAlli
    CheriAlli 2 ay önce

    Love your videos! I am NOT a good cook...very easily distracted..related so much to what you said about walking away! You make baking a fun and "somewhat" stressless

  • Bianca Tan
    Bianca Tan 2 ay önce

    Where the ingredients for the pie crust?? When I click the link in the description,it only has the ingredients for the pie filling??!!😡

  • Michael Tomczak
    Michael Tomczak 2 ay önce

    thanks for making me giggle, I'm not a pie virgin but I still learned something. loosey goosey back at ya.

  • Natalia Quiroga
    Natalia Quiroga 2 ay önce

    Can it be salted butter??

  • Tala Akhal
    Tala Akhal 2 ay önce

    "And if you're good at braiding dough, I don't think you should be watching this channel."

  • Silvia Rodriguez
    Silvia Rodriguez 2 ay önce

    Carla pleas e I have to know what your nail polish is girl I’ve been hunting down a dupe n I can’t find one HELP A GIRL OUT also this pie is beautiful, love you!!