St. Louis teen wows judges on 'The Voice'

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  • Itumeleng Basetsana
    Itumeleng Basetsana 1 hafta önce


  • Cierra Hemingway
    Cierra Hemingway 1 hafta önce

    Who did she choose?

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    0:55 Aww, Kennedy’s dad was crying after all 4 coaches turned around for her! 💙

  • Nadia N'jiba
    Nadia N'jiba 1 ay önce

    I'm neeeeever satisfied BUUUUUT I have to admit this is Whitney!

  • JuicyCouture1
    JuicyCouture1 1 ay önce

    Anybody else still crying and having chills from their duet, 2 months later?

  • Marilla Williams
    Marilla Williams 2 ay önce

    I hope Kennedy homes win

  • Marilla Williams
    Marilla Williams 2 ay önce

    I Kennedy to win

  • Angelique Tembo M.S.W

    Who won this competition?

  • Paris Massey
    Paris Massey 2 ay önce

    What are you love i n grind Paris lol

  • Calina Santos
    Calina Santos 2 ay önce

    The bond that Black girls have with one another is not something that can be explained. When Jennifer said, “I’m ready” and got up I was just so happy for Kennedy in that moment. Cuz I know what it meant to both of them in that moment to singer together on the stage. #BlackGirlMagic

  • Jazymne Mcquay
    Jazymne Mcquay 2 ay önce

    They did that 🙏🏾😔😭

  • Lin Marie
    Lin Marie 3 ay önce

    Man, 13 years old with that voice. The control and power and how that's countered with the softness in her voice. Just beautiful. And she's only 13!!!!

  • greenpastures
    greenpastures 3 ay önce

    Kennedy has such a warm, loveable personality.

  • Tissiohn Starks
    Tissiohn Starks 3 ay önce

    Omg she looks like my daughter tears in my eyes jermaijah mommy misses you

  • SoulColtrane
    SoulColtrane 3 ay önce

    So let's not waste electric and what not give her the trophy already!

  • Eileen Solomon
    Eileen Solomon 3 ay önce

    Gorgeous voice

  • Truth Songs1
    Truth Songs1 3 ay önce

    Who did she choose?

  • Anders Wood
    Anders Wood 3 ay önce

    That girl uses to go to my school in STL Grand Center Arts Academy

  • Courtney Elaine
    Courtney Elaine 3 ay önce

    This brought ALLLLLL the tears!!!

  • Trinity X
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  • Mya Hodge
    Mya Hodge 3 ay önce

    I'm just inlove with her voice gosh.!

  • TheMsL3o
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  • sevrine lupot
    sevrine lupot 3 ay önce

    Elle est grave belle et chante trop bien

  • Vanessa Willberforce

    Please I want to know the title and the one who sang this song please eeeeee

  • Edward Okoduwa
    Edward Okoduwa 3 ay önce

    This is incredible to watch, she did two amazing performances...

  • Jacoby Jenkins
    Jacoby Jenkins 3 ay önce

    Am I the only one who got brandy and Whitney vibes?

  • Bobirdie IGlife
    Bobirdie IGlife 3 ay önce

    Beast Mode this kid

  • Peter Mbugua
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  • Samantha Elem
    Samantha Elem 3 ay önce

    Beautiful voice! She looks a little like Serayah from Empire.

  • najafa
    najafa 3 ay önce

    Don't watch 'THE VOICE', it is a rigged, polished professional singer farce.  it was only created to ruin the more legit, average guy/gal singing contests.  Yes, this English one is not as bad, but they are mostly there to KILL OUT THE GENRE after POP IDOL and AMERICAN IDOL sincerely wanted to make the boy/gal next door a star.  IN AMERICA, 'the VOICE', by the Apprentice creator,  MARK BURNETT (who helped DONALD TRUMP get popular and ELECTED) totally hurried to have the team competition rip off of 'X-FACTOR' get on the air here, and RUIN SIMON COWELL'S chances to have a hit that actually FINDS STARS!  When somebody copies your show, it is to get a hit, but also DEFINITELY to BURN OUT THE GENRE=  in the 50's, we saw this with GUNSMOKE and THE RIFLEMAN then BONANZA.  Hurry and get EVERYBODY SICK of the whole genre.BOTTOMLINE, DON'T WATCH 'THE VOICE' IN ANY COUNTRY!

  • Rebecca Ejike
    Rebecca Ejike 3 ay önce

    Who did she pick

  • Takia Priester
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  • jamal lowe
    jamal lowe 3 ay önce

    I played this atleast 15 times. Her and jenifer should sing another version of I am changing as a duet.

  • Josephine Adong
    Josephine Adong 3 ay önce

    Black people are really gifted with vigour and! Well done natural girl you much !

  • Gunny King
    Gunny King 3 ay önce

    I hope her hometown of St Lewis gets behind her by voting.

  • Liz07 DM
    Liz07 DM 3 ay önce

    She looks like Alicia Keys and sing beautiful

  • Marcia Jackson
    Marcia Jackson 3 ay önce

    Her dad got me crying

  • Allison Ramlakhan
    Allison Ramlakhan 3 ay önce

    Kelly like you have a chance. Lol

  • rammy nana
    rammy nana 3 ay önce

    Tis is beautiful am watching you guys from Canada ba Am from Ghana beased in Canada

  • CamperVan Dan
    CamperVan Dan 3 ay önce

    She looks and sounds like Lauren Hill.