Nursing Home - SNL

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  • Kat35 Lulu
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  • GamingTV
    GamingTV 1 hafta önce

    so this is what madonna meant when she says she's quite addicted to contributing to nursing homes

  • cacaroto god
    cacaroto god 1 hafta önce

    Jajajaja Jaja jajajaja

  • Jay OLeary
    Jay OLeary 1 hafta önce

    Nursing homes are Public Storage for the elderly. better have Booze, Bud and Blondes before I get there and at least one doctor who's last name is Kevorkian. Kate is pure comic genius and that pure sexy!

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  • Omega Man
    Omega Man 2 hafta önce

    heidi Gardner is fuckin hot

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  • Pausen Think
    Pausen Think 2 hafta önce

    This is really funny but we need to get over the idea sex among older people is wrong or gross or even surprising (though it's always better if STDs aren't involved!). People are sexual beings at any age and as long it's consensual it should be accepted, even celebrated.

  • EdugeBDroN
    EdugeBDroN 2 hafta önce

    So true so much ducking in nursing homes. Worked there as a teen during summer, T'was traumatic

  • slitor
    slitor 2 hafta önce

    Well, It's nice to know that they can still have the taste of life... Now excuse me I gotta go bleach my brain.

  • The Mrs. Bennett
    The Mrs. Bennett 2 hafta önce

    🤣🤣🤣🤣. I’m hollering

  • Ashley Texeira
    Ashley Texeira 2 hafta önce

    Marry me Kate😍🤗

  • Jessy D.C.C.
    Jessy D.C.C. 2 hafta önce

    i watched this video more than 10 times and still going on LOL

  • Rob Castel
    Rob Castel 3 hafta önce

    that special "me too" moment

  • Aggro Eel
    Aggro Eel 3 hafta önce

    We think sex 🙄

  • EvilFookaire
    EvilFookaire 3 hafta önce

    Damnit.... I want to make Kate's face my wife.... the rest too, but that face...

  • Tarek Solamon
    Tarek Solamon 3 hafta önce

    I worked in an STD clinic, the CDC recommended treatment for Gonorrhea is 250mg Ceftriaxone Intramuscular injection and 1g Azithromycin. Penicillin is used to treat mostly Syphilis... (2.4 Million Units of Benzathine Penicillin G to be exact). Syphilis is really serious, can lead to insanity, blindness, neurological issues if left untreated, so if you're having unprotected sex, please make sure you get tested at least once every 3-6 months, in the USA, City Health Departments offer free STD testing and Treatment.

  • Chasing the Murdered
    Chasing the Murdered 3 hafta önce

    Writings get a little bit better plots get little bit better skits a little bit better however you still have a few awkward moments you need to fix those

  • Chasing the Murdered
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  • vannthemann OdinSon
    vannthemann OdinSon 3 hafta önce

    Holy shit, the acting in this sketch is fucking awful

  • me ow
    me ow 3 hafta önce

    This took a dark turn...

  • sydney luevano
    sydney luevano 3 hafta önce

    Would it make you feel any better if I said no?

    I see...

  • Megha Issack
    Megha Issack 3 hafta önce

    Kate is awesome in the old lady's get up each time 😍😂😘

  • Papi the Don Rogillio
    Papi the Don Rogillio 3 hafta önce

    Funny cause my wifes name is maureen

  • Lisa Longo
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  • Not Bill Gates
    Not Bill Gates 1 ay önce

    Sort of a "round robin" Situation

  • Kyro4Productions
    Kyro4Productions 1 ay önce

    Every single person in this sketch sounded like they were reading their lines for the very first time. Even Kate seemed like she missed a cue. I wouldn't be surprised to find out there were some pretty significant rewrites after dress rehearsal. It's a shame, because I think the material would have been pretty funny if it was delivered a little differently.

  • Jessica Griffin
    Jessica Griffin 1 ay önce

    I’m so sick of “poor uncle Edward”

  • Anita Ramirez
    Anita Ramirez 1 ay önce

    " Just a little gonorrhea " hahaha 😂🤣

  • James T Kirk
    James T Kirk 1 ay önce

    "Would it make you feel better if I said no?"
    "I see..."
    Gonna add that to my daily speechisms.

  • Rounak Bhattacharjee

    Kumail nanjiani the most brilliant passive comedian I've seen lately!

  • Chad Folkers
    Chad Folkers 1 ay önce

    Does anyone on SNL bother to learn their lines anymore?

  • L
    L 1 ay önce

    The doctor looks like Ted Cruz

  • Tia Bear
    Tia Bear 1 ay önce

    Why are the grand children being such cock blockers 😂 "You let them have sex here??"
    Like c'mon they're adults let them have fun in their last days.

  • Kathleen Sheridan
    Kathleen Sheridan 1 ay önce

    Lol 😂 hilarious 😂😂😂!

  • jiija Ahmed
    jiija Ahmed 1 ay önce

    would it make you feel better if I say no? I see ! lol


    It’s crazy, but the elderly have an almost higher rate of STDs then younger people. 💅🏿

  • Nicholas Fox
    Nicholas Fox 1 ay önce

    Very funny premise, but it's weakened by a mannerism among the modern SNL writers: someone will say something outlandish or unexpected, and then the other character will repeat what was just said with a question. "Just a little gonorrhea..." "She's got gonorrhea???" It would be funnier if the outlandish thing would just sit there, left to be funny. By having the other character state the obvious, the unpredictable is made predictable, and it ends up being less funny.

  • L V
    L V 2 ay önce

    Nobody plays an elderly person like Kate.