WARRIORS vs RAPTORS | Unbelievable Finish at Scotiabank Arena | NBA Finals Game 5

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  • Eli Burger
    Eli Burger 2 hafta önce

    That shit Leonard for leaving

  • Creepy Dumpling
    Creepy Dumpling 3 hafta önce

    Durant didn’t even wince. Respect to KD

  • Gaawar Tuom
    Gaawar Tuom 1 ay önce

    These refs man smh

  • Diango Jerez
    Diango Jerez 1 ay önce

    Ben Simmons was the number 1 pick but his jump shot is still undrafted

    DANIEL TSE 1 ay önce

    raptors should have called timeout

    DANIEL TSE 1 ay önce

    the nba got to do something about it when fans cheer for a injured player

  • Timothy Lui
    Timothy Lui 1 ay önce

    You know the raptors wanted to win the championship, when they don’t even help Kevin Durant up. Dude that’s major disrespect. Smh

  • Meredid Navarro
    Meredid Navarro 1 ay önce

    Who else notices that they were barely cheering for the gs warriors

  • coolstan isawesome 77

    F*** the raptors to be honest :/

  • Carla Schiavo
    Carla Schiavo 1 ay önce

    I could of sworn the warriors now say goodbye to durant

  • Ian Quiñones
    Ian Quiñones 1 ay önce

    These people saying the disrespect to kd are probably the same people that disrespected kd when he left okc🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rambo Fox
    Rambo Fox 1 ay önce

    So many Warrior dick riders in these comments.

  • Kyle Grow
    Kyle Grow 1 ay önce

    I wanted the raptors to win but I don’t want to see anyone get hurt

  • Kyle Grow
    Kyle Grow 1 ay önce

    In my opinion

  • Kyle Grow
    Kyle Grow 1 ay önce

    The people who were cheering when KD got injured they were bullying

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7 1 ay önce

    The Warriors won but it will be their last.

  • Epic Trends
    Epic Trends 1 ay önce

    🤣 at 0:28 I heard the MLG Sound

  • Woodstone Media
    Woodstone Media 2 ay önce

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  • PaulBall
    PaulBall 2 ay önce

    Well the off-season was better than this

  • 羽タりJonah Dove
    羽タりJonah Dove 2 ay önce

    After losing the championship,they lose Kevin Durant.

  • Bubster 1969
    Bubster 1969 2 ay önce

    Raptors won and you still have this up.

  • John Kiene
    John Kiene 3 ay önce

    Warriors you had a great run over the last 5 years but try getting 5 rings in 15 years like the San Antonio Spurs did. Only then will you join the truly great teams of the NBA.

  • Money2x
    Money2x 3 ay önce

    KL sucks ya’ll just some haters

  • Slowjamcdub
    Slowjamcdub 3 ay önce

    This is the only way to watch sports!!

  • GOAlposT
    GOAlposT 3 ay önce

    But, but... Klay? Oh shut up! Klay was in the game the whole 3rd quarter with Lowry on bench and it made no difference. They need KD.

  • J B
    J B 3 ay önce

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  • Hi sisters
    Hi sisters 3 ay önce

    Now if Kevin Durant was up in this Toronto got another thing coming cause it would have been difficult, but those refs sum cheaters they dead wrong for what they did in the game that happened today

  • Asian Persuasion
    Asian Persuasion 3 ay önce


  • Edwin Ramos
    Edwin Ramos 3 ay önce

    Helll yea fuck warriors

  • Health & fitness
    Health & fitness 3 ay önce

    If the warriors lose the finals I know a lot of people gonna stop watching nba period

  • tacobouts t
    tacobouts t 3 ay önce

    Time to set "the biggest fire the north has ever seen."

  • Molly Wop
    Molly Wop 3 ay önce

    The Raptors won

  • X _diego_X123
    X _diego_X123 3 ay önce

    I never saw u wrote shit lebron

  • Arkain Zer0
    Arkain Zer0 3 ay önce

    The raptor won the finals called #we the north dont@ me

  • Cindy L
    Cindy L 3 ay önce

    Congratulations Toronto!!!! 👑🥇🏆

  • longdong mexicano
    longdong mexicano 3 ay önce

    Warriors injuries saved raptors life... Point period

  • Crazy
    Crazy 3 ay önce

    Lol no duece

  • royal mcmorris
    royal mcmorris 3 ay önce

    Best in the game for 2 straight years go kd

  • royal mcmorris
    royal mcmorris 3 ay önce

    To much intensity on a already injured man that's the 😥 in sports