Star Wars Secrets: This Is How Palpatine Is Alive In Episode IX

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  • We know that Palpatine is back in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but how is that possible? Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos: The trailer for Star Wars Episode IX dropped at Celebration Chicago and gave us a whole bunch of things to theorize over. The biggest of course, aside from it being title The Rise of Skywalker, is that the trailer ended with the haunting cackle of Emperor Palpatine. If you weren’t sure about it being Palpatine, Celebration made sure you knew by having actor Ian McDiarmid show up on stage after the trailer rolled, cementing the fact that yes, the Dark Lord of the Sith and puppet master of the first six saga films is somehow back. But how, if he seemingly died at the end of Return of the Jedi? Well, there are a few possibilities for this. The most likely is that the franchise is pulling from the prequel trilogy, specifically the scene where Palpatine tells Anakin about the tragedy of Darth Plageuis the Wise. That’s the tale that told of a Sith Master who was able to cheat death. Perhaps Palpatine really did learn this secret. Another one comes courtesy of the Darth Vader comic, which tells us that some dark side users can haunt certain artifacts and effectively cheat death this way. Seeing as how the Second Death Star showed up in the teaser, this could be the site of Palpatine’s spirit. Another possibility concerns time travelling, and this stems from the World Between Worlds shown in Star Wars Rebels. No matter how it’s done, one thing is for certain: Emperor Palpatine is back and that will certainly be bad news for our heroes. Our Social Media: Our Website
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  • michael gifford
    michael gifford 2 saat önce

    also, skywalker isnt just a name of luke or anakin... its a meaning of terminology as a sense of title persay and not just bestowed to all forceusers. as ben skywalker is lukes son of anikin of palpatine of plagues of zar of snoke. but all those who use their force powers to travel across the universe as an elemental force spirit. so when luke becomes a spirit ghost, he is then titled a true skywalker. so rise of the skywalker, could be ben learning he is luke showing he is the greatest jedi ever born as the books say, or learning of what a force ghost really is as luke became a true skywalker and the only skywalker who learned force battle meditation and is able to do combat across the universe and from the beyond. so there is a whole slue of events, and things that are or could be to how the prophecy could unfold. so i am very excited about this last story!

  • michael gifford
    michael gifford 3 saat önce

    yes snoke is an ancient being, the first jedi with the idea of balance and preservation of light and dark between. aka grand master of deception, meaning he didnt die but only appeared to die to allow things to move forward in motion along a path. when obi wan said anakin surely is the one of the ancient jedi prophecy to bring order and peace and from it will birth ballance across the univers... yoda said yes an ancient sith prophecy that can not be determined to its full nature and meanings. so ankin becoming darth vader was light and darkness in one preserving an era of peace threwout the universe despite the rebellion which he never completely took did he always allowing hope. so after he died is the end of the era of peace. where return of the jedi wasnt return of luke as the jedi it was ankin disrupting the flow of ballance stepping into the light once more and dying. and from this era borns a ballance of light and darkness. aka ben skywalker and the clone ray! where as snoke said so elaboratly, where darkness rises and so shall light to meet it... meaning darkness and light will be working together to battle an even greater force... what greater force is there then that of the dark jedi or light avenging mandalorian clone? the sith who wanted to be all, know all, and control all, and destory ballance of the gray jeh-dahi since snokes first fall and establishing the jedi order, btw snoke trained yoda! so... thus far all to date is about the fulfilling of the sith prophecy.

  • EndofTerrace
    EndofTerrace 10 saat önce


  • R3xavi3r
    R3xavi3r 12 saat önce

    until now i'm still stuck in this theory (HOW THE HELL IS PALPATINE BACK?)

  • Will C. May
    Will C. May 13 saat önce

    I liked the plot thread of Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. I'm livid that they're retconing it.

  • Nuttymeemps
    Nuttymeemps 1 gün önce

    The new Sith is Mickius Mousus.

  • 13shark77
    13shark77 1 gün önce

    Read the Star Wars books, he been alive for long time...

  • Benji Bro
    Benji Bro 1 gün önce

    If they acuarlly comes up with:

    HEY! We should get palpatine in here to make everyone go:😑👌🤦‍♂️

    Than i am pissed!

  • Thew
    Thew 1 gün önce

    The emporor is not alive. It's just a ghost or remembrance so Disney can sell tickets for another disaster. The same type videos were made in anticipation for the force awakens and the last Jedi. "Filling in the holes" yada yada. This movie will be awful also.

  • Sir Mikkles
    Sir Mikkles 1 gün önce

    They go there to try and save luke

  • Elton Aleong
    Elton Aleong 2 gün önce

    Disney's FAKE Palpatine

  • Garret Hollingsworth
    Garret Hollingsworth 2 gün önce

    There needs to be a Mace Windu movie where he lives and bounty hunters try and hunt him down

  • G G
    G G 2 gün önce

    I️ stayed For your voice. Thank you.

  • J P Kranz
    J P Kranz 3 gün önce

    So what I'm hearing is star wars has horcruxes

  • Discord 6471
    Discord 6471 3 gün önce

    Simple answer, money.

  • Thomas Lilley
    Thomas Lilley 4 gün önce

    Who is anakins father tho

  • saskia braakhekke
    saskia braakhekke 4 gün önce

    Everybody gangsta

    Till palpetine joined the chat

  • Jo Blackhall
    Jo Blackhall 4 gün önce

    In one of the parts in the second trailer you can see part of palpations hood and can hear him laughing when ray is in the thrown room

  • Branon Lamphere
    Branon Lamphere 4 gün önce

    Ewokes got stuck with a total asshole!!🤣

  • Khrisla Mulvany
    Khrisla Mulvany 5 gün önce

    Rose is dead

  • Natalie Beach
    Natalie Beach 5 gün önce

    I just saw the rise of skywalker final trailer and palpatine has to be alive because I heard his voice.

  • Blackfalk
    Blackfalk 1 hafta önce

    if Sidious was alive all this time why didn't he overthrow the usurper (Snoke)?

  • Todd -
    Todd - 1 hafta önce

    Rey will take the name Skywalker. Rediculous.
    Ren will be thrown into a dark deep pit. Frustrating.

  • Steve Jameson
    Steve Jameson 1 hafta önce

    Lost me at Rose...

  • BenRhysFisher
    BenRhysFisher 1 hafta önce

    rey palpatine btw

  • Ferdi Emvira
    Ferdi Emvira 1 hafta önce

    what if in the end of this movie would be some ghost says "well, hello there"

  • Superjayjay 09
    Superjayjay 09 1 hafta önce

    If darth maul survived from that fall with half a body I'm sure Palpatine can survive

  • Aiden Oof
    Aiden Oof 1 hafta önce

    If they are bringing something from revenge of the sith they better bring back general greivous and not make him die immediately

  • Draw
    Draw 1 hafta önce

    Darth sidious got a woman pregnant using the "force"

  • The Light Of The Lantern
    The Light Of The Lantern 1 hafta önce

    You know it's getting harder and harder not to like the Sith better than the Jedi.

  • annoyedok321
    annoyedok321 1 hafta önce

    Rei has to kill him. She is greatest Jedi because she is woman.

  • Jason Gonzalez
    Jason Gonzalez 2 hafta önce

    So that means Anakin Skywalker could apear and mace windu and ever change everything even Anakin Skywalker not Becoming Darth Vader and stop Darth Sidious in anticipation

  • Paul Horgan
    Paul Horgan 2 hafta önce

    Is it possible that Americans can learn to speak English unnoyagly and stop using what they deem to speak English?

  • Lord Quinn
    Lord Quinn 2 hafta önce

    What if He Cloned himself ?

  • Sam S
    Sam S 2 hafta önce

    Another George Lucas original destroyed. They predicted that Anikian would end the dark lord, and he did in Star Wars V, The Empire Strikes Back. Now he is back in IX for a payday from Disney. Is there any cannon left that still stands of the original series? Maybe they bring back Darth Maul in the next movie? How about Mace Windu? Is anything sacred? Not when money is involved.

  • Lex Mark
    Lex Mark 2 hafta önce

    Wait... Palpatine is Anakin/ Darth Vader Father ? That is why... Anakin's mother told Liam Neeson, that all of a sudden she was pregnant, by something she could not explain.

  • Black Monty Burns
    Black Monty Burns 2 hafta önce

    My theory: We now know the tragedy of darth jar jar the wise

  • Antonio Zamudio
    Antonio Zamudio 2 hafta önce

    So basically, horcruxes.

  • Cbeddoe19
    Cbeddoe19 2 hafta önce

    Spoiler Alert:
    Palpatine's force ghost took over Rose Tico and now she has ultimate SJW power.

  • Finland 23
    Finland 23 2 hafta önce

    Lando comes back, Plapatine comes back...

    But there’s one more person you forgot about,

    jar jar binks comes strolling in with two loaded glocks and a flamethrower

    Yusa want the smoke? Mesa give yusa the smoke.