Gordon Ramsay most funny moments

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  • Jamish Mcquo
    Jamish Mcquo 2 gün önce

    this is the what

  • Kalman Kovacs
    Kalman Kovacs 5 gün önce

    Hulu has most of these episodes but they'll all censored ): how can I enjoy the uncensored glory that is Gordon Ramsey?

  • Miguel Lavoie
    Miguel Lavoie 1 hafta önce

    Fuck it...(gives your gonna die gesture)....you got no chance....Ramsay has balls of steel.

  • CBR Blunt
    CBR Blunt 1 hafta önce

    Nino is so cringey

  • edward entwistle
    edward entwistle 1 hafta önce


  • Hã Nî
    Hã Nî 1 hafta önce

    when i see hime i remember irina sama from Shokugeki no souma lol !!!

  • Erik Mc
    Erik Mc 1 hafta önce

    From texas. Lmao god bless this britt. I love him. No homo. Sorry not pc

  • Smoke-This
    Smoke-This 2 hafta önce

    Gordon is a fuckin idiot... Lol i can cook good derr... So what, can you act like a human being?

  • k0lynce7
    k0lynce7 2 hafta önce

    "I'll stick a go pro up your fucking ass, so you can see how fucked you are" That had me dead.

  • J Hern
    J Hern 2 hafta önce

    That one dude shoulde 2 pieced ramseys scary ass😂

  • luckyrobot games
    luckyrobot games 2 hafta önce

    12:25 fuqing fgot can only say two words....

    "fuck" and "bitch"....
    this kid needs to learn some english from a guy in texas

  • Charlie Puth Fan page
    Charlie Puth Fan page 2 hafta önce

    the 2nd one i wouldve been like this: puts bread on the sides of the dudes head WHAT ARE YOU?!

  • Dremsilruth
    Dremsilruth 2 hafta önce

    A lot of these just make me upset.

  • Orkhan Ahmadov
    Orkhan Ahmadov 2 hafta önce

    the guy at 10:40 is right . First of all nobody can fucking dare to insult you in front of your colleagues and there are ladies standing there. Respect to them at least you shite :D

  • uzagona
    uzagona 2 hafta önce

    "I ain't no bitch"

  • Aidan & Sylus Gaming and Vlogs

    “He’s from Texas”

  • crimson scarlett
    crimson scarlett 2 hafta önce

    Sure I'm no chef but that was absolutely pathetic

  • Brian Chen
    Brian Chen 2 hafta önce

    Most funniest moment? Most funniest moment?? Most funniest moment???

  • Batman M
    Batman M 2 hafta önce

    So this is a count up rather than a count down? Unbelievable!

  • Claire Angeline Santander

    For me i think gordon is not that mean, he just dont want to embarrass the culinary carrer of a person like hes not been studying or dont have experience,if i become a chef one day it would be my pleasure to serve him

  • Robert Rodent
    Robert Rodent 2 hafta önce

    " Ebonics" , or as it is pronounced. in Ebonics , Ibonics , at its best ! " I ain't no Bitch " ! Anyone that says that more than once , just shows a lack of intelligence.

  • ConnorW07 TheSirenHunter
    ConnorW07 TheSirenHunter 2 hafta önce

    rips paper Take you and yourself back to fucking Belgium.

  • BYTFS _
    BYTFS _ 2 hafta önce

    16:24 when that shit flew in the air

  • todaXPTO
    todaXPTO 2 hafta önce

    15:54 You certainly don't care about the children!

  • Muhammad Fikri
    Muhammad Fikri 2 hafta önce

    You should wear diapers

  • Almighty Yellow curvy.
    Almighty Yellow curvy. 2 hafta önce

    When I was young, I thought Gordon ramsey reviewed random restaurants, but then I realized he had to fix problems at satanic restaurants, hence the name "Kitchen Nightmares".

  • Stiky3000 Anderson
    Stiky3000 Anderson 2 hafta önce

    The first clip was a funny moment, but the rest was not, so stop click baiting us.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 3 hafta önce

    You know they know who they are and why like men

  • V3NoM StOnE
    V3NoM StOnE 3 hafta önce

    16:24 I bet everyone was hoping he got hit

  • kamakazi Demon
    kamakazi Demon 3 hafta önce

    Copyrighted.. why have you claimed this ? Huuhh...huuuuuhhhhhhhh.. piss off

  • DR. MORSE greek wellville

    That Gordon has too much pride, I'm glad he hit some ''walls''.

  • Tobias Sanders
    Tobias Sanders 3 hafta önce

    He's not just in denial

    He's in denial about being in denial.

    Is that 2(denial) or (denial)^2? I cannot comprehend this man's denial.

  • Maeleigh
    Maeleigh 3 hafta önce

    i had to pause so i had time to laugh;
    "ill stick a go pro up your ass so you can see how full of shit you are"

  • Gage Martin
    Gage Martin 3 hafta önce

    Gordon almost threw hands on that little shit 12:00

  • BananaNinja
    BananaNinja 3 hafta önce

    "sEe how loud they are"

  • Ima GOAT
    Ima GOAT 3 hafta önce

    Gordon Ramsey is arguably the best chef in the world an he knows what what he’s talking about but... he can be a dick sometimes

  • Dumb Ass
    Dumb Ass 3 hafta önce

    I started giggling a lot after he said “i know but he’s from texas” 🤣

  • God
    God 3 hafta önce

    11:41 when someone tells you to show some respect

  • Guido Mazz
    Guido Mazz 3 hafta önce

    NINO joke

  • chichimode
    chichimode 3 hafta önce

    that chef is a tipical englishman idiot, he dont need loud in front of the other people, he think because is good cooking can insult to the oher guys