The Ice Age Tier List

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  • Tio Alra
    Tio Alra 16 saat önce

    Litterally everyone of those exist in ARK, and the megalocerus is also f Rank there

  • Liam Riley
    Liam Riley 1 gün önce

    Where's that newer footage of the sloth bodying the sabre tooth from? I know some of the older stuffs from Walking With Beasts but the other stuffs way newer and looks great.

  • Muhammad Fauzan
    Muhammad Fauzan 1 gün önce


  • Anissa Ferringer
    Anissa Ferringer 1 gün önce

    What is the music at 0:20?

  • Last Man Gaming101
    Last Man Gaming101 1 gün önce

    Back when sloths were op

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah 2 gün önce

    Does the beta version of the game had worse graphics?

  • Pancake Lover
    Pancake Lover 2 gün önce




  • kai crenshaw
    kai crenshaw 3 gün önce

    Scrat the squirrel has to be SS tier at the least

  • fabrizzio monsalve
    fabrizzio monsalve 3 gün önce

    What about the biggest earth mammal, he was bigger than the mammoth, and there was another rhino which was the same size as the wooly but the horn was almost pyramidal.

  • fabrizzio monsalve
    fabrizzio monsalve 3 gün önce

    What movies did you use??

  • CalvinistOnACouch
    CalvinistOnACouch 4 gün önce

    Has any build ever had higher base stats than the cave bear?

  • every day content maker 11

    Are you guys all human manes to?

  • Kimberly Ox
    Kimberly Ox 6 gün önce

    Oh my god...


    I am laughing...

    I thought this was a information video..

    About real animals but I guess it also is?..

  • Ryodraco
    Ryodraco 6 gün önce

    6:30 Calling gray wolves "smaller" isn't necessarily accurate. Dire wolves were about the same size as the largest varieties of modern gray wolf, though the dires did have stronger jaws.

  • Leo Peerutin
    Leo Peerutin 1 hafta önce

    What is the game/ series / animation is the background

  • Jack Forde
    Jack Forde 1 hafta önce

    I love the idea that paleontologists are just professional dataminers

  • Aiden Barsimantov
    Aiden Barsimantov 1 hafta önce

    The cave bears switched builds because they realized that they were basically one of the biggest reasons the game was declining, along with humans.

  • A Kaiju in Omaha
    A Kaiju in Omaha 1 hafta önce

    I was so furious when my velociraptor build died after the nerf but later was lucky to have chosen a Homo Sapien build

  • Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein 1 hafta önce

    The way you described cave bear players leads me to a fascinating conclusion. Perhaps these were former T-Rex mains who re-joined the servers after losing their characters to the dinosaur extinction event. It would seem that these so called cave bear players had an incredibly similar M.O. to the T-Rex players in the old days. They were both large carnivore tanks that were optimized for scavenging carcass loot and/or forcefully acquiring it off of lower level players.

  • Valstrax
    Valstrax 1 hafta önce

    I would have called the walking with series twitch streams

  • Icywarhammer500
    Icywarhammer500 1 hafta önce

    Game boy!

  • FadedHydra
    FadedHydra 2 hafta önce

    I know all of these creatures (ARK)

  • Indominus Maximus
    Indominus Maximus 2 hafta önce

    Terror bird should be s teir

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman 2 hafta önce

    Video on humans upgrading elephants to mammoth via dna adjustment?

  • Jm firelord
    Jm firelord 2 hafta önce

    8:55 these stats could make any even high level humans shit themselves

  • Dark Plasma
    Dark Plasma 2 hafta önce

    I think the only bad part about humans is that they are so op, that the only things they try to fight is themselves.

  • Max D.
    Max D. 2 hafta önce

    Does anyone know the name of the music playing at 4:08 is?

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 3 hafta önce

    Does anyone rember what the preorder DLC for this game was

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 3 hafta önce

    im pretty glad i still have this version installed, theres nobody playing but its cool

  • Badr Albaiz
    Badr Albaiz 3 hafta önce

    I loved when me and my bros used to grief sabertooth packs as cave bears :( we were heartbroken when they were banned

  • Mason Pagano
    Mason Pagano 3 hafta önce

    These videos legit make me wish there was a console game! Lol great job

  • Jacob Masten
    Jacob Masten 3 hafta önce

    What if the cave bears are alive

    QRWASUPER 3 hafta önce

    What is the Best spider class?

  • The tall person with wings

    What about the old popular Dino age? Maybe split it for herbivores and carnivorous players?

  • Emily Casper-Kelley
    Emily Casper-Kelley 3 hafta önce

    Walking with Dinosaurs was so good!!!

  • SCAR- H
    SCAR- H 3 hafta önce

    1:48 me carrying 900 combat after I forgot dogmeat

  • Laura Tenney
    Laura Tenney 3 hafta önce

    Idea: best builds for completing the mating side quests

  • Sietse Van Overstraeten
    Sietse Van Overstraeten 3 hafta önce

    OMG that outro....Used to have DVD books about prehistoric shit and other stuff like planets, this was their intro

  • Coach John
    Coach John 3 hafta önce


  • Aman kodimela
    Aman kodimela 4 hafta önce

    Life is a game