2019 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony

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  • Join us live from the Stockholm Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden as the 2019 Nobel laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, and Economic Sciences receive their medals and diplomas.
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  • 빈둥빈둥
    빈둥빈둥 6 gün önce

    1:01 man's smile is so cute! He seems like to really love Swedish royal family.

  • G
    G 1 hafta önce

    24:22 what is this singing called?

  • tlovehater
    tlovehater 2 hafta önce

    Time stamp for Olga?

  • Monika sharma
    Monika sharma 2 hafta önce

    Yippee!!Great economist from India!!

  • Ali Roger
    Ali Roger 3 hafta önce

    The award to the fascist Peter Handke makes a mockery of the opening speech and the ceremony.

  • Mramirez
    Mramirez 3 hafta önce

    It should be mandartory to televise this in every country. I can't believe it's easier to find miss universe.

  • WORLD'S TOP 10
    WORLD'S TOP 10 3 hafta önce

    Congrats to all the noble minds

  • Smita Jha
    Smita Jha 1 ay önce

    As I have seen this video earlier, but today I am posting my feelings..i really goosebumped watching this video, I really proud of all these Nobel laureates, specially for our Abhijeet Banerjee and his wife I am grateful to you for wearing our traditional dress🙏

  • pooja nikhurpa
    pooja nikhurpa 1 ay önce

    Congratulations to all genious minds

  • Anil Seth
    Anil Seth 1 ay önce

    All Indians are proud of what Mr Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo have done together in their work on Global Poverty Alleviation to win Nobel Prize in Economics. Their studies and hard work one day will see great results in removing poverty from the world scene. Thank you for your efforts

  • Haileab Luul Tesfai
    Haileab Luul Tesfai 1 ay önce

    Congratulations to Dr. Abyi, his comrades and all those who have contributed, in one form or the other, to the dynamic changes going on in Ethiopia. The award of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize to Dr. Abyi Ahmed is another moment to celebrate the restoration of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    Peace has long been an elusive proposition in our region. At least, for the last 6 decades or more, a sustainable peace for which the people of our region have been seeking did not materialize, mostly because of the interference by various powers which have had conflicting neocolonialist or other interests.

    Eritrea which has been at the receiving end of myriad hostilities obviously has a different vantage point from which to see over a wider perspective-- not necessarily all negative-- any policy initiatives or resolutions that involve Eritrea, at various international organizations and institutions, be it of a political nature or otherwise.

    More than anything else, the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Dr.Adyi who, as one of the top leaders of the reformers, deserves it not only for signing the peace pact but also for recognizing that the Ethiopian state has to change its long-held self-destructive route in its relationship with Eritrea, its neighbors and with itself. To a certain extent, even the powers and various influential quarters who have been supporting successive Ethiopian administrations in their predatory efforts to annex/subdue Eritrea, seem to start appreciating that such regressive policies are not only consequential to the stability of Ethiopia but it also negatively impacts their long and short term interests in the Horn region.

    Several Ethiopian political analysts and activists have raised questions or opined, at times with wild speculations, as to why Pres. Isayas kept silent or that there is no official statement of sorts from Eritrea, on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. It is noteworthy to remind fellow Ethiopians that the Eritrean leaders are by any standards too modest that it sometimes gets misunderstood or misconstrued by those who hold nefarious wishes against Eritrea and its industrious people.

    The Eritrean/EPLF leaders gravitate more, if not totally, to working diligently and quietly towards their goals and objectives. Their mantra can be summed up: Less talk, more WORK. Just to mention an example that illustrates this winning political culture, in the 2018 Eritrean Martyrs day, in the short speech Pres. Isayas made, he announced the two-letter term, GAME OVER, which sent a very concise, yet a deep message of triumph. Obviously not then, but also in other public occasions, he did not elaborate on the complexities and the actors that brought about the political dynamic that finally unleashed the advent of a new uncharacteristically civilized Eritrea- Ethiopia relations. That will be left for historians to sort it out.

    Then there were some preposterous comments, suggesting that Pre. Isayas is jealous because he was not made to share it, unlike the usual practice by the Nobel Commission of awarding jointly the Peace Prize to both the leaders who made peace or brought about peace, the latter being a rare occasion.

    Among many reasons why Pres. Isayas or for that matter, Eritreans are glad and some also openly celebrated this award, it is sufficient to mention two.

    Besides the leadership provided by Pres. Isayas and his comrades to contain and frustrate the renewed aggression by an Ethiopian state controlled by the TPLF mercenaries and unconditionally supported by certain powers, the Eritrean people paid a heavy price to turn the table and bring about the conditions necessary for the ensuing changes to materialize. So, along the resistance by the Ethiopian people and their anti-Tplf leaders, Eritrea and its leaders did contribute to the change that brought about peace. They don’t need a witness for that achievement nor question their responses to which only Eritrea understands to the astonishment of those who keep wondering about many Eritrean aspects and values.

    1) Eritrea was at the top of the reasons for giving the award to Dr. Abyi who is a partner in peace to Pres. Isaias Afeworki. As the long history of Eritrean resistance demonstrated, this is another moment when the name Eritrea cannot be taken for granted as it can lead to bright promises or a debilitating blowback. If one looks from the brighter angle, it shows that making peace with a resilient Eritrea is worth the Nobel Peace Prize; it does speak volumes and is a valid reason to celebrate by all peace-loving people, let alone those who have been fighting for it for years.

    2)After the signing of the peace declaration between Eritrea and Ethiopia, when the people of Addis Ababa, BaHirdar, Awasa gave an unprecedented reception to Pres. Isayas and above all, after the men and women stationed in the front lines and who were on a war footing for two long decades, got relief, that is the most important achievement or award given by the PEOPLE that have a deeper meaning to Pres. Issayas and to the people of Eritrea.

    Whatever the bureaucracies involved, procedures and criteria followed to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Dr.Abyi, who deserves it, also by the humble Eritrean standards and expectations, the most important message is that PEACE is a win-win proposition that benefits all

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  • Paulo Francisco
    Paulo Francisco 1 ay önce

    As 46:20 é feita a entrega do Nobel de Literatura.

  • Iwona Parkita Szczecin

    21:28 What is name of this soundtrack ?

  • Manoj K. Yadav
    Manoj K. Yadav 1 ay önce

    Abhijeet ji 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    India, indian ,Hindustan ,jay Sri Ram
    Good human being💪💪💪💪👌👌👌🇮🇳👌

  • Solve Everything
    Solve Everything 1 ay önce

    Its cool they live streamed this. I love live streams, its so real and pure.

  • Tilahun zeleke
    Tilahun zeleke 1 ay önce

    PM DR Abey we are proud of you ,Congratulations !!!!!

  • Бахтизамон Ашур

    Congratulations to the real heroes!

  • Ocean 108
    Ocean 108 1 ay önce

    Congratulations Peter Handke!!! 👏👏👏 You are one of the brightest rays of light of our world today. Very well deserved prize! Thank you!🙏

  • Veronika Bečičková

    Congratulations to everyone ....☺️..
    Olga Tokarczuk ogromne gratulacje 💗..

  • IkiW
    IkiW 1 ay önce

    Congrats for Olga Tokarczuk ❤

  • good teammate
    good teammate 1 ay önce

    So the Japanese made a battery from a discovered substance.

  • kelem yos
    kelem yos 1 ay önce

    O my God this is big dr abiyi is 1111 Congratulations to all ethiopian and dr abiyi African proud this is why your mom told you. About that you going be king

  • Haroon Shaikh
    Haroon Shaikh 1 ay önce

    Abhijeet Bannerji receiving Nobel prize 1:9:59

    TUHIN DAS 1 ay önce

    proud to be a Bengali. superb achievement by a real hero avijit Banerjee and with his wife ester

  • Kala Velu
    Kala Velu 1 ay önce

    It takes guts to wear Indian clothes too, in a European dressed party.

  • dragan nonkovic
    dragan nonkovic 1 ay önce

    Peter Handke 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • lanvin1982
    lanvin1982 1 ay önce

    A deserved prize for this Polish writer. Her words in her books are more than shouts.

  • Marcin S
    Marcin S 1 ay önce

    To be proud of Mrs Tokarczuk

  • Hareram Sahoo
    Hareram Sahoo 1 ay önce

    Congratulations to all laureates

  • NoNickName
    NoNickName 1 ay önce

    Olga Tokarczuk, Congrats!!! :)

  • Anna K
    Anna K 1 ay önce

    Olga Tokarczuk!!!!!Brawo!!!!

  • wiezyczkowata
    wiezyczkowata 1 ay önce

    14:20 how long does it take to learn how to play triangle? not trying to be troll, I'm not musical at all and that's probably the only thing I would be able to learn how to play

  • Faustyna Bartoszewicz

    Olga Tokarczuk 🌹🖋️💓

  • Urszula Smykla
    Urszula Smykla 1 ay önce

    Pani Olga Tokarczuk :-) Gratulacje !!!!!!

  • Goran VON Karkin
    Goran VON Karkin 1 ay önce

    In March 2004, Handke signed, with Canadian writer Robert Dickson, an appeal calling for the defense of Slobodan Milosevic. One of the further signatories was future British Nobel laureate Harold Pinter.
    The same year, he visited Milosevic at The Hague Prison. In 2005, he was summoned as a witness for Milosevic's defense. Handke declined and later published an essay called Die Tablas und Daimiel. On March 18, 2006 Handke appeared at the burial of Slobodan Milosevic and acted as speaker. On this occasion he spoke briefly that the World was unfair to Serbia and to Slobodan Milosevic, and that he (Handke) came to Milosevic's funeral because he needed to be "close to Yugoslavia, close to Serbia, close to Slobodan Milosevic".
    Sociologist Keith Doubt describes Handke's use of postmodernist methods in his commitment to the Serbian cause to avoid confronting the truth - without real responsibility and without adequately acknowledging his own pro-Serb bias.
    President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic honored Handke in 2013 with a Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to public and cultural activities. Because of his longstanding commitment to Serbia, Handke was named the 2015 Honorary Citizen of Belgrade, who received the recognition with pleasure from Handke, visiting President Tomislav Nikolić on the occasion, with warm words.
    -- Handke denies the genocide in Srebrenica which in my opinion is a big minus for the future and work and quality of the Nobel Prize in general!--
    Big regards to the Swedish princess from Bosnia.
    With respect: Goran von Karkin

  • Kama
    Kama 1 ay önce

    Olga Olga dziękujemy!!!

  • Avocado X
    Avocado X 1 ay önce

    I'm from Poland.Congratulations Olga Tokarczuk💗

  • Bokmala
    Bokmala 1 ay önce

    commentator should not talk through the anthems

  • Bokmala
    Bokmala 1 ay önce

    That was not the King's chair