Owners Can't Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • 黑狮子
    黑狮子 34 dakika önce

    strong taste of Shut the fuck up slag!

  • Ronny Dekker
    Ronny Dekker 1 saat önce

    That wagou burger has 0 presentation value

  • Anya Zhang
    Anya Zhang 4 saat önce

    1:09 a lot of different celebrities... Who was it tho?

  • OrdinaryMe YT
    OrdinaryMe YT 5 saat önce

    Bruh he S M A S H E D the Patty if he didn’t, the patty would be drooling everywhere...

  • maoribrotha53
    maoribrotha53 5 saat önce


  • Gabbzzsssxxcc
    Gabbzzsssxxcc 6 saat önce

    That strong taste you're tasting is jealousy, Jen....

  • Afnan Zahran
    Afnan Zahran 6 saat önce

    That's the problem, owner loves his own recipe. Now wonder the business is failing. You serves your customers your favourite recipe, and can't take criticism and don't want to change. You think everyone who walks into your restaurant has similar tongues same as yours? No. Your tongue is thousand years old, can't even taste anything.

    You got best executive chef but dont want him to work, good job.

  • doughnut evolution
    doughnut evolution 8 saat önce


  • That One Link
    That One Link 8 saat önce

    "I'm a medium rare girl" Bisch you a grandma

  • Nemesis Dylan
    Nemesis Dylan 9 saat önce

    “It’s amazing”
    Gordon Ramsay: “It’s hideous

  • Brad The Titan
    Brad The Titan 9 saat önce

    Proof that The boss doesnt know all better.

  • JWC
    JWC 10 saat önce

    No but ur the boss...

  • Briyanna Miles
    Briyanna Miles 11 saat önce

    I died wen she started coughing lmfao 😂😂💀

  • Bitzy
    Bitzy 11 saat önce

    This “meat creator” needs a big fucking smack what a delusional cunt he actually makes me frustrated

  • Paul B
    Paul B 12 saat önce

    That women is a sack of shit and that bloke is delusional

  • LightningE 9950
    LightningE 9950 12 saat önce

    I'm 64 years old and I'm Nino!

  • Shikidai Nara
    Shikidai Nara 12 saat önce

    The celebrity probably said it was good because they don’t wanna lose like when celebrities do something bad people start talking stuff about them so they probably said that and spit it out when they got out to the restaurant and probably went to mc Donald’s.

  • Brie De Jesus
    Brie De Jesus 13 saat önce

    "Some people have called me a meat sculpter or a meat creater"

    Me: i will call you a meat destroyer

    STEVEN CAMACHO 14 saat önce

    Meat creator and frozen meat doesn’t go together

  • Kimberley
    Kimberley 18 saat önce

    How old is Gen btw? 😂

  • Dizzy Beast
    Dizzy Beast 19 saat önce

    Who tf freezes wagyu, it's comes from the best type of cattle, it doesn't deserve to be frozen.
    Also she says "I'm not all that powerful" and she's one of the owners

  • ArtistLovesTo Fangirl
    ArtistLovesTo Fangirl 21 saat önce

    Gen: I’m 64 years old!

    My 70 year old grandma: cooks the best fricking food ever AHEM!

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 21 saat önce

    Gen: what is that strong taste I am tasting?

    Me: i think there's two flavours, one is a 9/10 burger and the other one is a taste of your own medicine

  • Chelsea Chan
    Chelsea Chan 21 saat önce

    I like how Allen is still eating his wagu beef burger

  • CapHowdy
    CapHowdy 21 saat önce

    That woman is the pettiest idiot ever. She could be dished up the best food in the world ever, and she would still say it was horrible just because it is better than anything her and her husband can come up with.

  • Joshua Miguel
    Joshua Miguel 21 saat önce

    The old woman looks like a dying puppy

  • Benito Frappaolo
    Benito Frappaolo 23 saat önce

    Im 64

  • TruePride AMVs
    TruePride AMVs 1 gün önce

    What a fucking doughnut and a 64year old witch

  • oliver jumelle
    oliver jumelle 1 gün önce

    9 out of 10 from Gordon Ramsay. Hell yeah!!!!!!

  • Ali _
    Ali _ 1 gün önce

    Strong taste😂😂 get the fuck out of here

  • Fatmanwhale 123
    Fatmanwhale 123 1 gün önce

    Fakes cough ever

  • NOT kd
    NOT kd 1 gün önce

    I thought she was 63!

  • فوق الله
    فوق الله 1 gün önce

    fuck that shit

  • Gary lin yong jia
    Gary lin yong jia 1 gün önce

    5 dollar waigu

  • TheDominatorxD
    TheDominatorxD 1 gün önce

    Did the lady even chew before coughing? 😂

  • zarul haziq Muhammad
    zarul haziq Muhammad 1 gün önce

    Getting a 9 out of 10 from gr😇😇😇

  • Calvcool gaming Mckenna

    Judge: so your facing life in jail for murder

    Gen: I’m A 64 YeAr OlD WoMaN

    Judge: Gen your not guilty

  • Dávid Mester
    Dávid Mester 1 gün önce

    When chef Ramsay says its delicius and somebody says its shit the they need to FUCK OFF

  • Luuk de Ruijter
    Luuk de Ruijter 1 gün önce

    Gen must love the Beatles

  • Nusrat Rayhan
    Nusrat Rayhan 1 gün önce

    she walked out after the chef proved himself sounds like she did want him to fail so...