"I'll Just Eat Until I'm Dead, Probably" | My 3000-lb Family

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  • Emilian Hristov
    Emilian Hristov Biraz önce

    Ah men why why men you could become something much bigger than that you've thrown away your life

  • Nathan
    Nathan Biraz önce


  • Red The Beard
    Red The Beard Biraz önce

    Saw the title and just had to say, everybody eats until they die.. dumb fucks..

  • chernoh bah
    chernoh bah Biraz önce

    nigga you fat

  • Yux Yux
    Yux Yux Biraz önce

    Holy sh*t

  • Trxppin._ Jayyy
    Trxppin._ Jayyy Biraz önce

    I'm sorry but if I was his dad I would of been like boy if you don't get up and do something hell

  • Sam the average Cactus

    Anybody have an update ?

  • Gab Lui
    Gab Lui 2 dakika önce

    Hus dad is a grate father he is kind to him
    But the sun is not kind to his father

  • feminists are cunts.
    feminists are cunts. 4 dakika önce

    Is YouTube trying to send me a message?

  • banana boy
    banana boy 5 dakika önce

    I feel so sad for this guy

  • Carlos Rico
    Carlos Rico 6 dakika önce

    I’ll make his fatass run

  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam 10 dakika önce

    They blurred out Mac Donald’s sign...

  • GotThatBullet
    GotThatBullet 11 dakika önce

    Gosh 3,000 pounds u could die

  • Phantom ghoul 113
    Phantom ghoul 113 11 dakika önce

    If you literally can't take a shower or wipe your own butt that's just the point where you need to realize how unhealthy you are and that you need to start doing ANY FORM of cardio.

  • Philip
    Philip 12 dakika önce

    What a life

  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam 12 dakika önce

    This is the default who kills us on Fortnite

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera 14 dakika önce

    Yes dad you're not helping your son by buying him all that crap food.

  • Deshawn Porter
    Deshawn Porter 16 dakika önce


  • Kylei Franks
    Kylei Franks 17 dakika önce

    Somebody needs to go smack the fat off his ungrateful lazy butt

  • Rachel
    Rachel 18 dakika önce

    that's not what parenting is..he is killing his son

  • M a s t e r B e a t s
    M a s t e r B e a t s 19 dakika önce

    This man is built from meat on top of more meat 😂😂😂😂

  • William Bradley
    William Bradley 22 dakika önce

    He is a bitch he don't deserve Mc Donalds with his fat as self

  • Wulf
    Wulf 23 dakika önce

    i felt bad when he only gave his dad the chips not one on 4 burgers

  • Marvens St vilien
    Marvens St vilien 25 dakika önce

    He has a fat ass

  • Jess Bubb
    Jess Bubb 27 dakika önce

    sorry man but nobody can help you anymore.... you got to do that yourself... just try... keto and fasting

  • Mr AutismO
    Mr AutismO 35 dakika önce

    Gotta love americans

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord 35 dakika önce

    Bruh...fortnight? Really? Jeez...

  • Nate Does Dumb Stuff
    Nate Does Dumb Stuff 41 dakika önce

    4:58 ITS A WHALE!!

  • Stanley Wu
    Stanley Wu 43 dakika önce

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks quite friendly?

    ...I think it's just me

  • C!nDrëam 616
    C!nDrëam 616 43 dakika önce

    Oh come on the dad man i feel so srry for him if i was his dad the belt will be out ride like the wind fat boi yeeeee haaa
    EDIT:im srry if im sooo mean its just he is super spoiled im never spoiled i work everyday and i dont have fortnite i just have a phone Samsung note4 thats wat i get and the only games that i play r:modern combat5,driving school (hacked),real racing 3 (hacked),pubg,standoff2and goodcraft

  • Austin Noles
    Austin Noles 45 dakika önce

    Youre not the one buying the food. But you are eating them. You can get off your fat lazy ass and stop blaming ppl for the reason youre fat. Get up lose the xbox start exercising and get a job and buy the healthy food. Youre literally a cow bc you take a bath outside in a god Damn tin the size of a pickup truck

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales 48 dakika önce

    Fortnite players

  • Abbigail Saenz
    Abbigail Saenz 51 dakika önce

    He is so mean to his dad😪

  • Adam Russell
    Adam Russell 51 dakika önce

    How do you lose yourself this much

  • Jackson Knoell
    Jackson Knoell 53 dakika önce

    This guy is a butt to his dad

  • PotatoStone
    PotatoStone 54 dakika önce


  • Jackson Knoell
    Jackson Knoell 54 dakika önce

    This guy is a butt to his dad

    CROND 55 dakika önce

    Explain to me how he's playing fortnite on a 360

  • Morg Steeves
    Morg Steeves 58 dakika önce

    I relate to “I’ll just eat till I die”

  • Zach Boardman
    Zach Boardman 58 dakika önce

    3:06 what an ugratful fat piece of shit!