How This Flower Saved Me ( Babysitter Part 12 )

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  • Zen Playz
    Zen Playz 16 dakika önce

    Obviously you broke up considering your dating Pam now

  • Pøtātò Kūń
    Pøtātò Kūń 2 saat önce

    She eats you

    FARID PRODUCTION'S 3 saat önce

    right thing

  • Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith 4 saat önce

    Can it be a one page comic alex

  • Elroy jr
    Elroy jr 4 saat önce

    Yes you did the right thing family alex comes first

  • Fungirll Yandreyfan
    Fungirll Yandreyfan 7 saat önce

    When alax says "this is not a cliff hanger "
    My iPad "hmmmmmm NOW IT IS >;)"


  • Playmobile 7
    Playmobile 7 7 saat önce

    Greece 🇬🇷 love ❤️ you

  • Zechariah Ernie Barredo


  • Daredevil-Demon Two
    Daredevil-Demon Two 9 saat önce

    420 years and 69 days later: Dating my Babysitter episode 666

  • Anderson Kucharski
    Anderson Kucharski 9 saat önce


    I'm expecting a cliff hanger

  • Christopher Guevara
    Christopher Guevara 10 saat önce

    That was the right thing to do!! The babysiter lied to you!!!

  • Comic Dubbed Voicer
    Comic Dubbed Voicer 10 saat önce

    9:20 1) it'll be complicated and sad for the babysitter also Lil hint of anger and i think she scared to you how you would react dating her Ex-boyfriend

    9:30 2) you did the the right think because family comes first and also she'd would be sad if u left early on her birthday

    6:48 3) i would use this tablet for drawing, animating , draw comics or help your friends YouTube channel for funny or scary animating or story telling that's would i do if i win tablet

  • Mason G-XZ
    Mason G-XZ 10 saat önce

    1 A universal sign is when you keep coming into coincidences of something someone told you

    2 The babysitter will cheat on you

  • MongsuperKiller
    MongsuperKiller 11 saat önce

    lol i like that he has a gf but he still talking about another girl

  • Emoji Lord
    Emoji Lord 11 saat önce

    I hate flowers not because it's looks!because of...*inhale*POLIN SEASON

  • Tiago Barroso
    Tiago Barroso 11 saat önce

    You did the right thing.

  • Zilchgameplays Trolls
    Zilchgameplays Trolls 11 saat önce

    Y’all have anger sex

  • Jakeplayz games
    Jakeplayz games 11 saat önce

    alex do a tour in delaware

  • Jojo Tapia
    Jojo Tapia 12 saat önce

    Tou did the right thing family first

  • ASD _Expert
    ASD _Expert 12 saat önce


  • Giannpierre Aquino
    Giannpierre Aquino 12 saat önce

    Honestly I agree with you Alex. Flowers are truly the best way to a girls heart! Awesome video

  • SirDino
    SirDino 12 saat önce

    When’s the roommate story!? >:V

  • CDRogers56
    CDRogers56 13 saat önce

    Alex i just rewatched the entire thing instead of doing hw while eating pizza, and it was worth it.

  • RubyTheDragon
    RubyTheDragon 14 saat önce


  • alex nunez
    alex nunez 15 saat önce

    u having sex

  • Grupo dilema musical
    Grupo dilema musical 16 saat önce

    4:50 -5:01 Boi that made me laugh

  • chips and salsa
    chips and salsa 17 saat önce

    yyyyyeeeeaaaaa you probably break up with her bc wwweeellll.....

    Your married to someone else

  • Alexa Hernandez
    Alexa Hernandez 17 saat önce

    they break up OF COURSE YOU DID THE RIGHT THING BY GIVING GRANDMA FLOWERS GRANDMAS ARE THE BEST (some) and she well most likely say something like "im sorry, please dont leave me" or "yea i was using you to make my ex jelly" thats what i think,

  • xx master
    xx master 17 saat önce

    Signs of feelings and true love.....

  • eZeroz
    eZeroz 18 saat önce

    Yeeee more 6 months to the next video yeeeeee
    I just kidding love you videos

  • Michelle Cabral
    Michelle Cabral 20 saat önce

    It goes to THE ENDGAME

  • Плохая озвучка


  • Trenise Hogg
    Trenise Hogg 20 saat önce

    You did the right thing dude. Family always come first. No matter what


    The only thing that made me laugh was the brothers voice 🤣😂😂😂

  • Mai Chan
    Mai Chan 21 saat önce

    I'm pretty sure that you and the babysitter break up. That's all I'm saying

  • YouTuberkid 10123
    YouTuberkid 10123 22 saat önce

    I would call it a suspicious

  • Lyriix
    Lyriix 22 saat önce

    Middle School, anyone?

  • Emma prretzel animations
    Emma prretzel animations 22 saat önce

    Alex baby sitter episode 10000000
    Or in other words

  • Omega Omni
    Omega Omni 1 gün önce

    ME:Yes, yes it dose spend time with yo fam

  • nice song
    nice song 1 gün önce

    you really did the right thing ^^