Kellyanne Conway on CA shooting, suspending CNN's Acosta

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  • Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway reacts to the mass shooting at a California bar and defends the decision to revoke CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass after a contentious press conference with the president. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for more than 16 years and according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre. Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: Watch Fox News Channel Live: Watch full episodes of your favorite shows The Five: Special Report with Bret Baier: The Story with Martha Maccallum: Tucker Carlson Tonight Hannity The Ingraham Angle: Fox News @ Night: Follow Fox News on Facebook: Follow Fox News on Twitter: Follow Fox News on Instagram:
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  • Dan Saucedo
    Dan Saucedo 2 ay önce

    after looking at this video 2 months after the fact, I have to say that I've become a big fan of Kelly Ann Conway! she is a fighter! the way she handles these idiot press people and doing it with dignity! Trump is very lucky to have her on his team. Keep fighting Kelly and also prayers for those in Ca that lost loved ones! even after 2 months I know it doesn't get easier to deal with a loss with senseless violence

  • VivaToddVegas
    VivaToddVegas 3 ay önce

    I love KellyAnne Conway... She can spin ANYTHING! If you interviewed her outdoors on a bright sunny day, and someone paid her to say the sun was black, she would say the sun was black with her dying breath. She is absolutely shameless. You can find videos of her taking shots at Trump on TV before he started paying her to lie for him. Now she defends him like he's her father. She is further proof that you definitely can buy people. Her loyalty has been purchased for cash. You have to kind of admire someone who is just so utterly without moral code, or rather who's only code is "money before all else". That takes utter commitment to her bottom line.

  • wwtjoy gbths
    wwtjoy gbths 3 ay önce

    She really dud NEED IT.

  • wwtjoy gbths
    wwtjoy gbths 3 ay önce

    Has Kelly had a face lifts

  • Kat
    Kat 3 ay önce

    Kelly Why does ur husband leak info to certain media outlets like Drudge? He's suspect. leaking to media is the same as being a rat. WH Anonymous-Mr Conway with the candlestick in the conservatory. Kelly stop stating obvious, the anti trump media know the truth but will never stop their propraganda.

  • Conway Red Bear
    Conway Red Bear 4 ay önce

    God doesnt Bless those who have not Repented.

  • Chase Jackson
    Chase Jackson 4 ay önce

    am not say acosta is right but you can not critique acosta w/o critiquing trump.....respect is a two-way street regardless of your title......n trump set acosta up...baited him on live tv....based on WH press correspondent can simply shout out questions....they must wait to be recognized......he is well aware of acosta's negativity....why acknowledge him....before he cld finish his question...trump we go....n at any point during the xchange trump cld have instructed him....Mr.acosta this xchange is done.....u no longer have the floor....pls hand the mike to the intern n take your seat.....if acosta challenged him....that is clear direct grounds to revoke his press pass.....not this bullshit assault that unfolded on tape does not fit the true definition of assault in a court of law....No past president has EVER had such a volatile relationship with the press as trump.....n this spectacle that occured last week watched around the world was disgusting......trump supporters act as if they are on angel the type of forum that involves the WH press corps protocol suggests each reporter raises his/her hand and waits to be recognized prior to standing n asking his/her question....Upon being recognized you have the floor.....trump n acosta share a tumultuous relationship so A) why wld he recognize him in the 1st place B) before acosta cld get his question out trump we go....c) when the other reporter attempted to defend acosta trump verbally attacked him with....I'm not crazy about you either....behavior unbecoming of an effective leader and watched around the world....

  • Stitch Witch
    Stitch Witch 4 ay önce

    This is so nice. America has it’s own PRAVDA news station. So ironic though that Red States literally translate. Of course that irony is lost.

  • Marty Celestialteapot

    cop rushes into bar in the face of gunfire. Hero.
    Trump can't make it to memorial ceremony ... 'cos it's raining.
    Draw your own conclusions.

  • PC Lead Archivist
    PC Lead Archivist 4 ay önce

    Con-her-way at it again and the lapdogs lick it all up just like they were programmed to do. Keep making excuses chump acolytes, it's all you can do to hide the foolery that you have subscribed too. Don't work too hard though, you will be back wiping chumps butt tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that and so and so on because the man child coward you all follow can't make it a single week without him doing something stupid or embarrassing (not to you people though, just to people who actually have pride in themselves and in America) things that you will have to defend him again and again and again and then you are going to get your underwear in a bunch when ALL the press reports on his shenanigans and now it's the Democrats fault.

    Repeat and repeat. Are you not tired of being laughed at? Do you have no pride or honor? Oh yeah, you do, you wear that one badge so proudly "Deplorable".

    MARIO KATO 4 ay önce

    If You watch cnn You are misinformed if you do not watch cnn You are uninformed . Now seriously , Trump supporters are more intelligent versus liberal lefties , just listen to both sides difference is striking

    Warrior for immigrant and human rights little jimmy accosted showed his true colors when he pushed away hand of a women intern , because he is a typical leftie latino hypocrite - women abuser and anti white latino supremacist

    This is how dumb left is .Caravan that is travelling in Mexico have already reached asylum IT IS MEXICO YOU LEFT DUMBASSES Their willingness to go farther and reach USA is only dictated by their greed THEY WANT MONEY , MORE MONEY IN USA ---------------------------------- 50 years ago immigrants did not have pounds of drugs in their suitcase when They arrived on Ellis island .They did not commit drive by shootings .They did not live on welfare forever , they did not ghettooficate USA AND THEY DID NOT WAVE MEXICAN FLAGS CNN is protecting criminals from previous administration .The longer they stall and sabotage OUR President the longer it will take to send them to jail . It is organized criminal circle that owns and controls medias in USA , they stole billions and are using that money to stay in power ...SEND THEM TO JAIL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

    They always bring up white people as if they have no right to make decisions in their interest. That tells you who their target is.

    Don't call them invaders; use the proper term "undocumented democrats - leeches "

    Democraps like hillary and obama get elected because they are donors to freeloaders .Their agenda is to create FREELOADERS REPUBLIC ( which will quickly run out of money) , but by the time USA will go bankrupt PREVIOUS REGIME will enjoy life in a richman's world . Democraps continue to import millions leeches from across southern border because those freeloaders will vote for whoever gives them free money . So the freeloading system goes on , worthless politicians get elected by using middle class money , raising taxes , until middle class will no longer exist . SO YOUR HARD EARN MONEY ELECTS PEOPLE WHO WORK AGAINST YOU . VOTE TRUMP HE IS A REAL PATRIOT WHO CARES ABOUT FUTURE OF AMERICA

    About jimmy accosted - this is why we should built the wall and no more hispanics like little jimmy accosted coming to USA , his machismo was evident when he abused young female intern . Little jimmy was abusing free speech environment a privilege non existent in dictatorial countries south of the border . Now cnn can send him back to venezuela on assignment ,there he can bark all he wants in a free red press environment until quickly jailed by communists . ADIOS DOUCHEBAG

  • guillermo barahona
    guillermo barahona 4 ay önce

    Gun Control doesn't Work Semi-automatic firearms that the state has classified as assault weapons; .50 BMG caliber rifles; and high-capacity magazines (magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition) may not be sold in California. ...California has state preemption for many, but not all, firearms laws.

  • mar perez
    mar perez 4 ay önce

    Yea brown nose Conway..

  • Hip48Xn3
    Hip48Xn3 4 ay önce

    the media are a bunch of assholes with teeth.

  • Jawsjawsjawsrg
    Jawsjawsjawsrg 4 ay önce

    There was more news in this that a month of CNN.

  • Tracy c
    Tracy c 4 ay önce

    I like this lady

  • Fr. Dea. George Aburdeineh


    First reaction is that some reporters are Not abiding by The American Way of Peace, Respect & Love. People are confused about the meaning of freedom and especially freedom of the press. We all cherish the freedom but we are not drawing the line between freedom and ILLEGAL. Everyone should exercise freedom WITHIN the law and not outside the Law. I hope that this clear to all of you.

    Yes you can ask questions, but this idea of being disrespectful and an attitude to attack in the way of asking or interrupting or interjecting your opinion, first this not the job of a reporter, second it is an act of Abuse to the person being asked the question and to the audience.

    Be free please, we all want that. But that does not mean freedom to abuse & disrespect people, Especially our President PLEASE.

    There are civil laws that FORBID abuse. And I am sorry that some reporters, of course not all, seem to engage themselves in such a way that in my understanding is Not right.. As there seems to be an Agenda that needs to be EXPOSED by our Excellent Reporters and Analysts please.

    When you are interviewing some one as a reporter, you are Not in a matching arena PLEASE. And the tone of voice or body movement can indicate something other than being a reporter. The press has been spoiled in such a way, for all these years, that they ABUSE their authority. And they need be careful about that. And the White House is responsible about an act that is not right and abusive, as this can miss lead people and show the wrong example.

    Anyone that does Not respect himself/herself, especially in the setting of The White House, they SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to be in the White House. I certainly do not want Snakes in my house…
    Do you? And if your answer to this question is yes, THEN you are NOT An American.

  • Andrew Rogers
    Andrew Rogers 4 ay önce

    She doesn't belong in tbe WH. Maybe some insignificant small town political swamp.

  • Darius Ginyard
    Darius Ginyard 4 ay önce

    Thanks God Fake Jewish white people Died off the earth next world war 3 coming killed all white people on Earth

  • Brian Buie
    Brian Buie 4 ay önce

    actually it is a right bro. And please stop making it seem like she is a victim. good lord

  • Starseed Awakened
    Starseed Awakened 4 ay önce

    She did that

  • Seoul Man
    Seoul Man 4 ay önce

    12 dead . No wounded. Hmmm

  • ryangille
    ryangille 4 ay önce

    Why is trump going along with the fake news?

  • Papa Kitoko
    Papa Kitoko 4 ay önce

    The only problem is that twats think that this fever will last forever ... trump will be back to the trump tower.... those idiots will ruin they cv , no one will give the. A chance


    TRUMP 2020

  • martin fierro
    martin fierro 4 ay önce

    Kellyanne Conway is a sweet and attractive women((( like if you agree))).

  • Luis bxlou
    Luis bxlou 4 ay önce

    You Trump fanatics are funny anybody who don't fall for the Trump propaganda can't think for themselves is funny to me and that demos are brainwash when all I see is Trump sheeps going along with trump like a cult dosent matter if he's wrong or right if he says the sky is green his sheeps will believe

  • skawashers
    skawashers 4 ay önce

    I guess you reap what you sow .. if he expects a easy ride then he should have thought about that
    Donald previous to his election Never treated other elected presidents with high regrade.
    Asking a previous one about his nationality at birth.
    John McCain . - Trump scathing attacks about McCains Brain Tumour,
    Trump on - Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts refered to her as “Pocahontas,” while suggesting a DNA test be conducted to prove her heritage.
    Hes go everything coming to him

  • Susan H.
    Susan H. 4 ay önce

    Donald Trump is our President of the United States and should be treated with respect. Jim Acosta has continued to prove he is a unprofessional and disrespectful new's reporter. I'm very happy to know his press pass has been revoked. Many more reporter's from CNN should also loose their press pass. Perfect example why CNN is known as: SWAMP MEDIA=SWAMP REPORTER'S

  • Lommy
    Lommy 4 ay önce

    She is even disliked at Fox News...

  • Ronald Krikorian
    Ronald Krikorian 4 ay önce

    Go trump

  • willieboy
    willieboy 4 ay önce

    lets get the story correct, right and straight!!!!!!!!!! Acosta is a US Citizen correct that happens to be a journalist. He has the right to a voice, on an topic he chooses or is assigned. He is working for CNN and represents them. He has the right to the 1st amendment and a PRIVLEDGE of access to a building IN the USA.. That comes under the jurisdiction of SEVERAL ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. Acosta or any other journalist went through the same process I DID when I got my credential !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A reporter DOES have the right to ask a question on two any time he wishes. They DO NOT have entitlement to a Fn answer or one that can only be answered to their need! If you have ever been in a building under those conditions THE EMPLOYEES HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK YOU to be quiet.....JUST LIKE THEY DO WITH TOUR GROUPS!!
    Acosta was disruptive and out of line.....that young lady can file assault charges against Acosta, that was force that did not need to be applied in that scenario. She has a very good set of witnesses.
    before you laugh, which I do not care if you do! Acosta knew full well she was there to take the mic from past experience, she was not aware he would react that way! unauthorized touching is the law....and it is actionable as is...

  • Webchez
    Webchez 4 ay önce

    What Acosta did was wrong, and it should have ended when the woman got the microphone back...  I disagree that Trump went after Acosta and insulted him like that... The president should not get personal with the media

  • William Cornman
    William Cornman 4 ay önce

    You interfere with a ball in play, your thrown outta the ballpark.

    ASI ASI 4 ay önce

    somebody robbed the Glendale train and made off with the gold. sweat I ain't lying. there where men on horses men with guns and left 2 men lying cold

  • Gloria Cook
    Gloria Cook 4 ay önce

    Isn’t there one gun toting American over there who will use his/ her amendment rights that those fools at the NRA support and slip down to No. 1600 and eliminate the Great American problem.?

  • Gloria Cook
    Gloria Cook 4 ay önce

    Some of the comments on this (news ? ) channel from the viewers show me how many brain dead followers of The Karrot Koloured Klown there are in the USA . The clown should be kicked up the arse for his moronic remarks regarding the devastating Californian fires . Any idiot who still sticks up for this low life should be locked up in the same rathouse that is reserved for the chump . How a person of such a low IQ is running such a country has me amazed. God bless America you poor dills need blessing . John Cook Australia

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension 4 ay önce

    Fox News is MK Ultra.

  • Justin Watts
    Justin Watts 4 ay önce

    If I were TRUMP, I would have had the Secret Service escort Acosta OUT of the Press conference. Can't believe the lack of respect and HOW RUDE these CNN people are... As Rodney Dangerfield used to say... "NO RESPECT!" NO RESPECT!"

  • Davy Ker
    Davy Ker 4 ay önce

    This is American politics now. Complete drama now. It's not about the people. It's just drama.