Super Mario Party: River Survival (All Ends / Branches, 4 Players)

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  • River Survival is a new mode in Super Mario Party where you are in control of a rubber boat. Your objective is to get to one of five endings in time. You can get more time by playing Mini-Games, picking up balloons and save time by not hitting objects along the way! Super Mario Party is the latest installment of the Mario Party series for Nintendo Switch. We show all branches of the river and all endings. Two trips were with 4 players, three trips were with 2 players and 2 computer players. Maurits is P1. Rik is P2. In the first two matches P3 and P4 are Danique and Job. In the rest of the matches P3 and P4 are Master Computers #SuperMarioParty #MarioParty #Mario #NintendoMovies #RiverSurvival #NintendoSwitch
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  • Toadette Firesel Gaming
    Toadette Firesel Gaming 3 hafta önce

    Maurits Rik Danique and Job?

  • 2Blubell
    2Blubell 4 ay önce

    1:40:05 Lol Luigi is dancing.

  • Che & Mar Ilo Gaming

    2:53 sounds like the kirby jingle when you clear a stage kind of

  • Cooper Thomson
    Cooper Thomson 4 ay önce

    I love you Nintendo moves 😍😍😍😍😘

  • Гоша Шепель

    let me answer a question is yoshi meowing like a cat

  • 張棋昂
    張棋昂 4 ay önce

    Nintendo Movies (Rik)(Maruits) Tell you a good news. Another game is Puzzle Hustle. I just saw someone playing, but the film he passed was from the first to the tenth.

  • 張棋昂
    張棋昂 4 ay önce

    Nintendo movies (Rik)(Maruits) Your teamwork is very strong and the rate of all roles is 100%.

  • Aarón AG
    Aarón AG 4 ay önce