Tati Westbrook Hopes James Charles Takes a 'Time Out'

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  • Creed Wolf
    Creed Wolf 5 ay önce

    Jame Charles use reverse uno card

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black 5 ay önce

    Whatch this be like Alisha Marie how she said she take a break for 3 months but it’s been like a year and a half

  • GgPérezR GgR
    GgPérezR GgR 6 ay önce

    🙄🙄 b*tch u lied look at James proof

  • fortnite game play and stof

    Is Russell Westbrook married to her

  • ThoraxeTV
    ThoraxeTV 6 ay önce

    inside edition is over here spilling the tea

  • Sassy Antelope
    Sassy Antelope 6 ay önce

    She shouldnt be so dramatic its such a little reason its not like he killed her family even though hes ugly and trashy I find that girl worse

  • Layla Milk Toast
    Layla Milk Toast 6 ay önce

    Once again tati dug james grave and threw him in it now shes trying to dig him back up mind you that tati got butthurt because the 19 YEAR OLD james promoted another brand now i know its a rival brand but give him a break HES ONCE AGAIN 19 and shes what 30 i believe she lied about not wanting the video to get this far otherwise she wouldn't have attacked him in the first place so good job tati #burntatitotheground

  • Rabbits GOOGOO
    Rabbits GOOGOO 6 ay önce


  • Reema AM
    Reema AM 6 ay önce

    It’s called business. Why is she being dramatic and crying cuz he mentioned her competitor? Boohoo. Grow up.

  • Mash Candy
    Mash Candy 6 ay önce

    Tati is tatti

  • pro diamond james
    pro diamond james 6 ay önce

    Stop figttring keith james😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Christine Jasmine
    Christine Jasmine 6 ay önce

    And I ooooo-

  • GD Explicit
    GD Explicit 6 ay önce

    Ya mean 15 million?

  • Rango pistacho
    Rango pistacho 6 ay önce

    I really have no idea what to say about James

  • yolanda leonard
    yolanda leonard 6 ay önce

    Tati didn’t have to make a 43 minute video explaining things that happened with James. That’s their personal problems and they should settle that privately. Most of that wasn’t even affecting her. It was affecting other individuals (straight men that James was hitting on). 🤦🏽‍♀️ that’s one problem with people on social platforms. They feel that they have to put all their business out there.

  • Mystical Violet
    Mystical Violet 6 ay önce

    She only wants subscribers,views and likes

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 6 ay önce

    pleaaaasse stop feeling bad for James. He’s a piece of garbage predator.

  • blackshadow
    blackshadow 6 ay önce

    When your channel starts to get Irrelevant.......

  • Mokfi
    Mokfi 6 ay önce

    Isn’t James Charles the makeup master?

  • Pazuzu Ritter
    Pazuzu Ritter 6 ay önce

    I accidentally clicked on this video, and now my phone needs dipped in bleach and it's T-cell count checked.

  • Chasing A Murderer
    Chasing A Murderer 6 ay önce


  • Nugget
    Nugget 6 ay önce

    Tati Westbrook < James Charles #Hisisters

  • JTGameZ
    JTGameZ 6 ay önce

    Great now their in on it

  • Owl Harris
    Owl Harris 6 ay önce

    Literally an argument over GUMI BEARS!!!!!!

  • Milo ballz101
    Milo ballz101 6 ay önce

    She's fakinnn'

  • Rania hamdi
    Rania hamdi 6 ay önce

    She's just upset that she wasn't invited to met gala

  • Klaxos
    Klaxos 6 ay önce

    She’s doing this because she lied about James Charles and stabbed him in the back, and when he started gaining subscribers she posted a video to say “Stop hating James Charles” so it would appear that she made the hate stop, Jeffree did this too.

  • jpaul 420
    jpaul 420 6 ay önce

    This is TOO pathetic. James only promoted a brand that rivaled her, that doesnt make him a bad person, he just need money. I like the backfire from James

  • LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago

    People say she "lied" she literally didn't she just made to many assumptions and beloved things that weren't true

  • The dark Terror
    The dark Terror 6 ay önce

    James had receipts and Tati didn’t.

  • Zulkafly Marsasiah
    Zulkafly Marsasiah 6 ay önce

    She needs mental help.

  • exoctic
    exoctic 6 ay önce

    okay dont get me wrong, but if it was just only mainly vitamins , then why make such a big mess out of it, (other than the sexual harrasment which i dont even think was harrasment all he did was just hit on straight guys yall be thinking its OMGGG HE HIT ON A STRAIGHT GUYYY OMGGGG oK/

  • exoctic
    exoctic 6 ay önce

    honestly, when you post stuff on the internet, You have to EXPECT Negative feedback and positive - either way, what people say our going to be lies.

  • AmericanMade
    AmericanMade 6 ay önce

    Tati is HORRIBLE! A 37yr old woman tried to destroy a 19yr old kids life over post helping someone that helped him. She lied, was homophobic, called him a predator and bullied him with Jeffree. Funny how none of this bothered her until James made a post from her competitor. She made 19M off that video too. Karma got her. She's a bad person.

  • Edgar Morales
    Edgar Morales 6 ay önce

    Thanos snap yo figures

    MiGGEE MOBiLE 6 ay önce


  • Adarna Mondragon
    Adarna Mondragon 6 ay önce


  • Carol Grimm
    Carol Grimm 6 ay önce

    So FAKE!!!!!!same as her tan lol

  • Wolfy0788
    Wolfy0788 6 ay önce

    The tea is spilled

  • hannahchanelle
    hannahchanelle 6 ay önce

    Well great thing I didn’t support either from the start 🤗