My Son PUNCHED Me In The Face!

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  • Stephanie Betcher
    Stephanie Betcher 1 saat önce

    My entirE life has been EXLAINED in this one video. Lol thank you. <3

  • Xxxtentacion Bro
    Xxxtentacion Bro 1 gün önce

    What about Jaden?

  • Xxxtentacion Bro
    Xxxtentacion Bro 1 gün önce

    I thought he meant jaden I was like lol

  • Lamel Winston
    Lamel Winston 1 gün önce

    Will just took cosbys place as top black successful role model all American father figure lol. Kids might be a little different but he seems to be an awesome father. He makes me wanna be a better father to my children.

  • Casey Frederick
    Casey Frederick 1 gün önce

    Now you get to punch him in the face right?

  • GreatestIdeaTheone AndOnly

    man this jaden guy cracks me up all the time😂😂😂

  • Tommy Starbuck
    Tommy Starbuck 2 gün önce

    Trying to be relevant again?

  • Jim Moss
    Jim Moss 2 gün önce

    Will smith
    Show your other kids more man people think you only have your flamboyant son and your other kids seem amazing and normal as heck man ......
    God bless all your kids ....but cough cough ....Jayden is a weirdo....but it's ok because its 2019 he fits in .

  • mavishill
    mavishill 2 gün önce

    Willow throws like girl. Haha. Cute

  • Lea Johnson
    Lea Johnson 2 gün önce

    he said new zealand kids. yay :P lol

  • Yolanda S
    Yolanda S 3 gün önce

    I’m not surprised how good of a person you are, a great dad you are Ive loved you all my life starting from 6degres of separation, jazzy Jeff and fresh prince and every single movie and some movie sound tracks of your movies bottom line….I always loved you and I am a great judge of character!!

  • Andile Ngidi
    Andile Ngidi 3 gün önce

    Soundtracks on a 💯

  • Wolve rine
    Wolve rine 3 gün önce

    Music intro please ?

  • André Luis
    André Luis 4 gün önce

    Po legal gostei😂

  • Kaipi1
    Kaipi1 5 gün önce


  • Diego Vicencio
    Diego Vicencio 5 gün önce

    es un papa bkn ya k en el principie del rap el no conto el de rial y tio filp lo educo como ser un hombre

  • Carlin Suero
    Carlin Suero 5 gün önce

    I was laughing so hard at that “when a man attacks you” part! My brother does that to me all the time talking about “this ain’t a game how will you react!?” Fathers and brothers should always teach the women in their lives how to defend themselves.

  • Rogelio Garcia
    Rogelio Garcia 5 gün önce

    Sabes una película con brat pit de guerra

  • Thomas Ross
    Thomas Ross 6 gün önce

    Just got hip to this channel man Will Smith is funny.. much respect

  • Chaz Fatur
    Chaz Fatur 1 hafta önce

    SloMo is the best! Happy belated Father's Day!

  • Aeskie channel
    Aeskie channel 1 hafta önce

    Why JADEN SMITH not come?

  • Hazel Wagner
    Hazel Wagner 1 hafta önce

    ພາຍໃຕ້ຈິດໃຈ > 1048

  • M3L33
    M3L33 1 hafta önce

    Ouch when willow pulled wills arm lol

  • OFD_K999
    OFD_K999 1 hafta önce

    beautiful art. spent time with kids listen them. forget the work for moment time will freeze. Nice will

  • dior per
    dior per 2 hafta önce

    I love will Smith

    VIRTUAL REALITY 3 hafta önce

    Кто тут русский?

  • kalvin rogers
    kalvin rogers 3 hafta önce

    I love you Willow Smith she is so pretty

  • Super MomGo
    Super MomGo 3 hafta önce


  • Kevin Martínez
    Kevin Martínez 3 hafta önce

    amazing father and amazing people I Love Will Smith

  • sunita hembrom
    sunita hembrom 3 hafta önce

    I sooo sooo love you Will ....ur one of the best persons in the world ! Ur a walking positive energy dose , a blossoming flower with such radiance , may Lord bless u !
    Ur presence makes ppl feel soo gud ,if its nt beauty then wat ?!

  • Emilio Gallegos
    Emilio Gallegos 3 hafta önce

    Like of you love Will Smith

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    You can sabscribe and support channel if you allow

  • Mzwandile Mthenjane
    Mzwandile Mthenjane 4 hafta önce

    I love the fact that Will Smith has time for his family. he's a family man. He values family time. In these days it's very seldom for some fathers to spend quality time with their family.

  • Maria Cida
    Maria Cida 1 ay önce

    Will Smith tu e tope de mais

  • Maria Cida
    Maria Cida 1 ay önce

    Will Smith

  • Gaétan Fortin
    Gaétan Fortin 1 ay önce

    Got to love this guy!

  • Xinia Zulueta
    Xinia Zulueta 1 ay önce

    Will you family is lovely ,GodBless all!

  • maximys
    maximys 1 ay önce

    Привет тебе Смит из Украины! Здесь тебя любят!

  • alfonso Hernández Barrero

    2:26 she says haki?

  • Curious Molar
    Curious Molar 1 ay önce

    Chutiyapa 😂