Huddersfield v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/9/19 | NBC Sports

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  • yashioman
    yashioman 6 ay önce

    Small club arsenal of mediocrity scores own goal 7:40

  • Esteban Diaz
    Esteban Diaz 6 ay önce

    Iwobi is average and Koscielny is shockingly bad.

  • Rmon
    Rmon 6 ay önce

    Micki is the pass man and Arsenal needs that

  • Daniel Velazquez
    Daniel Velazquez 6 ay önce

    What's up with the celebrations?

  • Christopher Hansen
    Christopher Hansen 6 ay önce

    If I sold teeth-whitening kits I would be hitting up Emry like every day the same way I hit up Klopp and Firmino

  • Eric Han
    Eric Han 6 ay önce

    Whoever held onto the ball after Huddersfield's goal had no sportsmanship.

  • David Meyers
    David Meyers 6 ay önce

    Luck will eventually run out for Arsenal.

  • Box V5
    Box V5 6 ay önce

    My predictions
    1. Liverpool
    2. Manchester City
    3. Tottenham
    4. Arsenal
    5. Manchester United
    6. Chelsea

  • Henri M
    Henri M 6 ay önce

    Typical Kolasinac. He up a goal for Iwobi, then scores a goal for the opposition. Great player going forward, one of the worst in the history of Arsenal defending. Maybe only Lichtsteiner is worse.

  • Lama
    Lama 6 ay önce

    0:34 and 6:08 - Harry Kane, once he hangs his playing boots and put on coaching ones.

  • killercaos123
    killercaos123 6 ay önce

    Ugh. Arsenal sucks.

    but at least I'm not a Chelsea fan. lol

  • launderground
    launderground 6 ay önce

    huddersfield often play better than their table position. they just need a real striker.

  • janakiram suswaram
    janakiram suswaram 6 ay önce

    When they announced 4 minutes after regular time..i was like "Ok no clean sheet'. It was just a matter of time..and the feeling that Kolasniac was going to score all the time..he did...but for the other team. You can see that in @1:01..where he is like.."all good but i will put in a goal as well" :)))

  • Bush did It
    Bush did It 6 ay önce

    My dude swear just cause he got a future star card he got those stats irl

  • Jonathan Lira Bribiesca

    Smh Arsenal it hurts to watch

  • NYs9thwonder
    NYs9thwonder 6 ay önce

    Arsenal defense trash and suspect as usual. No reason whatsoever Huddersfield should have even had a goal to name.

  • manLIKE drogba
    manLIKE drogba 6 ay önce

    That iwobi offside goal was amazing

  • oreemmanuel
    oreemmanuel 6 ay önce

    Lacazette is always swallowing some hard his commitment though👌🏾👏🏾

  • Hamlet telmaH
    Hamlet telmaH 6 ay önce

    Miki Miki Miki...

  • YoungDantheSauceMan
    YoungDantheSauceMan 6 ay önce

    Literally the worst save attempt ever

  • Colin Cha
    Colin Cha 6 ay önce

    koscielny hahaha

  • Noor j
    Noor j 6 ay önce

    Wow Arsenal can't keep a clean sheet against the worst team in the EPL

  • Plane CanOpenner
    Plane CanOpenner 6 ay önce

    these scumbags players would sell their children and become faggats just to kick the ball around. The earth is stationary plane and immovable

  • Luis Villegas
    Luis Villegas 6 ay önce

    Terrible epl refs iwobi was on and koscielny hand ball

  • 56Landon
    56Landon 6 ay önce

    I feel bad for Huddersfield

  • Prithvi randhawa
    Prithvi randhawa 6 ay önce

    Lol commentators always so harsh on keepers

  • Harut Khachatryan
    Harut Khachatryan 6 ay önce

    Micki IS BACK!!!!

  • Kiko Ayari
    Kiko Ayari 6 ay önce

    Thank God for being lucky.We need to perform better on Thursday.

  • Abram Escobar
    Abram Escobar 6 ay önce

    NBC sports ya better start putting the Arsenal highlights quicker tired on waiting 4 hours just to watch my team kill the game 👊

  • Kiko Ayari
    Kiko Ayari 6 ay önce

    Huddersfield easily could have eaten us alive if Arsenal didn't snatch the first half .

  • Kiko Ayari
    Kiko Ayari 6 ay önce

    El Nany almost cause a horrible mistake to prevent Lacazette of scoring the second goal.Where's Mesut Ozil?.

  • Amazingly true
    Amazingly true 6 ay önce

    Kolasinac should be investigated!

  • subito zx
    subito zx 6 ay önce

    Why do you mute the stadium sounds in all your broadcasts?

  • Dane Byrd
    Dane Byrd 6 ay önce

    Why do they take so long to upload these extended highlights

  • Jeanette Bantamoi
    Jeanette Bantamoi 6 ay önce

    Iwobi’s second goal would’ve been good if it counted😒...

  • Oliver Linehan
    Oliver Linehan 6 ay önce

    I don't know how Huddersfield is the worst team by so much. They play pretty well most games. Just can't put the ball in the net.

  • Justin Kim
    Justin Kim 6 ay önce

    6th place seems very accurate based on Arsenal's performance

  • Nathaniel Woyessa
    Nathaniel Woyessa 6 ay önce

    What’s is going on mister ozil

  • David Khachekian
    David Khachekian 6 ay önce

    Mkhitaryan starts , creates & sets up the teams first goal,

  • IceSyndicon
    IceSyndicon 6 ay önce

    Lmao wtf is going on 7:45