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    JB TravelsSolo left this comment and we've answered it!

    "This video is wrong on so many levels..
    You dont take into account people living in different climates and different parts of the world
    You dont take into account how different species grow require different care.. Not all cactus are desert cactus,
    You assume the problem with wet feet has to do with lighting due the arc of the sun at certain times of the year and pot size.. when really it has more to do with soil composition, drainage material and watering cycles. If you havea good living soil your plants will do best this has been proven time and time again. Nobody should sterilize the soil for that reason and also a sterile medium only makes it a faster target for nasty organisms as they normally reproduce faster than good organisms. When your soil is sterile there is nothing for those nasties to compete with and they flourish. Especially when growing from seed."


    1. The video is called TOP 5 mistakes in the care of cacti. In order to describe and show all the mistakes and combinations of errors - it is necessary to create hours-long series about this topic. For this reason, we do not accept the claim.
    2. Regardless of whether the plant is planted in sand or clay, whether it is desert or forest, whether it comes from the temperate zone or from the tropics — roots will die if they are constantly wet.
    3. And yes, the intensity of illumination in combination with temperature are the main factors influencing the plant's moisture intake, in the case when the cactus develops normally. Again, the video is about the TOP-5 mistakes, and it's not an encyclopedia for care.
    4. What is a good living soil - I don't know such a thing. And what evidence are you talking about? I add sheep and leaf humus to the composition of the soil for growing plants, if I do not sterilize it, at least a dozen pests and God knows how many other bacterias and fungi will kill my cacti.
    5. You are not attentive. Sterilized soil is populated primarily by beneficial bacteria and fungi. You plant a healthy plant in a sterile soil, and on the roots of the plant there are those beneficial bacteria and fungi.

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  • Galaxy 24x
    Galaxy 24x 2 gün önce

    Wait I got a question. My cactus is growing brown at the end, its gotten limp, and a little mushy, and I'm confused if either I got Root rot or maybe it's the way I have it. I have an indoor cactus, it's always in the sun and I water it once a week, it's been doing fine, I've been having it for a year already, and then just recently I saw brown at the end, I'm afraid that its dying and I need help immediately so someone please help!

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    I love cacti too much.

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    Daniel P 5 gün önce

    I plant my cacti and succulents whenever I want and they still grow.

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    Marcela Geiger 6 gün önce

    I am guilty of killing a cactus for overwatering it. And I agree with that, even when cacti enjoy heat and the sunlight, they will suffer if placed directly under the sun. At least in my experience, that has been the case.

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    The temperature in my city is usually between 35 and 50, is it okay to leave my mini cactus outdoor?

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    Secret is don’t care for it. You blah blah too much

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    Loved it helped tons

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    I believe everything stated but I must just be lucky. I live in a old growth. Oak forest with little to no sun. In summer it's like a rain forest I have many different catus that some how flourish with lots of heavy rain and humidity I use them next to flowers to keep the deer away. And I can't seem to water my succulents enough. Even in regular moisture control potiting soil, Hope they don't all die now that I know better, my eliphant ears are what can't handll e shade or water

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    Thank you so much for making these videos! cactus are highly addictive.. :D

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    Hold on professor ! I have more than hundred cactus at my roof under open sky for years . sometimes i just spray antifungal side in the soil .

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    Can you guys do a very in depth video on venus fly trap care? Please

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    Emiko Arakawa 2 hafta önce

    Wait a minut, in the last mistake, the cactus can't survive in the 12:00, when the sun light is 'hitting' direct to it, will cause stress to root!? I didn't know it. And the temperature to cactus is 15~30°C, like lettuce... If in the 1 case, who live in Tropical country like Brazil? The temperature is more than 30°C at 12:00 on summer.
    Correct me if I wrote wrong.

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    Is that you Stephen hawking?? Had my cacti for years.....re watering.....water to simulate natural habitat.....ie...let the soil dry out completely...then give a good watering....I soak my cacti pots for about an hour in water.....and then that's it for a few weeks. Simple. Like in the desert....long periods of drought..followed by rainfall. Not had one die on me yet. Water thoroughly...when the soil dries out...NOT sips of water frequently else roots will never dry out & will then lead to root rot.

  • pete damron
    pete damron 1 ay önce

    There are no pots in a natural setting as in the desert... I dont follow you on size of pot?

  • Marley
    Marley 1 ay önce

    Can you please add subtitles to your videos? I'm sorry but it is hard for me to understand what you are saying.

  • Size X
    Size X 1 ay önce

    Thanks 4. The tips ✌🏾

  • Emmanouela A
    Emmanouela A 1 ay önce

    I have a collection of cactus now and many years as far as now I know most of them like the straight sun light on makes them strong and healthy some like less sun light but they are the exception, they worst enemy for all cactus is watering them much I water them only when the soil is completely dry is matter of experience, they can stand high temperatures and low till -15 as far as they don't get wet and watered,the winter the watering must be rare to none at all that has to do with the experience you get after many years of messing with those beautiful plans, worths it!!!

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    Them astrophytums 😭😭😭

  • Easy Gardening Live Nature

    Good help full

  • Stephanie Vandendriessche

    What type of cactus is at 3:49?

  • Tony Neely
    Tony Neely 2 ay önce

    Good advice! I bought my first cacti 2 weeks ago. I'm doing good with them so far.

  • Maggie Maguire
    Maggie Maguire 2 ay önce

    humidity is a killer, if you don't have air conditioning and live in humid climates your plant will prune up and rot

  • Back Stab
    Back Stab 2 ay önce

    let me sum it up for you : this video is mostly bullshit , dont waste your time watching it

  • Salty Support
    Salty Support 2 ay önce

    I got a very beautiful cactus. But it had a fake flower there. I can’t stand it. I took it off but the damage has already been done and it has a scar. :(

  • Ullimately
    Ullimately 2 ay önce

    I water my cacti every day and they seem to grow very well.

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    Bills Sawshop 2 ay önce

    Very difficult to understand. Thank you

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    Fuck you.

  • itsitsu
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    Nice video !

  • Andressa Flosi
    Andressa Flosi 2 ay önce

    Is that ok to plant more than one cactus (different types) in a same pot?

  • Alicia Moon
    Alicia Moon 2 ay önce

    I have many questions now.
    1) Does the first mistake still apply to indoor cacti? I live in a colder climate but it's always warmer than 60°F / 15°C in my house.
    2a) Is the cactus harmed by putting it into a pot that's too big for it, or is this just an aesthetic preference?
    2b) How do you know when it's time to transplant a cactus to a new pot? How do you know if your cactus is cramped?
    3) What is a good soil mixture that I can purchase? I don't have a green enough thumb and dont trust myself to mix my own.

  • Fuggler Adventures
    Fuggler Adventures 3 ay önce

    My cactus has out grown its pot and what time of year should I repot it? I am looking for the best time for repotting.

  • Christina Lobo
    Christina Lobo 3 ay önce

    very good thanks

  • lucas a
    lucas a 3 ay önce

    thanks for this.. i have a succulent i have had for over 4 years but i just cant seem to keep cacti alive lol.. i thought theyd be super similar to my succulent but ive had 4 cacti die on me

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    klemon prodigal 3 ay önce

    I dont follow any of your advice,still my cactus is healthy.

  • Axria
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    I've had mine for about a year and they aren't dead so I'm doing something right right?