Skip and Shannon on Klay Thompson breaking the NBA single-game 3-point record | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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  • Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Klay Thompson's record breaking performance. Hear why Shannon thinks the Golden State Warriors are unbeatable in a seven game playoff series. #Undisputed #NBA #KlayThompson #Warriors SUBSCRIBE to get the latest UNDISPUTED content: ▶Watch our latest NFL content: ▶Watch our latest NBA content: ▶Watch our latest MLB content: ▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel: ▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel: ▶Speak for Yourself’s YouTube channel: See more from UNDISPUTED: Like UNDISPUTED on Facebook: Follow UNDISPUTED on Twitter: Follow UNDISPUTED on Instagram: Follow Skip Bayless on Twitter: Follow Shannon Sharpe on Twitter: About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED: UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day. Skip and Shannon on Klay Thompson breaking the NBA single-game 3-point record | NBA | UNDISPUTED Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Is Klay Thompson a top-10 player in the NBA?

  • William Brown
    William Brown 1 gün önce

    I’d take Klay and Steph over KD and Steph

  • Chaske Carr
    Chaske Carr 1 hafta önce

    LMAO the answer is you don't beat a team like this. Not with 4 all stars I'm sorry

  • Hella Based
    Hella Based 2 hafta önce

    Liking this comment saves 2 puppies

  • beza lovermai
    beza lovermai 3 hafta önce

    1:27 "how do yoy beat this" 😂😂😂

  • Jerry Washington
    Jerry Washington 2 ay önce

    I don't know about Klay but KD pound for pound is the best player in the NBA, and don't mention L. James!

  • Mike Tait
    Mike Tait 3 ay önce

    Skip Fronting he knows he is a retired CIA agent that is his retirement gift ESPN

  • BlackIsBeautiful
    BlackIsBeautiful 3 ay önce

    These two are kind of annoying, tbh.

  • BlackIsBeautiful
    BlackIsBeautiful 3 ay önce

    Why is an ex NFL player talking about basketball?

  • Thomas Mcneely
    Thomas Mcneely 3 ay önce

    @owen robinson the warriors are great but they dont play against any defense they wont be getting all those uncontested threes bulls win just my opinion wish we could see that series

  • Antonio Coimbra
    Antonio Coimbra 3 ay önce

    i think steve kerr is the real deal

  • Bishop Thornton
    Bishop Thornton 3 ay önce

    I think skip is delusional. He and several people are so biased and high ego that show ignorance. Basketball is progressive and i feel as a laker fan all my life, will say there is no team ever that could beat them when they are playing well. Give the truth

  • Austen Henry
    Austen Henry 3 ay önce

    KD my favorite player but when he said I want to win dpoy I had to laugh

  • Red Spot
    Red Spot 3 ay önce

    BigDawstv was actually in that game playing.

  • Kamgotgame
    Kamgotgame 3 ay önce

    “This isn’t 2k”😂😂😂

  • kevin bobb
    kevin bobb 3 ay önce

    Skip and Shannon play with eachother

  • Brandon Ingram
    Brandon Ingram 3 ay önce

    Im a Lakers fan but I cant even be mad at the Warriors they created their dynasty from scratch and then added great free agents to their team I love watching them play is poetry in motion to be honest the level of talent and unselfishness is incredible

  • Sharon Hicks-Jones
    Sharon Hicks-Jones 3 ay önce


  • Kai Jackson
    Kai Jackson 3 ay önce

    Lol how can you hate Shannon 😂

  • 64kdwg
    64kdwg 3 ay önce

    Shannon is savage af!

  • Franz Frand
    Franz Frand 3 ay önce

    Klay is the reason the warriors came back vs okc, he's clearly the 3rd best player on that team.

  • grass weeds
    grass weeds 3 ay önce


  • KoS
    KoS 3 ay önce

    guess Joy Taylor couldn't take it anymore

  • John Phillip
    John Phillip 3 ay önce

    "They didnt make a statement, I said last week skiup..." I think Jenny asked that question shannon

  • cali foolya
    cali foolya 3 ay önce

    Stephs Warrios> mj bulls, change my mind.

  • Daniel Keys Moran
    Daniel Keys Moran 3 ay önce

    Nobody in the history of the NBA? 52 in 29 minutes?

    Kobe put up 55 in 22-1/2 minutes once.

  • Andrius Stasiulaitis

    the fact is that is THE BEST team we as basketball fans have ever seen. it does not matter how good MJ teams was they have ZERO chance of winning against Golden state and I am MJ fan.

  • Choua Vue
    Choua Vue 3 ay önce

    Teams odd of winning NBA Final:
    Warriors - 99.99%
    LeBron - 0.01%
    Others - 0.00%

    DEFEND FREEDOM 3 ay önce

    Is that a big deal for NBA?
    Having 14 points of record?
    I'm Not impress..
    In 1991 Allan Caidic of Philippines drops 17points.. All 3's and in all he has 79 points in one game that night.

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson 3 ay önce

    Cleveland beat the warriors down e gamez

  • Kenneth Moaratty
    Kenneth Moaratty 3 ay önce

    Sleep on the Celtics. See how the finals go this year

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk 3 ay önce

    I believe this Golden State team would beat the"Dream Team".

  • Edison James
    Edison James 3 ay önce

    He borrowed some of Steph's Adderall.

  • Josep Hernandez
    Josep Hernandez 3 ay önce

    Skip thinks he know all in sports but he doesn't have the experience in any sports OK skip just talk ur good on that

  • Harnessworx
    Harnessworx 3 ay önce

    I like the comment about how the 95/96 Bulls wouldnt beat this team. Forget for a minute MJs “whenever I need to” scoring ability-how GS gonna score against the Dobermans? People forget Pippen and MJ were all team 1st defense and you still got Harper on the perimeter and leading rebounder Rodman taking care of the glass. It wouldnt be easy fir the Bulls but GS has NEVER had to fight a perimeter defensive juggernaut like that. Klay amd Steph just aint gonna drop bombs against MJ or Pip. Bulls would let one guy go off and lock everyone else down-done.

  • Pat McShane
    Pat McShane 3 ay önce


  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Klay can shoot it well

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson 3 ay önce


  • Shogun77
    Shogun77 3 ay önce

    Why would KD even consider going to the Knicks? That's nuts!!

  • Darlene Ireland
    Darlene Ireland 3 ay önce

    "Records are made to be broken." I love the Warriors for being willing to help each other be greater. When you are great & willing to share so someone else can be great you're going to be unstoppable. #GoWarriors