Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Teaser

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  • RJF YourKingMajestyFJR


  • Gacha ALD38624
    Gacha ALD38624 Biraz önce

    Saga? Series well new series then or the whole star wars history no!!

  • Zachary Rambarransingh

    The legend of my generation is called Anakin Skywalker

  • prince hendrix
    prince hendrix Biraz önce

    awesome can't wait

  • Nik P
    Nik P Biraz önce

    Sorry but the last two star wars movie done in this franchise. all they are is the old movies redone over.

  • Marcos Coronado
    Marcos Coronado 4 dakika önce

    Can’t wait.

  • Fo Sho
    Fo Sho 4 dakika önce

    play it again play it again
    Who here hit the replay?

  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez 6 dakika önce

    lol Lando man

  • Correction Codes
    Correction Codes 6 dakika önce

    this is gonna suk like the other disney fail vids...

  • Johnny Mead
    Johnny Mead 7 dakika önce

    Why couldn't have JJ Abrams directed all three movies of the new trilogy?? :/

  • Lvl 69 Vegan
    Lvl 69 Vegan 7 dakika önce

    Luke: "No one is ever really gone."
    Darth Jar Jar Binks has joined the chat

  • Lunar Man
    Lunar Man 8 dakika önce

    Just getting ready for the fans to hate it

  • gutspillage
    gutspillage 12 dakika önce

    The only thing this sad money milking will be remembered for: heavy breathing.

  • DorgeDungle
    DorgeDungle 14 dakika önce

    Finally this hell will end

  • Happie Chapman
    Happie Chapman 15 dakika önce

    no one's really gone

    Boba Fett wants to know your location

  • Frenchfry Films
    Frenchfry Films 15 dakika önce

    Disney forgot how lightsabers work and how they are one of the most powerful weapons

  • Michael Fah
    Michael Fah 18 dakika önce

    three lessons and they taught all they know ...

  • Madison Morgan
    Madison Morgan 21 dakika önce

    I loving it can't wait Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • adrian flynn
    adrian flynn 27 dakika önce

    Bring back ewoks

  • Laur_ Wolf_XD
    Laur_ Wolf_XD 30 dakika önce

    Darth Sidious: Dew It!

  • N I H I L השטן
    N I H I L השטן 32 dakika önce

    I mean we allready know that this was gonna be this bad

  • Zach Couch
    Zach Couch 37 dakika önce

    I am excited for Palapaten

  • Apophis Jones
    Apophis Jones 37 dakika önce

    The add people did a great cut . Lets hope the movie can deliver. I have a new hope lol . So are the starting a new saga next ?

  • Rændy
    Rændy 41 dakika önce

    If this movie is a flop I won't be surprised. This whole new saga is utter garbage. Rey fin Poe and others are hollow and unfit to partake in a SW movie.... don't even get me started with how disgusting Rose's characters was

  • Le bon roi Dagobah
    Le bon roi Dagobah 43 dakika önce

    -No ones ever really gone
    -i am

  • Jacob Dominguez
    Jacob Dominguez 46 dakika önce


  • Le bon roi Dagobah
    Le bon roi Dagobah 47 dakika önce

    i have a bad feeling about this

  • vistrom
    vistrom 48 dakika önce

    Plot twist jar jar was snoke with some plastic surgeries

  • Matt Goode
    Matt Goode 50 dakika önce

    Look I thought they couldn’t rekindle that nostalgia I always found watching Star Wars but watching this trailer gave me goosebumps just of sheer excitement

  • FireBreak201 Gaming
    FireBreak201 Gaming 50 dakika önce

    1:19 definitely flex tape

  • Darry
    Darry 52 dakika önce

    Luke:No body is ever really gone...
    Qui gon:What!?
    Darth maul: What!?
    Jengo fett: What!?
    Count Doku:What!?
    Anakin Skywalker:What!?
    Obi wan:What!?
    Boba Fett: What!?
    Jabba the hut:dhdhnsnsjs!?
    Jar Jar binks: What in the earth boi what about me!?
    Mace windu:........

    Macs windu: .........

    38 years later
    Luke: Mace you missed the battle
    Mace windu: !!!!!!!

  • AnCienT KING
    AnCienT KING 54 dakika önce

    I’m gonna see dis

  • FlamingButter
    FlamingButter 55 dakika önce

    Disney: We're bringing back the crystal foxes

    SMSF FSMS 1 saat önce

    Star Wars: The Rise of Sheev

  • TheRockhell13
    TheRockhell13 1 saat önce

    Who is Skywalker???

  • gregory Waltz
    gregory Waltz 1 saat önce

    Are you blind?! Deploy the senate!

  • Will Weisenfeld
    Will Weisenfeld 1 saat önce

    Or “The End of an Era”

    JUST ADMIT YOU'RE SHIT 1 saat önce

    Thanks but no thanks...... I'll stick to the originals.

  • Troy
    Troy 1 saat önce


  • The Worst Channel On YouTube

    Disney butchered Star Wars