Lewis Hamilton - Breaking the Mold in Formula One Racing | The Daily Show

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  • Alone1am
    Alone1am 1 gün önce

    This guy is a looser and he is genuinly spoiling formula1 he is killing the sport

  • Pleiadian Dancing Heart

    both of them a just dreamy and great

  • Hammer 001
    Hammer 001 4 gün önce

    For Lewis Hamilton in the early years read as Nigel Mansell, and Jensen Button. There is no difference, except that at a young age 13 he was signed by a Formula one team, both of the aforementioned had to do it the hard way, and break into F1 without a big team behind him.In fact Lewis was spoon fed into F1 where as no one else has ever before been in such a position at such a young age. So NO he is breaking no mould he had his present life given to him for one reason only, and boy has he paid that back in arm fulls.

  • Khan Ozturk
    Khan Ozturk 5 gün önce

    I see candlesticks with lots of support and resistance on his sweater

  • D'lo DeProjuicer
    D'lo DeProjuicer 5 gün önce

    Um... make that 6 time champion, Trevor.

    SEVEAUX 5 gün önce

    Every two weeks in the weekends: ''get in there lewis''

  • Shakeel Bhyat
    Shakeel Bhyat 1 hafta önce

    Hi im also from sa

  • Oğuz Tokur
    Oğuz Tokur 1 hafta önce

    In the next interview his dad will be working in 5 jobs in order to fund his son

  • Gravity
    Gravity 1 hafta önce

    Despite how many times I've been put down, rejected, and told "You've got pace, but without the financial, there's other drivers who better fit the position." Lewis gives me hope. Every young black driver has a role model they haven't had in a long time.

  • western skillet
    western skillet 1 hafta önce

    Been a formula one U.S. fan during the senna prost era. . Ayrton Senna forever.

  • haiyaniwewe
    haiyaniwewe 1 hafta önce

    Lewis' laughter is so heartfelt. You laugh with him :D :D :D

  • Checkered Flag Films
    Checkered Flag Films 2 hafta önce

    frivolous surface conversation. nothing was addressed as to how F1 has consistently reduced viewership around the world. how the sport has become uncompetitive; a boring caravan each week with the same hugely funded teams at the top and why the sport really doesn't appeal to the mainstream motorsport fan in America.

  • M Daze
    M Daze 2 hafta önce

    "It's Nascar but they turn the other way" -- Please don't demean F1 with the comparison of the bumper cars of Nascar. It only makes you look silly.

  • are lis
    are lis 2 hafta önce

    Cool to see him talking about his experience and passion. Thank you for having him.

  • yabadoo
    yabadoo 2 hafta önce

    pretty sure James Hunt was himself too but he wasn't black so not liberal enough. Hunt must have had every sexually transmitted disease known to man.

  • Farras Hadyan
    Farras Hadyan 3 hafta önce

    i cannot believe it. Lewis Hamilton is British and he said "S*ccer".

  • dickcheese663
    dickcheese663 3 hafta önce

    The opposite of Lance Stroll

  • Musa N
    Musa N 3 hafta önce

    Lmfao so true I feel like I’m the only F1 fan in America 😂

  • Sandy Lyle
    Sandy Lyle 3 hafta önce

    Stupid fat americans!!!

  • aSalty Cracker
    aSalty Cracker 3 hafta önce

    Break the mold and make the cars smaller, tires wider and get rid of the endless run outs.

  • Notwo Islamb
    Notwo Islamb 3 hafta önce

    Trying to make out racism exists in F1 lol.... no Hamilton is just a personality people are divided on.

  • mohammad zohorul
    mohammad zohorul 3 hafta önce

    Now he is on his way to become 6 time world champion

  • Azz Gazz
    Azz Gazz 3 hafta önce

    His disabled brother is amazing. Happy and always smiling

  • Vishant Venugopal
    Vishant Venugopal 3 hafta önce

    Great interview quality content Trevor!!

  • Satisfying Slime Time
    Satisfying Slime Time 4 hafta önce

    That stupid broadcaster bringing race into it, what an ass

  • Satisfying Slime Time
    Satisfying Slime Time 4 hafta önce

    Nice sweater

  • Nkosingiphile Wonderboy Mbele

    Trevor ☺

  • Gary Blockley
    Gary Blockley 1 ay önce

    Funny noah you had made your career slagging of the British but when a BRITISH racing icon comes to your show you are all up his arse like Chamberlain up Hitler!. Trying to identify with him and shit all nicey nicey, FUCK YOU !

  • Jose Lucio
    Jose Lucio 1 ay önce

    its because of this guy that o started to watch f1

  • kennyj851
    kennyj851 1 ay önce

    For a racing driver he doesn't talk much about racing!

  • Golen Mole Anthony Ruiz

    i hope one day i can accomplish what he did. i may be old but age cant hold me back from accomplishing my dream.

  • karl Rensburg
    karl Rensburg 1 ay önce

    My two favourite people in one place.

  • chucku00
    chucku00 1 ay önce

    "Other drivers are only focused on F1."
    Laughs in Lauda Air (nowadays LaudaMotion)

  • Χρηστος Σταυροπουλος

    I think that the top Hamilton was wearing, was worth commenting by Trevor

  • Neenah Revalliv
    Neenah Revalliv 1 ay önce

    You can just really see and hear how Lewis Hamilton has a humble heart.

  • Efstathios Dimopoulos

    OK Lewis had a tough upbringing but at the age of 13 he was signed and sponsored by McLaren. And in Europe he is bloody famous

  • Steven Webb
    Steven Webb 1 ay önce

    A kid what had a dream. And an amazing talent. Lewis was born to drive a racing car. I've got nothing for love and respect to him.

  • Indrit Shkupi
    Indrit Shkupi 1 ay önce

    L. Hamilton, the best driver in F1 that you can find nowadays!!!
    However, I have to say that my icon is M. Schumacher

  • hershey's osman
    hershey's osman 1 ay önce



    really was enjoying that interview then as usual Noah has to make everything about race. change the fucking record will you!!!