5 Scary Things Caught On Camera : WITCHES

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  • Top 5 List of scary videos, the most BELIEVABLE videos, of WITCHES caught on camera by average people in real life. In this video, we investigate 5 supposedly real witch sightings caught on tape. First, an encounter with the famous Witch of Delray, supposedly caught on camera by a policeman during an investigation of an abandoned house in Detroit. Next, a Twitter witch recorded by gr3gory88 on his Twitter page. He witnesses some scary things around his cabin in the woods. Is it an apparition or ghost caught on camera? Is it a witch? Or is it just an elaborate creepypasta ? You decide if this story is real or fake. Next a Spanish family claims that they live in a haunted house... haunted by a bruja. Then, Mike from the YouTube channel TheMvegastyle finds some scary things caught on camera. Is it a witch? Anyway, there's something very eerie on his motion-activated security camera. Then finally, we have a paranormal investigator / ghost hunter who captures some very bizarre, creepy footage while checking out an abandoned prison where women were jailed for witchcraft: a woman possessed by a witch, all caught on camera. Some unsolved mysteries of the paranormal and the unknown... or basically, just haunted places and the witches who love them :) For more scary videos, check out these other Nuke's Top 5 lists and countdown: 5 Scary Things Caught On Camera : GHOST Hunters & URBEX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uM6ffDlqFE and also Nukes Top 5 Scary Things Caught On Camera : SHADOW PEOPLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jb7FyUsHyc
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  • Danielle Timmerman
    Danielle Timmerman 5 saat önce

    Greg was an ARG. Youre stupid. Its not real. Its a game.

  • leticia chan
    leticia chan 8 saat önce

    I don't know why but when I see a recording in Spanish that is paranormal I kinda sometimes believe them

  • Brooklyn Starrr
    Brooklyn Starrr 9 saat önce

    The second one is fake. The creator of it said that it was.

  • Puppet String
    Puppet String 13 saat önce

    “You startled the witch”

  • Beleth
    Beleth 17 saat önce

    Wow the mum making her sons go downstairs first lol.

  • Sid da Squid
    Sid da Squid 22 saat önce

    The one in the thumbnail is all for one

  • darian presidente
    darian presidente 1 gün önce

    That cabin in the woods one was really creepy

  • Cesar R
    Cesar R 1 gün önce

    Those video that look really good man Arkansas I don't know what to say they gave me really good the last one I saw last night I don't know if what to say about that it looks like she changes her face I'm her nose and mouth I think it's true if she has the speak in her back freaky stuff thank you for sharing all this stuff man awesome stuff

  • Cesar R
    Cesar R 1 gün önce

    Hey I'm back I'm going to wash couple more because I saw some last night and it was pretty good so I'm leaving my coming in this video cuz there was great and here I go on washing this one we're living the, dad so have a great day brother

  • Ramesh Babu
    Ramesh Babu 1 gün önce

    Last one even the another girl behind her was changed like her

  • Nathan Nate
    Nathan Nate 1 gün önce

    The mexican family, the mother is really retarded. she wakes her son up to say they are bothering us again. No, she is bothering her son and woke him up from a sleep so he could be bothered. He was doing just fine sleeping, the mother is the one bothering the son.

  • Nathan Nate
    Nathan Nate 1 gün önce

    second one of the "supposed" bald witch outside his cabin at night, fake as fuk. I don't care, he could have 2 million of his twitter followers believe him. No matter how many people "think" it's real, doesn't make something fake, actually real.

  • elNingyou
    elNingyou 1 gün önce

    oh, that gregory88 shit is fake as hell

  • Sahar Varona
    Sahar Varona 1 gün önce

    Woah the police officer on the Witch of Delray has an amazing scary narration voice

  • The Red Viper
    The Red Viper 1 gün önce


  • Melissa Lim
    Melissa Lim 1 gün önce

    @ 13:14 the girl beside her looks different too...

  • Weekly ASMR & Art
    Weekly ASMR & Art 1 gün önce

    This channels way better than Chills

  • Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson 1 gün önce

    Something in the basement better send my children down first.... WTF

  • Nicole DeTep
    Nicole DeTep 1 gün önce

    Lonely cabin in the woods, definitely frickin fake. Looks like an inspiration from Vikings.

  • Chris Santiago
    Chris Santiago 1 gün önce

    Witch craft is very common in Mexico due to the fact that some people that live there are witches that have blood trait of thier ancestors that lived during the time of the acient civilization of the Aztecs. This makes sense that there is witches because the aztecs had witches duringbthier time

  • Framboise
    Framboise 2 gün önce

    First one: racoons reproducing.

  • Sarena P
    Sarena P 2 gün önce

    As far as I know, the gr3gory33 one is fake and just another twitter creepy pasta. I appreciate you mentioning it could be fake. I mean, I'm not 100% sure, but I doubt it's real since he sees her again and catches her on tape.

  • Jesse Franco
    Jesse Franco 2 gün önce

    Hey someone how old is fourth witch video. ? Early youtube and that last guy is just a reall skinny wtf

  • Jesse Franco
    Jesse Franco 2 gün önce

    The witch was a man ?

  • Haley & Ava
    Haley & Ava 2 gün önce

    After watching most of your awesome scary videos I still just don’t believe in ghosts... is.. is that a bad thing orrr what? 😂 lol

  • Mazahir Fazel
    Mazahir Fazel 2 gün önce

    3:59 is that Alpha from the Walking Dead

  • Heidi Vitha
    Heidi Vitha 2 gün önce

    I was looking at what videos to watch and one picture which is this caught my eye! Wtf! That looked like the sinister guy!l 😨😨😨😨😮😮😮😮😎

  • sadfather
    sadfather 2 gün önce

    "Greg" didn't claim it was real it's a twitter horror fiction he even says that

    PATTY PERRY 2 gün önce

    Wait the women that woke all her lil babies up to terrify them is fuckin retarded

  • Haha Inc.
    Haha Inc. 2 gün önce

    #3 - that woman and her kids made too much noise to hear the witch. In the end, that "witch" sounded more like feral dog. Maybe that's what got into their house.

  • Joshua Garza
    Joshua Garza 2 gün önce

    Mexico be all fucked up 😂

  • Triaen Marsh
    Triaen Marsh 2 gün önce

    The first clip sounds like the audio from I Want Sushi by Islander.

  • Xavane
    Xavane 2 gün önce

    Oh theres a weird witches!!

    picked up the 144p camera

  • Sarah T
    Sarah T 2 gün önce

    Dude why would the guy get so close to the "witch" and film it lmao and why does it look so fake

  • Taylor Welch
    Taylor Welch 2 gün önce

    Second clip is fakr

  • Gustavo Calvo
    Gustavo Calvo 2 gün önce

    The video from Colombia was from 2015, some sources say a witch other a specter, looking at some of the newspaper as they are in Spanish it says "the woman was under the influence of some pills and she later escaped"

  • I A
    I A 2 gün önce

    ( ゚Д゚) ス、スゲー!スゲ━━━ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ━━━!!!!

  • chikenstuff123
    chikenstuff123 2 gün önce

    9:43 he's not even in the frame dog smh

  • chikenstuff123
    chikenstuff123 2 gün önce

    3:27 bro I would of not been standing there, I would of saw you and turned around and brought my happy scared ass inside like, SHIT ALREADY LOOK CREEPY WHY STAND THERE? Got a death wish? Lmao