Cersei and Tywin Lannister - Your legacy is a lie

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  • Aashis Rajbhandari
    Aashis Rajbhandari 16 saat önce

    This what missing in last seasons drama

  • Kennedy Sebego*
    Kennedy Sebego* 2 gün önce

    I blame tywin for undoing the Lannister legacy. Sure enough he corrected his father's weaknesses but in the process alienated his own children and now he was killed by Tyrion while Cersei finished off the last remaining bit of their legacy with her actions

  • Willcc19 -
    Willcc19 - 3 gün önce

    Anybody else find Cersei staring up at Tywin like that a little creepy?

  • Willcc19 -
    Willcc19 - 3 gün önce

    “Someone awful is coming to take him away” yea, that’s you Cersei.

    DIAMONDSFC1 3 gün önce

    Shame she didn't say that ned stark even spotted it that would have put tywin in a bad mood

  • Eric MacLean
    Eric MacLean 5 gün önce

    When the Lioness roars. Honestly one of the best things in the series is Cersei’s anger and rage when it explodes.

  • Gon González
    Gon González 6 gün önce

    Well, i guess Cersei didn't go winless against Tywin in an open debate.

  • petrocism
    petrocism 1 hafta önce

    Fuck you tywin

  • Jeriel B
    Jeriel B 1 hafta önce

    when ur son is gonna be ur brother.

  • MilkShake1558
    MilkShake1558 1 hafta önce

    Maybe the reason Tywin tried to bargain with Tyrion seconds before he killed him and told him that he wouldn't let Illyn Payne take his head was because he realised he was the only one now who could carry his legacy, with Jaime in the king's guard, Cersei being a bitch, Tyrion was now his last hope, and if he hadn't had acted like an asshole to him, or at least called Shae whore, maybe he could have saved himself.

  • kleanthis Aristidou
    kleanthis Aristidou 1 hafta önce

    Fun fact: Joanna is wife AND first cousin of Tywin Lannister. :D

  • Notorius B.I.G
    Notorius B.I.G 1 hafta önce

    This scene missed a ton of substance by not having Tywin throw up 2 seconds after she walked away. Oh well, still better than the whole last season.

  • The Duke of Windsor
    The Duke of Windsor 2 hafta önce

    If Tywin was alive, season 8 would have been epic.

  • Mihai Max
    Mihai Max 2 hafta önce

    How ironic....in the end she killed tommen

  • ARCtrooperblueleader
    ARCtrooperblueleader 3 hafta önce

    Even Tywin had to bang someone to get his mind off of that realization.

  • King Eggbert
    King Eggbert 3 hafta önce

    Tywin: what truth would that be?
    Cercei: I fucked Tedd

  • winstonS
    winstonS 3 hafta önce

    It didn't happen in the book

  • Elrosthir
    Elrosthir 3 hafta önce

    2:37 "Oh shit, I looked straight into the camera, keep acting... keep acting..."

  • Ethereal Dweller
    Ethereal Dweller 3 hafta önce


  • Mason Thunkwell
    Mason Thunkwell 4 hafta önce

    Tywin was so politically sharp, he even managed to get out of the story before D&D burnt it down, root and stem. If nothing else, I think we can all appreciate the fact we didn't have to watch Charles Dance portraying Tywin as a whitewashed oaf in later seasons.

    I BROKEMYOWNHEART 4 hafta önce

    1:43 “and how will you do that?” Speaking all of our minds here lol

  • Sean Duggin
    Sean Duggin 1 ay önce

    It should be international law to have D&D arrested and imprisoned for the pile of shit that season 8 was.

  • Jonathan Martin-Löf

    What was the story that Tywin was telling? Does anyone know what he was talking about?

  • dirdib69
    dirdib69 1 ay önce

    "I'm not interested in hearing another one of your smug stories about the time you won. This isn't going to be one of those times." Cersei has the ultimate trump card and she knows it - the power to destroy House Lannister for good. It's the one time anyone truly stands up to Tywin and defeats him. That and the time that Tyrion shoots him dead.

  • Dovah Kiin
    Dovah Kiin 1 ay önce

    Ironic that Tyrion was the only child that met his father's standards, Tywin was only blind to this because he killed his mother and was an imp. Shame.

  • George Kenny
    George Kenny 1 ay önce

    I have no idea what’s going on I’m new... what is she trying to tell him that he thinks is a lie?

  • Fall Out Josie
    Fall Out Josie 1 ay önce

    i love how tywin just stands there in complete astonishment that she just roasted him for not knowing that her children were fucking the whole time

  • Matt Preston
    Matt Preston 1 ay önce

    One of the few times Tywin lost. He had nothing to counter that. Cersei played her ace, and it worked.

  • chip And dale
    chip And dale 1 ay önce

    It's amazing to me how a long hair lady beauty becomes a short haired bitch... fuck ...

  • stephen mahony
    stephen mahony 1 ay önce

    This whole series and wars and conflict starting because cersei likes to bang her brother... Talk about secrets that could kill holy shit man... Just imagine that cersei and Jaime didn't bang each other we wouldn't have seen such a great series except for the last couple seasons

  • Ariel Mos
    Ariel Mos 1 ay önce

    Loras Tyrell is an ass-muncher !

  • Sura Majeed
    Sura Majeed 1 ay önce

    In the books she didn’t tell him ... Cercei would NOT dare speak with Tywin like that ..

  • jessie_ chin
    jessie_ chin 1 ay önce

    You know, I've always wondered what would happen if Tyrion hadn't killed Tywin. What would Tywin do with this revelation about his children?

  • かRaphtalia
    かRaphtalia 1 ay önce

    before season 1 by 20 years
    tywin : cersei you will marry regaer targeryan
    before season1 by 15 years
    cersei you will marry robert bratheon
    in season 3 / cersei you will marry loras tyrell
    I feel that he wants to get rid of her in any way
    he destroys her life
    and if he was still alive /
    before the night war
    cersei you will marry the night king
    after the night war
    cersei you will marry daenerys targeryan
    after daenerys death
    cersei you will marry bran the broken
    This is what going to happen to cersei if tywin was still alive

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 1 ay önce

    Outstanding performances.

  • Evžen Vargaa
    Evžen Vargaa 1 ay önce

    Poor Tywin he dedicated his life to his family and legacy.

  • Tiến Nguyễn Văn

    She was like: hey father, your family is banging each other lmao

  • Richard Moore
    Richard Moore 1 ay önce

    I wish tywin had finished his story...

  • Mad Titan
    Mad Titan 1 ay önce

    Tywin is an idiot in smug denial and a failure as a father. And Cersei is an arrogant, foolish cunt with no idea what fate has in store for her. Lannister are such loosers.