Lewis Hamilton - Breaking the Mold in Formula One Racing | The Daily Show

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  • Smartindian
    Smartindian 3 gün önce

    What the fuckk is he wearing

  • Ricardo F
    Ricardo F 4 gün önce

    6 times now.

  • Michael Ruatfela Ralte
    Michael Ruatfela Ralte 5 gün önce

    Most F1 drivers are poor when they start

  • Russel Walker
    Russel Walker 1 hafta önce

    Wait wait wait. Are you seriously saying that there are a whole bunch of Americans that don't even know what formula one is?

  • アマン
    アマン 1 hafta önce

    He won his 6ths World Championship!

  • F.R. S.T
    F.R. S.T 2 hafta önce

    6 time champion and still counting. Might tie with one of the greatest Michael Schumacher, still praying for you Michael, get well soon.

  • Darya Wolf
    Darya Wolf 3 hafta önce

    Love him🙏🏻😩💙

  • essiiiiii
    essiiiiii 3 hafta önce

    Amrican are the greatest racist in the world? Cover it up with a Gean accent. Lewis his rival en good Friend is a German?
    Why can't a black man drive Formule 1? And we are racist?
    Here in Europe we are open to al sorts of people, everyone is just as a person as us.
    USA just sends armies if they don't like somrthing.

  • Jerome Jacobs
    Jerome Jacobs 3 hafta önce

    I enjoyed this. Oh and he has a vegan restaurant lest we forget

  • Eamonn
    Eamonn 1 ay önce

    It's "mould"

  • Eamonn
    Eamonn 1 ay önce

    Trevor Noah is so much better at interviewing F1 drivers than David Letterman

  • Michael Opere
    Michael Opere 1 ay önce

    Lewis Hamilton has definitely outdid the racing driver that he admires most.

  • Ryan Banks
    Ryan Banks 1 ay önce

    It’s so funny that Americans are SOOO ignorant to the vast majority of world events and cultures.

  • Ben.K Mamosebo
    Ben.K Mamosebo 1 ay önce

    Trevor sani(affectionate name-calling of a gent)....bigups,Wa di busa (you rock)!!

  • Karabo Nkomo
    Karabo Nkomo 1 ay önce

    honestly sometimes they say its not about race but it is the whole system was build on hierachy so can we please celebrate our own without being bothered your Eisteins ,Newtons and Tesla and many more were celebrated and we didnt question anything Go Lewis you making us proud and by the way am proud to be black that does not mean I disrespect other races

  • karl Rensburg
    karl Rensburg 1 ay önce

    My two favourite people in the same place. Wow !!!!

  • pink fluffy unicorn
    pink fluffy unicorn 1 ay önce

    Lewis Hamiltons mom is white.. i mean yeah aesthetically he has brown skin.. but surely he is as white as he is black. Strange how mix people are always called black.

  • Allan Hutton
    Allan Hutton 1 ay önce

    Is that jumper from wikanda or zoolander

  • Vanidia Ogega
    Vanidia Ogega 1 ay önce

    My all time favourite F1 superstar.Thanks Trevor

  • Evan Kim
    Evan Kim 1 ay önce

    A wise man once said “aww I’ve lost this race haven’t I”

  • Arrest Fatigue
    Arrest Fatigue 1 ay önce

    What is he wearing... dalmatians beware...

  • Leon Batey
    Leon Batey 1 ay önce

    omg they had to mention the black thing... let it go

  • laronda10
    laronda10 1 ay önce

    I love Lewis just perfectly confident with a great amount of humility

  • ebin
    ebin 1 ay önce

    I can't help but get the impression that he's a bit fake. But i think that of everyone whos really into fashion.

  • Og
    Og 1 ay önce

    Not to be insult hamilton, I love that dude but I really wish I can race in F1, I really think I will be good at it and give Hamilton a run for his money, but I live in USA so dream is crushed.

  • Ndim Sundweba
    Ndim Sundweba 1 ay önce

    he's so feminine...when is he coming out of the closet?

  • Klint Beastwood
    Klint Beastwood 1 ay önce

    What a cunt!

  • Loktion Banger
    Loktion Banger 1 ay önce

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, is that you?

  • Simply LW97.
    Simply LW97. 1 ay önce

    It is sad that so many people support Lewis Hamilton

  • sefakor fiadjoe
    sefakor fiadjoe 1 ay önce

    This young man is a legend in Formula 1. 🔥🔥Raised by a legend!!

  • Agrippah Phiri
    Agrippah Phiri 1 ay önce

    Where on earth do people get the time to click on the thumb facing down?

  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest 2 ay önce

    I'll rephrase my other comment:
    How great must he really be to become a 4 time champ when his teammate has been second every time, wildly overperforming each year due to the car alone?
    In none of those years any other team had any chance at all...
    Those titles DO count but not like other years' crowns where you could tell it was the driver making the difference

  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest 2 ay önce

    Well let's not forget he basically raced exactly ONE car in most years and that was his teammate. The Mercedes team has been head and shoulders over all competitors, seriously helping in making Lewis a champ in the first place. Yes he is still very impressive and cool but don't forget his car was way better than all but one on the track !!!

  • Sebastian Ibanez
    Sebastian Ibanez 2 ay önce

    dude that hair transplant gives me hope

  • Egnato 116
    Egnato 116 2 ay önce

    Hamilton may be one the best pilots of any motorsport this decade, maybe ever, but what the fuck is he wearing

  • Anto theja
    Anto theja 2 ay önce

    Lewis is so gross and dumb.
    He thinks he is all that- nope

  • Nikita Hauser
    Nikita Hauser 2 ay önce

    How did Nichole date... Nvm. Lordt. 😂😂😂👆👆👆 Looks like my son. My son is 18. 😂

  • JT
    JT 2 ay önce

    He told Nasa Scientists the moon landing was fake as they were showing him the infrastructure and equipment. I can't see past that. What a clown.

  • lamont major
    lamont major 2 ay önce

    Never wear TH shit clothes

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ 2 ay önce

    I didn't know that Milton was black