Fortnite Art of Monsters: The Husk

  • Yayınlanma Tarihi:  4 yıl önce
  • Sign Up for the Alpha: The Fortnite Art Director, Pete Ellis talks about the artistic history of the Husk.
  • Video Süresi: 00:02:25
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  • MarioBoi 179
    MarioBoi 179 1 hafta önce

    What’s a husk? I’ve never seen these in fortnite. The closest I’ve seen are cube monsters. Are these early cube monsters?

  • B Ali
    B Ali 1 ay önce

    Who's watching in season 10 lol

  • M7ko777
    M7ko777 1 ay önce


  • penguinzomby
    penguinzomby 1 ay önce

    Seems the excitement from STW dev team is completely gone

  • Logan Westbrook
    Logan Westbrook 2 ay önce

    They should have made the sleepy roach motel instead of the motel that got removed

  • Payme500
    Payme500 2 ay önce

    0:21 soccer stadium pool

  • duel links pro.
    duel links pro. 3 ay önce

    Stw is stupid

  • reycarlot xd
    reycarlot xd 3 ay önce

    2019 ?

  • sai-shou
    sai-shou 4 ay önce

    I appreciate the artists behind Fortnite so much

  • Kenji
    Kenji 4 ay önce

    This was an amazing info

  • DabToThePro
    DabToThePro 4 ay önce

    Awww, Its Amazing That You See Fortnite Battle Royale Isnt Even There While Your’e In Season 9!

  • Ethan Jolosa’s•Legs

    Well I just killed one about 30 mins ago

  • Toad's Tales
    Toad's Tales 4 ay önce

    I really wanna see what it would look like with the original art style

  • 3luebullet Recoil
    3luebullet Recoil 6 ay önce


  • anime bom
    anime bom 7 ay önce

    I love fortnite

  • Jacob Norby
    Jacob Norby 7 ay önce


  • adonai es fe- On
    adonai es fe- On 8 ay önce

    We need fortnite For Honor 7s

  • egamic
    egamic 8 ay önce

    Art style is awesome but just so much wasted potential

  • Andres Sanchez
    Andres Sanchez 8 ay önce

    2019 anyone???

  • colby blank
    colby blank 1 yıl önce

    2:05 anyone see crazy dave but with a zombie head XD.

  • Guzman
    Guzman 1 yıl önce

    Please new type zombies ✌👋

  • GHXN _
    GHXN _ 1 yıl önce

    Guys do you want to know how some of their arts are from? PUBG

  • Tristan Marcus Taco
    Tristan Marcus Taco 1 yıl önce

    “They don’t want a guy shooting guns,” adds gunslingers and zappers

  • PasscodeAdvance
    PasscodeAdvance 1 yıl önce

    The guys room has Princess Peach!
    Long Live Nintendo and I hope the Original FN comes to Switch

  • Buzzsaw killa 269
    Buzzsaw killa 269 2 yıl önce

    It looked like killing floor 2

  • Russell Blair
    Russell Blair 2 yıl önce

    I'm really impressed so far guys! I love the cartoon game play, It was the correct decision for sure!

  • lanlav98
    lanlav98 4 yıl önce

    Anyone knows when the second wave of alpha invites is going to happen? Can't wait to get my hands on this game!

  • Sillex Gaming
    Sillex Gaming 4 yıl önce

    Dam... This game is developing really well... Can't wait =]

  • Brent Lio
    Brent Lio 4 yıl önce

    I like that "Whole world can be friend together" statement -  Zombies can be funny too!

    One last game I'm still looking forward to after many disappointment.

  • Tanner Adams
    Tanner Adams 4 yıl önce

    I don't think you understand how much I want an alpha key ... Signed up a long time ago but never got a key... EPIC PLEASE IF YOU READ THIS CAN YOU GIVE ME AN ALPHA KEY!? PLEASE!? I beg this of you...

  • Russell Grima
    Russell Grima 4 yıl önce

    UGH i just lovethis game <3 <3 <3

  • AcidSeth
    AcidSeth 4 yıl önce

    Something that is really attractive for me in Fortnite is the art style!
    So thanks for making videos that explain everything in detail.

  • Phil Sanders
    Phil Sanders 4 yıl önce

    Hope you guys release more alpha keys. I signed up awhile ago and still haven't got one :'(

  • K3rty
    K3rty 4 yıl önce

    You had a nice game concept and you turned into this boring crap... really... not that we have any goofy f2p shooter...

  • Duhb0rg
    Duhb0rg 4 yıl önce

    great art style ;)

  • CallOfDuty CallOfDuty
    CallOfDuty CallOfDuty 4 yıl önce


  • Johan Schnetler
    Johan Schnetler 4 yıl önce

    gives me keeeeeey pleeeeeease =P

  • Czarnak
    Czarnak 4 yıl önce

    Why is this game so fuc** awesome?!

  • Salty Red Penguin
    Salty Red Penguin 4 yıl önce

    I cant wait for this game to be released! ;D

  • Marco Dollerup
    Marco Dollerup 4 yıl önce

    Those old art prints are insane! Looks really nice, but the new style is so much more awesome, to me :-)
    Go Pete!