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  • Trick shots from all your favorite sports! Thanks to StubHub for sponsoring this video! Celebarte Sportober with us & click HERE for a chance to win a trip to see a pro football game with us: ► Want an EXTRA Dude Perfect Video every week? Join the DP SQUAD! ► Thanks for subscribing! - Music by Louis II, "Makin' Moves: ► Click HERE to listen on YouTube: ► Click HERE to Stream/Buy: ► Click HERE for Louis II's Instagram: ► Click HERE to subscribe to Position Music on YouTube - Special Thanks to Prosper ISD, Frisco Rough Riders, and FC Dallas for providing the stadium venues. NEXT LEVEL STUFF ------------------------------------------- 🎒 NEW Merch - 🎮 Play our FREE iPhone game! - 📱 JOIN our VIP TEXT LIST - 🔔 Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video! 👨🏻‍💻 Watch our newest vids! - 📕 Read our Book - "Go Big" - Follow our Instagrams so we can be best friends ------------------------------------------- 🏆 🧔🏻 👱🏻‍♂️ 🙋🏻‍♂️ 👨‍🦰 ⛹🏻‍♂️ Bonus points if you're still reading this! Comment: I remember the OG Boom Stick! Click here to learn more about Dude Perfect: As always...Go Big and God Bless! - Your friends at Dude Perfect Business or Media, please contact us at: 5 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply. Terms: ------------ 5 Best Friends and a Panda. If you like Sports + Comedy, come join the Dude Perfect team! Best known for trick shots, stereotypes, battles, bottle flips, ping pong shots and all-around competitive fun, Dude Perfect prides ourselves in making the absolute best family-friendly entertainment possible! Welcome to the crew! Pound it 👊🏻 Noggin 🙇🏻‍♂️ - Dude Perfect
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect 1 hafta önce

    throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍
    thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton

  • Rowin Ulas
    Rowin Ulas Biraz önce

    I.m a badminton player i.m dutch

  • Froggy_Rocketz
    Froggy_Rocketz 7 dakika önce

    Halloween stereotypes

  • Shoot!
    Shoot! 13 dakika önce

    Who else loves dude perfect
    My favourites are trickshots, overtime and stereotypes and battles! Wait isn't that all they do? So I love everything!
    Keep it up dude perfect!
    BTW does anyone else agree with me?

  • StreetBoyStotesberry Stotesberry

    You forgot one sport bmx

  • sangita hullule
    sangita hullule 25 dakika önce

    i think the next video should be a real life trickshot
    pls dont let me down ..... make it

  • Charles Albarracin
    Charles Albarracin 36 dakika önce

    Its three strikes not two to be out 5:13

  • Manoranjan Bauri
    Manoranjan Bauri 44 dakika önce

    Please make a video with cricket

  • Lari52289
    Lari52289 45 dakika önce

    This could be renamed as "Let's go!" video as that's all I heard.

  • Andre Stablein
    Andre Stablein 1 saat önce

    What about cross country 😂

  • Danielle Bates
    Danielle Bates 2 saat önce

    ASMR Trickshots????

  • feeshb0ss
    feeshb0ss 2 saat önce

    can i please have the demarini you used for the mini football boomstick? mine's dead. Thanks in advance

  • JakeTheGreat !
    JakeTheGreat ! 2 saat önce

    Think dp is PERFECT too? Like this if you do.

  • Tara Hamilton
    Tara Hamilton 2 saat önce

    I like when you come out with a new overtime

  • Tara Hamilton
    Tara Hamilton 2 saat önce

    Overtime 11 and 12

  • Yeetus the Deetus
    Yeetus the Deetus 2 saat önce

    Can you please do Halloween stereotypes

  • John Benoit
    John Benoit 2 saat önce

    Shouldn’t we have a Volleyball trick shot video?

  • danny bostain
    danny bostain 2 saat önce

    first try edition

  • Andrew Riendeau
    Andrew Riendeau 2 saat önce

    You guys should do a giant dizzy sports battle

  • marshendan mellou
    marshendan mellou 3 saat önce

    Yo un día me los encontré en una camioneta en México con unas chavas y ustedes pueden hablar ESPAÑOL y entonces eso significa que ustedes pueden leer este comentario perfecta mente

  • Davis Brooks
    Davis Brooks 3 saat önce

    Or a battle

  • Thomas Moyano
    Thomas Moyano 3 saat önce

    Soy el unico q habla españal y no entiende un pingo pere le encanta el canal

  • DTW John
    DTW John 3 saat önce

    Why was garret so like tired in the first scene

  • Siver 534
    Siver 534 4 saat önce

    i love u guys make more content plEASE

  • xX_UltraBurger_Xx McDonalds

    Dude perfect can you sub to me and shout me out because I just started my YT channel.

  • Davis Brooks
    Davis Brooks 4 saat önce

    Do kickball trick shots

  • Mateo Lizondo
    Mateo Lizondo 4 saat önce

    Real life 4

    MR. REMIX 4 saat önce

    got three lol first try

  • Exotica
    Exotica 4 saat önce

    Do they take song suggestions?

  • Random Bros
    Random Bros 4 saat önce

    watching spots steroteyps

  • McJunorb
    McJunorb 4 saat önce

    Title: all sport trick shots
    Us Aussies: waiting for cricket
    End of video

  • Elias Embarek
    Elias Embarek 5 saat önce

    Wenn ich nichts davon schaffen könnte

    Keine Schwäche zeigen

  • Kaylee Ing
    Kaylee Ing 5 saat önce

    Yall should do a vollyball stereotypes

  • Me Qwissy
    Me Qwissy 6 saat önce

    Des video was awsome

  • Savage bros2329
    Savage bros2329 6 saat önce

    If this comment get 500 likes dude perfect with do a bottle flip video

  • The Banana Factory
    The Banana Factory 6 saat önce

    Cody parkey could do the first clip on his first try

    OOF THE OOFED 6 saat önce

    Almost at 50 mil!

  • Click Clips
    Click Clips 7 saat önce

    "all sports" but they did about 5

  • Kevin Ligner
    Kevin Ligner 7 saat önce

    Les français 🔥🔥🔥🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • Katherine Gouch
    Katherine Gouch 7 saat önce

    PLEASE make overtime 12!!!!