Who Will Be The Next MCU Big Bad After Thanos?

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  • Avengers: Endgame may very well be the last time we see Thanos as a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And though the comics have plenty of bad guys to choose from, filling Thanos' shoes won't be easy. It's got to be someone truly powerful and truly scary. Here's a look at some of the villains who could be the next MCU big bad after Thanos. In Marvel lore, the Celestials are a race of cosmic beings who created intelligent life forms across the galaxy — including humanity — as a grand experiment. And when that experiment fails to meet their standards, the Celestials… end it. They've already shown up in Guardians of the Galaxy, with one of their heads serving as the outpost called Knowhere, and they’re rumored to possibly be in the upcoming Eternals movie, meaning the heroes of the MCU could literally meet their makers sooner rather than later. Of the villains we've actually seen in the MCU, possibly the most staggeringly powerful was the godlike Dormammu of 2016's Doctor Strange. Even Stephen Strange himself realized he had no prayer of defeating Dormammu, so he resorted to some clever trickery to get the entity to promise not to mess with Earth again. But oaths are made to be broken, and if Dormammu returns, it might take the combined might of all the MCU heroes to stop him. One of the better kept secrets of Infinity War was the surprise reappearance of Captain America's old enemy, the Red Skull. Audiences hadn't seen him on the big screen since 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger, and the crimson-faced Hydra-founder's fate had been something of a mystery. With Thanos gone, though, Red Skull may finally be free to return to Earth. And who knows how his experience in space has changed him? The dude was dangerous enough even before being cursed by an Infinity Stone. Now? He might even be a match for the Avengers. Ever since fans learned that the shapeshifting alien Skrulls were going to appear in Captain Marvel, there's been speculation about a big screen version of Secret Invasion, the 2008 Marvel Comics event that revealed the shapeshifting aliens had been infiltrating the Earth for years. Or maybe the groundbreaking 1971 epic Kree-Skrull War, which was at the heart of Captain Marvel. Sure, the Skrulls in that film turned out to be okay. But there could be plenty more that may not be quite so nice, meaning either of these epic storylines could still be in store for MCU fans. Keep watching the video to see who will be the next MCU big bad after Thanos! #MCU #Phase4 #DoctorDoom The Celestials | 0:20 Dormammu | 0:46 The Red Skull | 1:11 The Skrulls | 1:41 Galactus | 2:13 The Squadron Supreme | 2:46 Maestro | 3:17 Kang the Conqueror | 3:53 Doctor Doom | 4:26
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  • Looper
    Looper 3 ay önce

    Who would be the perfect villain for Phase 4 in the MCU?

  • AGTV
    AGTV 2 gün önce

    Maestro should be definitely the next big villain followed by Galactus.

  • christopher haas
    christopher haas 1 hafta önce


  • parodysam
    parodysam 1 hafta önce

    They call fantastic 4 2’s galactus goofy

    Then use the cartooniest clip they can find of the giant bucket-headed purple robot man space

  • Hachem Maria
    Hachem Maria 1 hafta önce

    Doctor doom vs doctor strange

  • Hachem Maria
    Hachem Maria 1 hafta önce

    Red horn vs red skull

  • seo hiba Ali
    seo hiba Ali 2 hafta önce

    Superman can kill all the avengers with his bare hands because MCU doesnt have kryptonite

  • EtherealWolf
    EtherealWolf 2 hafta önce

    The public

  • Astro Punch
    Astro Punch 3 hafta önce

    Dormammu: “Haha, it’s been fun but now it’s my turn.”

  • Astro Punch
    Astro Punch 3 hafta önce

    Dormammu: “Haha, it’s been fun but now it’s my turn.”

  • Spock
    Spock 4 hafta önce

    It will be chuck norris

    ROOCKWAY TRANSPORT 4 hafta önce

    Ira galactus

  • RJK
    RJK 4 hafta önce

    Why not use the word 'Villian' instead of 'Big Bad', it sounds utterly stupid.

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith 1 ay önce

    4:26 noob saibot

  • Foxtroll Killer
    Foxtroll Killer 1 ay önce

    Dr. Doom
    Avengers: Secret Wars

  • derbinlin x
    derbinlin x 1 ay önce

    Jep galactus it is

  • Salim Mahmud
    Salim Mahmud 1 ay önce

    The Maestro
    Nuff Said

  • Beer van Buuren
    Beer van Buuren 1 ay önce

    Dr Doom is the next MCU villain EVERYONE wants to see. Second smartest human on earth, second most powerful sorcerer. Most likely to kick everyone's ass

  • Loly Betsin
    Loly Betsin 1 ay önce

    Young Avengers - Kang
    Young Avengers 2 - Galactus.
    That's kinda obvious

  • Antonio Prasoto
    Antonio Prasoto 1 ay önce

    I want Mysterio, dr doom, Galactus, and if X-men come maybe either apocalypse or mr sinister

  • Don Mars
    Don Mars 1 ay önce

    What about kang

  • Cρτ.ηεmo
    Cρτ.ηεmo 1 ay önce

    I mean it will be Kang the conqueror, or the Skrulls. After that will be Galactus

  • lucas helme
    lucas helme 1 ay önce

    I would love to see Shuma Gorath. Way more intimidating than Thanos in my opinion.

  • Fa Eem
    Fa Eem 1 ay önce

    Yea i guess now they are running out of villians... Too bad

  • Mongo M.
    Mongo M. 1 ay önce

    Vote for Pedro! 🤓🤣🤣🤣

  • Undead Studios
    Undead Studios 1 ay önce

    I think galactus because he’s more popular

  • Slice N’Dice
    Slice N’Dice 1 ay önce

    Hulk is getting Smarter.. and if Contest of Champions does happen in the MCU.. I can see Professor Hulk get stronger and become Maestro. Wouldn’t surprise me if this would happen.

  • to stupid for a Name

    Oh shit kang seems to actually make sense. Oh no thats gonna be so shit

  • to stupid for a Name

    Honestly no other big bad makes sense to just ignore the events of infinity war and endgame..

  • Yash Shastri
    Yash Shastri 2 ay önce


  • The Twilight Falcon
    The Twilight Falcon 2 ay önce

    Possibly Doctor Doom, I mean he's a Super Big Bad! He also must be entering the MCU since Marvel finally has Sony and 20th Century Fox rights of Fantastic Four.

  • Flying Boi
    Flying Boi 2 ay önce


  • King Drip
    King Drip 2 ay önce

    one word: OSBORN

  • PC_GameWorld
    PC_GameWorld 2 ay önce

    MCU is done so no one

  • RisingSunDead
    RisingSunDead 2 ay önce

    I was thinking, that the first villians to appear will be Mandarin and Dr. Doom, something about them will influence the appearance of more powerful villains.

  • This Year Sucks
    This Year Sucks 2 ay önce

    Galactus I'm fucking calling it

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez 2 ay önce

    What they should do is make Annihilus the "new Thanos" build up villain. But while doing so, they should build extremely slow to the villain in the third set to the second set of film phases to come after Endgame. Where I'm getting at is Nemesis. It should be that Nemesis' life force (remanence of her suicidal death from another Universe) was driving Thanos to bring the six stones together and weaken the Universe by riding it of half it's life. Then her life force can drive Annihilus in the next three phases to acquire the Ego stone. Of course plans change a little due to Thanos' failure. Ultimately, she can be the driving force of all the evil that the MCU hero's have been contending with. And in the third "Endgame like" Avengers (the third set of three phases), Nemesis can finally step through the barrier from death to life. Then that new generation of Avengers will have the fight of their lives as all Universal entities will need to unite to take down Nemesis. I think it sounds good. It would secure an over all plan for the MCU to work on for years and years to come.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez 2 ay önce

    Not Galactus!! I love the character Galactus, my favorite of all. But he must not be the one replace Thanos. Galactus is a victim of circumstance, being undone by the Big Crunch in his Universe and reborn in ours. Galactus is a good opportunity to play on audiences emotions, as Galactus teeters back and forth on the moral spectrum. Hell, he was a good man in his Universe. He has been known as the restorer of worlds. So Galactus may make a good villain for a Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers film, but not a massive "Endgame like" movie build up villain. The villain who should be given that honor is the ruthless interdimensional being Annihilus. Dormmamoh would also work, but he was abit under welming in Doctor Strange.

  • Inertia Theory
    Inertia Theory 2 ay önce

    Cough cough. galactic