FORTE - Three Tenors meet online and shock the judges on Americas Got Talent! - Pie Jesu

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  • Francis HC
    Francis HC Biraz önce

    God's match made FORTE

  • Elvisia50
    Elvisia50 7 saat önce

    We have Il Divo
    We have Il Volo
    and we have Forte
    .Fantastico !!!

  • Polly Montgomery
    Polly Montgomery 9 saat önce

    Sold. When is the CD coming out?

  • Birgit Baltersen
    Birgit Baltersen 12 saat önce


  • Enidmar J. Melendez
    Enidmar J. Melendez 16 saat önce

    Omg Fantastic profesional

  • Non Zero Sum Game
    Non Zero Sum Game 17 saat önce

    01:53 Would you like a hanky to get that egg off your face sweetheart?

  • Peter Stevenson
    Peter Stevenson 1 gün önce

    Good music feeds the soul

  • Blossom Dyte
    Blossom Dyte 1 gün önce

    The power of togetherness.

  • Tod Haley
    Tod Haley 2 gün önce

    Wonderful. And that note (or notes) at 3:07 blew me away. And is that Patti Lupone in the audience?

  • Cleire Schiesser
    Cleire Schiesser 2 gün önce

    Very nice. I love it 👏👏👏

  • JanitorIsBack
    JanitorIsBack 2 gün önce

    such a joke of a show. setting up all the audience reactions

  • Wishbone Jordy
    Wishbone Jordy 2 gün önce

    this needs to be their parts were regains their grandiousio for a heartfelt freedom to soar their way to freedom

  • Reba McCormack
    Reba McCormack 2 gün önce

    Euromillions results 11 October

  • El Labarrere
    El Labarrere 2 gün önce


  • Brent Rounsville
    Brent Rounsville 3 gün önce

    I love when a common crowd experiences the slight amount of classical music. It's so pure.

  • emil toutou
    emil toutou 3 gün önce

    That girl said They look like a joke and I say she looks like a “you know what”..or let me put it this way ,she looks like a j..HOE..k

  • Chaps Gunnam
    Chaps Gunnam 3 gün önce


  • Marcia Clements
    Marcia Clements 3 gün önce


  • missangie29
    missangie29 3 gün önce

    The only ‘Joke’ is the lady in the audience, fantastic voices

  • Gone Wild
    Gone Wild 3 gün önce

    3:06 goosebumps!!!!

  • Linda Means
    Linda Means 3 gün önce

    I love this music. I can’t get enough. Now its 3:00 am and I can’t believe I don’t want to put my apple down and go to bed. Love El VOLO.

  • Denyse Phenix
    Denyse Phenix 4 gün önce

    they gave me shivers

  • Denyse Phenix
    Denyse Phenix 4 gün önce

    I used to sing from age 12 to 17 years of age in a musical revue and we never practiced before the show , we gave the key to sing in and the rest was history .. it never failed and always went very well

  • NARUTO5195
    NARUTO5195 4 gün önce

    Shame They Didn't Have The Golden Buzzer Yet

  • Adina Mitrea
    Adina Mitrea 5 gün önce


  • ros bishop
    ros bishop 5 gün önce


  • Carol K
    Carol K 5 gün önce

    I keep watching this over every so often.  I remember watching them on TV when they first appeared.  I still get amazed and chills listening to them

  • Veronica Peiu
    Veronica Peiu 5 gün önce

    Really fenomenal 🌹💃🇷🇴

  • Roland Berger
    Roland Berger 5 gün önce

    Excellent !

  • Sheikh dhp TV
    Sheikh dhp TV 6 gün önce

    Join Manchester United

  • Stuart Chambliss
    Stuart Chambliss 1 hafta önce

    Im sorry but what DUMBASS would put a thumbs down to THAT?

  • hollies home kitchen
    hollies home kitchen 1 hafta önce


  • Елена Политова

    Very good!!! amazing!!

  • Greg Stickler
    Greg Stickler 1 hafta önce

    ❤️❤️❤️ why no golden buzzer
    What more do you need

  • Linda Vilma Ole
    Linda Vilma Ole 1 hafta önce

    If I have to believe that they have just met a few days before the audition, then I would conclude that MUSIC provided an excellent ground for discipline. Given the same song, the same level of quality, the same music score, the singers would do just as good when trained together or when trained separately...

  • Troll Mctrollerson
    Troll Mctrollerson 1 hafta önce

    Howard Stern is a dirty joo

  • Christine Rose
    Christine Rose 1 hafta önce

    Thank you Wolfgang A Mozart for this beautiful music but you died before it was finished so Franz Xaver Sussrnayr finished

  • Bruno Ricard
    Bruno Ricard 1 hafta önce

    B R A V O !

  • Ralph Steven
    Ralph Steven 1 hafta önce

    Don't ever judge a book by it's cover...

  • Courtney Mitchell
    Courtney Mitchell 1 hafta önce

    lady at 1:54, wonder if she choked on her chips and words upon hearing these guys. I sure hope so.