10-10-2018 Panama City, Fl Hurricane Michael, flying drone through school, buildings collapsed

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  • I’m going to Kermit suicide

    The students be like:

  • Sylvia Bojorquez
    Sylvia Bojorquez 1 ay önce

    Time profet. Biblico

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  • AbsintheMoon XIII
    AbsintheMoon XIII 3 ay önce

    This place is absolute chaos. FEMA still hasn’t brought any trailers and there are between 10,000 and 15,000 people without a home. Schools are now sharing students on rotating schedules and these kids have to walk home through debris to a dilapidated house or tent. Black mold is all over these houses. It has been raining and for those who don’t know, Florida has HORRIBLE LIGHTNING. So now there are families huddled in a wet tent with lightning all around. Worst of all, now it is starting to get cold. Looters run rampant. We just got power and water back towards the end of October. Everyone sleeps with one eye open because armed looters try to take the tiny bit you have left. This place before the storm about 75% below the poverty line. We’re talking about whole elementary schools sending kids home with donated food over the holidays because if not they don’t get to eat regularly. Many kids only get to eat at school. Now it is way worse. If there is someone out there reading this with lots of money; be it wealth or part of an organization, please help. My people need homes.

  • Abas Abd
    Abas Abd 3 ay önce

    The destruction of the Tyndale Air Force Base in Florida, the destruction of a number of aircraft, the destruction of the Aircraft Maintenance Department and 1135 missing persons not yet found.

  • Wolf Pak
    Wolf Pak 4 ay önce

    Men build it, nature takes it

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    Clinton Cross 4 ay önce

    What did it look like before

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    Jinks Middle School got destroyed

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    The y can home-school. Instead.

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    La fuerza de la naturaleza

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    Byron Clown 4 ay önce

    Homelands Security ..could have prevented this... Via Mr Cheney''.. But your Americans..and your Ignorant!... Blue Beam.

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    Leonardo Cabrera 4 ay önce

    We need more cloud machines and haarp (should be called TTA, toasting the atmosphere) ... :v
    or we don´t? xD

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    Y'all a strong town 💛💙💗💗💖💖💖💕💕💕 Sorry 🙏

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    Americas sins have reached up to heaven, AMERICA IS FUCKED!

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    Yesenia Vergara 4 ay önce

    Las casa las hacen muy fragiles,

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    Is this for broadcast?

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    Hans Crotchfelt 4 ay önce

    Thank you for the video.

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    Susan Lagrama 4 ay önce

    so danger the hurricane hope not many people killed by disaster

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    No matter how destructive the disaster, beer always survives.

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    Please don't share this video.

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    Omg look like Puerto Rico and Mr trump playing with K West at the white house. And still playing to be the god. The number of people who maybe dying here are going to be fake news like he say about Puerto Rico that we lost 3000 lives and according to Mr president I'd fake news. God bless everyone who have to suffer this type of destruction from mother earth.

  • Ahmed Taha
    Ahmed Taha 4 ay önce

    Don't forget , America raises terror and destruction in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, the destruction we see is a punishment from God.

  • Andrea Sarahi Mosqueda

    Good Job Michael 👍😉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    And Syria Yankees !

  • The Weather Nutz
    The Weather Nutz 4 ay önce

    Brett, I don't know you, but your decision making was worse than "pulling a Bettis". You are either completely retarded or suicidal. Any logical chaser studies and pre-plans his/her chase prior to entering the danger zone. You embarrass the rest of us respectful chasers. You drove blindly into the right quadrant eye wall and storm surge plain with no plan... Please think about that for a second. Your wife and children should be extremely angry with you due to your recklessness. I'll never look at "Live Storms Media" the same way ever again. There were several responsible chasers out there doing their noble thing and you just set them all back 10-fold with stupid decisions just like Bettis did. This is not a good day for intelligent chasers.

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    abc def 4 ay önce

    low pay construction jobs will come from this !!..

    WORKERS SHOULD Demolish THERE Work After Pay DisputeS..

    CONSTRUCTION Low-wage jobs in U.S. employment !!! ..

    Construction Workers Not Getting Paid For Their Hard Work !!..

    sick and Tired of Low Paying CONSTRUCTION JobS?

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    That was my middle school
    Praying for all

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    Thjeok Thjeok 4 ay önce

    Why do people build the same structures over and over again ? time for change , build concrete domes that can withstand the wind and climate .

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    truthsmiles 4 ay önce

    3:22 - Pretty sure those are primary wires. Probably not a great idea to be crawling around them.

  • Mullet Head
    Mullet Head 4 ay önce

    I think it's this guys 1st time flying a drone.

  • D Duffy
    D Duffy 4 ay önce

    Seeing this realize THIS is Hurricane damage with minimal loss of life.
    What will a Nuclear Weapon or another Fukushima Radiation Plant do to humanity?

  • Colin Butts
    Colin Butts 4 ay önce

    Michael did this? R U cirrus? Wish it had mist them.

  • bro it out
    bro it out 4 ay önce

    do you have any footage of Madison ave? my father in law stayed and i am worried about him his house is not in the best of conditions. His name is Larry Gay his address is 479 madison ave..if his house has fell in i'm afraid he might be in there... does anyone know ?

  • lastfanstanding999
    lastfanstanding999 4 ay önce

    thats what happens whenever you dont weld any band strapping across the metal stud structural framing,
    or weld anything else, see this is what the new age college architectural engineering degrees get-cha !!!
    A BIG pile of CRAP... hahahaha !!!

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    stophypocrisy 4 ay önce

    Looks more like a giant tornado.

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    truHipHopTv 4 ay önce

    Damn that build was torn to shreds why she got flip flops on walking around

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    Anon Anon 4 ay önce

    Wow! Awful! Devastating every home owner nightmare.Prayers.

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    Look to me craft work

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