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  • MY DOPE MERCH - Music mixed by filmed this video in 4k on this -- with this lens -- big drone - OTHER GEAR --- Sony CAMERA OLD CAMERA; MAIN LENS; BIG SONY CAMERA; BIG Canon CAMERA; BENDY TRIPOD THING; YOU NEED THIS FOR THE BENDY TRIPOD; WIDE LENS; MORE EXPENSIVE WIDE LENS; SMALL CAMERA; MICROPHONE; OTHER MICROPHONE; OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great); follow me; on on on
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  • Emirates first class 

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat 1 yıl önce

    everyone is asking about my outfit. it is custom made by a woman in chinatown. i asked her for a bright red christmas meme sweatsuit. she said come back in an hour. she charged $40 (forty dollars).

  • Ruby Whitfield
    Ruby Whitfield 13 dakika önce


  • Roc Segura Tusell
    Roc Segura Tusell 1 saat önce

    2:12 me when the teacher sees me eating

    T A D DEFALTBO 1 saat önce

    Did the flight attendant at the beginning call you nice tat

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro 1 saat önce

    bixo fei viu kkk bom video

  • Matthew Swenson
    Matthew Swenson 1 saat önce

    Well aren’t you lucky

  • Jk Jack
    Jk Jack 3 saat önce

    7:58 when you dads coming in the middle of the night

  • DunG Mr.Fister
    DunG Mr.Fister 3 saat önce

    screams in brail

  • Mr Sour Grapes
    Mr Sour Grapes 4 saat önce

    The crew are great!

  • dmp 23
    dmp 23 4 saat önce

    You're sickly rich

  • Sammielorden08
    Sammielorden08 7 saat önce

    Flight attendant: Sir, you need to leave, the plane has landed.
    Me:* Slowly closes door *

  • Latinokissa
    Latinokissa 7 saat önce

    Team economy class?? 😂😭

  • Abi's Awesomeness
    Abi's Awesomeness 9 saat önce

    You don't have to always brag about your money

  • MODEL 3 Official
    MODEL 3 Official 9 saat önce

    ทำไมดื้อจัง Thailand

  • hacker 59201
    hacker 59201 12 saat önce

    He put a camera in a bathroom thats illegal

  • Its Anna
    Its Anna 12 saat önce

    imagine how much money he made off this video lmao

  • Rich Cowan
    Rich Cowan 12 saat önce

    Wow how the other live!

    PLOY YANGSAP 13 saat önce


  • Đoàn Hải Âu
    Đoàn Hải Âu 13 saat önce

    Wow wow 😍😍😍😍

  • Hiroaki
    Hiroaki 13 saat önce


  • Sloppy Smile7
    Sloppy Smile7 14 saat önce

    V A N I T Y M I R R O R

  • Lisa
    Lisa 14 saat önce

    How much did this cost?!

  • lego creator dude
    lego creator dude 20 saat önce

    ITS A BOEING 777-200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sen8 GT
    sen8 GT 22 saat önce

    You can masturbate in there

  • SOGE
    SOGE 1 gün önce

    6:08 Bowlvgary, wat m8

  • Marionette Beaumont
    Marionette Beaumont 1 gün önce

    His excitement and the things he says are just like I would imagine my dad would say in the same situation lol

  • Jordan Gaming
    Jordan Gaming 1 gün önce

    0:11 hes weird

  • The Ironman
    The Ironman 1 gün önce

    Never hear him say thank you when being served.

  • 1214 1312
    1214 1312 1 gün önce


  • SLoT overkill
    SLoT overkill 1 gün önce

    7:34 to 7:59 I was dieing laughing

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss 1 gün önce

    I’ve always flew in Emirates and I always fly first class or business class

  • Zombs Army
    Zombs Army 1 gün önce

    0:11 AH!

  • Swag4Life
    Swag4Life 1 gün önce

    Imagine the flight attendant walked in on you while you were beating your meat.

  • david xu
    david xu 1 gün önce

    Have you realized that there was no one in the first two seats

  • Matthew Graham Brown
    Matthew Graham Brown 2 gün önce

    5:22 “steak”

  • Nathaniel Lugo
    Nathaniel Lugo 2 gün önce

    He was the only one on that plane 😂😂

  • Scheppaciddy
    Scheppaciddy 2 gün önce

    boaa that mouth looks soo unsympathetic,but nice video ! ;) sry

  • lucy 💞
    lucy 💞 2 gün önce

    imagine having sex in this

  • Alisa Bakhareva
    Alisa Bakhareva 2 gün önce

    Wow! That is so cool! I’ll be travelling in Emirates’ economy class this weekend. First class looks so cool!

  • Trax M
    Trax M 2 gün önce

    3:53 What Does Marcellus Wallace look like?