Destroying America With Extreme Natural Disasters in Cities Skylines

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  • IsaacC 123
    IsaacC 123 1 gün önce

    "There's east Virginia"

  • Dhark Reinoso
    Dhark Reinoso 4 gün önce

    This guy knows how to have a genuine fun... Might seem to be sinister yet he knows thats its only for entertainment.. I really enjoyed watching your vids Blitz.. Keep 'em up.

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 5 gün önce

    God never give this man the power to control natural disasters

  • Kentucky ball
    Kentucky ball 1 hafta önce

    2:55 East Virginia

  • Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson 1 hafta önce

    You should put stuff outside of the circle

  • Andrew Youles
    Andrew Youles 2 hafta önce

    Blitz: we’ve filled up most of the world (when it’s only a map of America)
    The rest of the world: Has left the chat

  • AlanGamingYT - JToH, ROBLOX, Vlogs & More!

    What does its cost?

  • MiSTeR SkIiLLeT
    MiSTeR SkIiLLeT 4 hafta önce

    you lol
    \you lol

  • Mr Cuddles
    Mr Cuddles 4 hafta önce



  • Mr Cuddles
    Mr Cuddles 4 hafta önce

    0:15 oh there’s Detroit already destroyed

    Or is Detroit destroit ? (Because it’s destr oyed?

  • Karzai
    Karzai 1 ay önce

    What mods?

    Sam MORDECAI 1 ay önce

    HOW DO U GET THEM SO BIG??????????????????????????????????????

  • Anshary Dayknight
    Anshary Dayknight 1 ay önce

    im not scared of disaster im scared of your voice ( Laughing ) Soooo Wierd,Creepy,Terrible,mysterous

  • GameingForNerds
    GameingForNerds 1 ay önce

    Detroit has become a “piece of crap” literally

  • Numba 1
    Numba 1 1 ay önce

    Zeus playing with his master bolt....

  • Odeal Edwards
    Odeal Edwards 1 ay önce

    hi I like all ur vids

  • Clive Mercer
    Clive Mercer 1 ay önce

    I’m so glad this guy doesn’t have god powers...

  • дима лав
    дима лав 1 ay önce

    kakoj paganij jezik pizdec

  • Zedrick Jaramillo
    Zedrick Jaramillo 1 ay önce

    Country roads...

  • Da One
    Da One 1 ay önce

    I love the laugh

  • tornadosirenlover100

    "Meteorologists have issued a PDS (particularly dangerous situation) tornado emergency for the entire US. It was nice knowing you"

  • spencer belanger
    spencer belanger 1 ay önce

    2:53 excuse me EAST VIRGINIA?

  • Pengui
    Pengui 1 ay önce

    1:17 this is exactly why you don’t live in tornado alley
    W A R N I N G
    W where is it
    500 tornados spawn
    hUH WiERd

  • animation nation
    animation nation 1 ay önce

    when you live in west virginia

  • Daniel McCarville
    Daniel McCarville 1 ay önce

    Me Blitz is way too hyper.....🚫

  • Angeli Young
    Angeli Young 2 ay önce

    2:55 wait did he call it east Virginia because there is no such thing

  • DesertFerret7
    DesertFerret7 2 ay önce

    It is a beautiful day in my city and it is building up nicely. I have everything I need for my peeps. I have become the-clicks on the tornado icon and places it at a lake with a magnitude of 600 I HAVE BECOME THE 5TH HORSEMAN. I HAVE UNLEASHED PERIDITION'S FAN IN THE SKY. THE CITY IS NOW PUNISHED.

  • FortniteMobileYT
    FortniteMobileYT 2 ay önce

    it wont let me use the natural disasters

  • Brandon Ottosen
    Brandon Ottosen 2 ay önce

    lol thats Idaho the place with all the nuclear power

  • Patrick Slattery
    Patrick Slattery 2 ay önce

    Breaking new Virginia's Name has been changed to East Virginia

  • The Animator Is Animating

    Country roads,take me home,to the place,i belong,wEST VIRGINIA! MOUNTAIN MAMA

  • SethPlays
    SethPlays 2 ay önce

    Well I'm lucky I live on UY Scuti. Wait a second... How am I typing without

    1: My life

    2: My internet

    3: How to I know english if I'm an alien?

  • Darryl Regan
    Darryl Regan 2 ay önce

    Your laff is weird

  • stop it get some milk

    Detroit: become garbage


  • Wyatt Haskin
    Wyatt Haskin 2 ay önce

    America? NO!
    Pooptopalis.? YES

  • Shea West
    Shea West 2 ay önce

    Hey I live in America and I don’t like thi...wait IS THAT A TORNADO

  • Bronson Skinner
    Bronson Skinner 2 ay önce

    I live in Michigan thanks for clearing it up

  • Frenchee M
    Frenchee M 2 ay önce

    where is canada

  • hereswaldo09 waldo
    hereswaldo09 waldo 2 ay önce

    fill in all of america please every one would love to see that

  • jeff thoma
    jeff thoma 2 ay önce

    east virginia?