🌱Pothos Propagation in water 💧💚

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  • Yooooo! So guys, I live picking the last mangoes from our mango tree when I noticed a beautiful bight green pothos thriving in the middle of our bushes. I took the opportunity to try and propagate some with you guys and lets see how this goes 🤞🏾Enjoy! -Uri
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  • Patricia Page
    Patricia Page 1 ay önce

    Thanks for the video!! I'm into propogating pothos myself. I love pothos and what you can do with to them

  • robyn durdin
    robyn durdin 1 ay önce

    Hi just wondering if you ever did an update vid on these guys rooting ??

  • David Ivey
    David Ivey 1 ay önce

    Just found your channel man, much love from NC 🤟🏼 awesome content

  • Nan Q.
    Nan Q. 2 ay önce

    They definitely look like Golden Pothos. Will you be posting any updates with these propagation?

  • Frome2yu
    Frome2yu 2 ay önce

    Thank you for the video. Your yard is so amazing. I hope the propagate went well for you

  • Urban Logic
    Urban Logic 8 ay önce

    Thanks for sharing! We'd love an update!

  • Danny B
    Danny B 8 ay önce

    Did they grow roots ?

  • Purple Plant Lady
    Purple Plant Lady 11 ay önce

    These look like golden pothos because of the gold variegation