North Coast Blue Chips Check Out Duke University! Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and More!

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  • D-Rich TV
    D-Rich TV 6 ay önce

    Brotherhood Episode 3 coming SOON! Follow me @drichtv on Snapchat and IG!

  • Kip G.
    Kip G. 13 dakika önce

    Imagine Mikey or bronny with jah’s height

  • Chuck Zimmy
    Chuck Zimmy 10 saat önce

    These kids like “HA YOU ONLY 6’1 YOU SHORT” I’m a year younger than them I’m 4’10

  • i3 TrAilBLaZeR
    i3 TrAilBLaZeR 1 gün önce

    If ur gonna talk about duke in the video title u have to include cam reddish

  • Kurt Barry
    Kurt Barry 1 gün önce

    Lebron son is trash

  • Itzahk Pearlman
    Itzahk Pearlman 1 gün önce

    At filming Zion was just 3 years older than most of these kids

  • karan mand
    karan mand 2 gün önce

    where is the glock at gang gang.Lol

  • SageCertain
    SageCertain 4 gün önce

    Who’s Jack White?

  • Julie Peterson
    Julie Peterson 4 gün önce

    Jam fam

  • Nathaniel Laurent Sheppard

    Bro jazhare is 6 10 but with hair he like 7 1

  • EliotBisant
    EliotBisant 1 hafta önce

    reddish,barrett,williamson, and jones

  • Adam Rodriguez
    Adam Rodriguez 1 hafta önce

    Imagine if Zion and Sabrina Williams had a son. "Zuper Zion"

  • Bherbo 25
    Bherbo 25 1 hafta önce

    They in high school actually like if u agree

  • Racklynn Lorenzo
    Racklynn Lorenzo 1 hafta önce

    They should get zion and julian. On there team

  • Antonio Williams
    Antonio Williams 1 hafta önce

    Mikey want to be JamFam😭

  • Super Penguin
    Super Penguin 2 hafta önce

    I’ve been there before

  • Luke Frost
    Luke Frost 2 hafta önce

    That one white kid bro

  • William Lewis
    William Lewis 2 hafta önce

    I never met Zion but I can tell he a person God bless him

  • John Michael De Leon
    John Michael De Leon 2 hafta önce

    Dude here is 14 and 6'10 and Im 17 and has a height about 5'8
    Fucking asian genes

  • XActivity
    XActivity 2 hafta önce

    Zion looks like a fucking Tank

  • Chris Tapia
    Chris Tapia 2 hafta önce

    who else thinks rj cool asf😭😎

    SIMPLE 3 hafta önce

    Imagine if Zion played football

  • OversizeGraph28
    OversizeGraph28 3 hafta önce

    Zion SWOLE

  • munnygetmoney
    munnygetmoney 3 hafta önce

    Kids not even impressed.

  • LeShay Jones
    LeShay Jones 4 hafta önce

    How can you not like Bronny after you meet him😊

  • Volocity Spanky
    Volocity Spanky 1 ay önce

    Bruh Mikey Williams’s is fr like 20yrs old don’t @ me

  • Gay assfuck
    Gay assfuck 1 ay önce

    What the fuck is he giving bronny?

  • atanner4
    atanner4 1 ay önce

    So many 5’s!!!

  • Mau J
    Mau J 1 ay önce

    They didn’t play Joey Baker this year at Duke, and he is like their second best shooter WTF

  • Issa Heavenly
    Issa Heavenly 1 ay önce

    9:37 Zion a thicc boi 😂😂

  • Toi Fung Liao
    Toi Fung Liao 1 ay önce

    HKU is better than Duke

  • PS&Q BAM
    PS&Q BAM 1 ay önce

    This is 8th and 7th how short am I, I'm good at basketball but if I was 6ft nobody could beat me *I'm 5'3 I forgot my vert but I was touching backboard and a little rim on 10ft rims

  • Joachim Chuatico
    Joachim Chuatico 1 ay önce

    This 7th Grader be dunking better than Steph

  • Nicholas Zaris
    Nicholas Zaris 1 ay önce

    Mexican girls are dirty

  • EliotBisant
    EliotBisant 1 ay önce

    when they with him they saying he could dunk but without him being around them they be talking trash saying he cant dunk

  • sonny m
    sonny m 1 ay önce

    jahzare jackson voice deeper than all grown men i know

  • Jeremiah Gilyard
    Jeremiah Gilyard 1 ay önce

    8:34 that nigga bronny voice deep as shit

  • Alvine Njau
    Alvine Njau 1 ay önce

    BRUH! The cameraman needs to shave his Norse hair

    QUICKSCOPEGOD 1 ay önce

    For sum reason I just wanna beat the white boy ass oms he ugly asf

  • Jamir Smith
    Jamir Smith 1 ay önce

    Ion no crip but Cuhhh Rippp