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    JB TravelsSolo left this comment and we've answered it!

    "This video is wrong on so many levels..
    You dont take into account people living in different climates and different parts of the world
    You dont take into account how different species grow require different care.. Not all cactus are desert cactus,
    You assume the problem with wet feet has to do with lighting due the arc of the sun at certain times of the year and pot size.. when really it has more to do with soil composition, drainage material and watering cycles. If you havea good living soil your plants will do best this has been proven time and time again. Nobody should sterilize the soil for that reason and also a sterile medium only makes it a faster target for nasty organisms as they normally reproduce faster than good organisms. When your soil is sterile there is nothing for those nasties to compete with and they flourish. Especially when growing from seed."


    1. The video is called TOP 5 mistakes in the care of cacti. In order to describe and show all the mistakes and combinations of errors - it is necessary to create hours-long series about this topic. For this reason, we do not accept the claim.
    2. Regardless of whether the plant is planted in sand or clay, whether it is desert or forest, whether it comes from the temperate zone or from the tropics — roots will die if they are constantly wet.
    3. And yes, the intensity of illumination in combination with temperature are the main factors influencing the plant's moisture intake, in the case when the cactus develops normally. Again, the video is about the TOP-5 mistakes, and it's not an encyclopedia for care.
    4. What is a good living soil - I don't know such a thing. And what evidence are you talking about? I add sheep and leaf humus to the composition of the soil for growing plants, if I do not sterilize it, at least a dozen pests and God knows how many other bacterias and fungi will kill my cacti.
    5. You are not attentive. Sterilized soil is populated primarily by beneficial bacteria and fungi. You plant a healthy plant in a sterile soil, and on the roots of the plant there are those beneficial bacteria and fungi.

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    E Vercetti 4 saat önce

    Fuck you.

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    itsitsu 1 hafta önce

    Nice video !

  • Andressa Flosi
    Andressa Flosi 1 hafta önce

    Is that ok to plant more than one cactus (different types) in a same pot?

  • Alicia Moon
    Alicia Moon 1 hafta önce

    I have many questions now.
    1) Does the first mistake still apply to indoor cacti? I live in a colder climate but it's always warmer than 60°F / 15°C in my house.
    2a) Is the cactus harmed by putting it into a pot that's too big for it, or is this just an aesthetic preference?
    2b) How do you know when it's time to transplant a cactus to a new pot? How do you know if your cactus is cramped?
    3) What is a good soil mixture that I can purchase? I don't have a green enough thumb and dont trust myself to mix my own.

  • Fuggler Adventures
    Fuggler Adventures 2 hafta önce

    My cactus has out grown its pot and what time of year should I repot it? I am looking for the best time for repotting.

  • Christina Lobo
    Christina Lobo 2 hafta önce

    very good thanks

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    lucas a 2 hafta önce

    thanks for this.. i have a succulent i have had for over 4 years but i just cant seem to keep cacti alive lol.. i thought theyd be super similar to my succulent but ive had 4 cacti die on me

  • klemon prodigal
    klemon prodigal 3 hafta önce

    I dont follow any of your advice,still my cactus is healthy.

  • Axria
    Axria 4 hafta önce

    I've had mine for about a year and they aren't dead so I'm doing something right right?

  • Victoria t
    Victoria t 1 ay önce

    Main mistake is that u care for it😂

  • Itzzz Wavey
    Itzzz Wavey 1 ay önce

    So I have a small indoor cactus farm in my state of Minnesota, my cacti don’t get the most sunlight, could this lead to plant death if they don’t get that much sunlight?

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    I leave my cacti in a window facing away from dirrect sun and it gets farly cold at knight is this ok for the plant?



  • Carmen Ng Music to Relax

    very good advice ! thanks a lot! will check out the soil mix video too!

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    I heard if you fuck your cactuses once a month really helps with growth. You should try it.

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    Michael Park 1 ay önce

    Shut up mr. Cactus pro.

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    big chungus 1 ay önce

    I live in Canada where it snows a lot. :(


    surely the bigger the pot the root system - bigger the plant?

  • Stale Memes
    Stale Memes 2 ay önce

    While I’m aware that it’s really not best for me to re-pot as it’s currently January, I have a succulent that I’m fairly sure has just as high a risk of dying if left in its current container, than if I move it. Usually I wouldn’t buy a cactus or succulent if it was in a pot without drainage, however when buying this one I completely forgot about it. The pot is glass, and obviously has no drainage, and the plant is not doing well, hopefully it will survive the move, but I know for certain it will not survive in its current pot

  • thetraveller0415
    thetraveller0415 2 ay önce

    I had my last cactus just fall apart, I was told when picking up a new one, that I over watered it. My current cactus is now 6 years old from first purchase.

  • Dimi Pimenta
    Dimi Pimenta 2 ay önce

    Very good

  • Debra Huggins
    Debra Huggins 2 ay önce

    Hi, I'm a beginner and a sponge, soaking up all the info I can.I guess I missed yor link for making soil. Can you post that link please or show me where I missed it. I'm a new subscriber too. TY!

  • Botanical Treasures
    Botanical Treasures 2 ay önce

    Very helpful, succinct advice. Especially appreciated your point about the cactus 🌵 not needing constant, full sun. That explains why cacti can work as houseplants and do okay with moderate light.

  • Mescalinum Sunshine
    Mescalinum Sunshine 2 ay önce

    then how the fuck the mother nature picks the right pots for cacti? isn't it mexican desert aint to big for one cacti? and does it rain where you put a target?

  • shadowcat bygul
    shadowcat bygul 2 ay önce

    Brilliant video I loved it . Also totally sexy accent too :D

  • Sara Dobravc
    Sara Dobravc 2 ay önce

    I used to water mine too much.. i have lost 40 cactuses becouse of water and strong sun too... Now when i changed the tactics for now my cactuses are looking good. Thankfully i had no bugs yet

  • Peanut Free Meatloaf

    NUMBER ONE: buying a cactus

  • Hive Mind
    Hive Mind 3 ay önce

    This video is almost complete garbage. Skip this and watch something else.

  • tell my wifi love her

    Hi! When you say you should not transplant between October and February, would that be autumn/winter in the northern hemisphere? In that case, here in Australia, would those months be the optimum times to repot?

  • Webis Tebis 492
    Webis Tebis 492 3 ay önce

    I know how to cure root rot, but I wont say it.

  • Webis Tebis 492
    Webis Tebis 492 3 ay önce

    Winter doesnt exist in Florida 😕

  • Germán Rivas
    Germán Rivas 3 ay önce

    You are an Indian, you don't know what you talk about as you don't live nor know where this plants naturally occur. In the wild these plants resist total radiation, some even dwell on bare rock at full light, there is a myriad of cactae, most from America, and their needs vary by their habitat, rhipsalis for example are epiphyte plants so they need a substrate made of bark and decaying matter, as well as shade; others are extremely hardy with the possibility to bear water in them without need of periodic watering.

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    william freeh 3 ay önce


  • Naru Yamamoto
    Naru Yamamoto 3 ay önce

    i cant understand ur english ...

  • Gyan Gumatay
    Gyan Gumatay 3 ay önce

    I watered my cactus every day in the summer and it got healthier

  • Mina Daa
    Mina Daa 4 ay önce

    I drowned my cactus :(

  • Sweet Chibachiba
    Sweet Chibachiba 4 ay önce

    Say I get a cactus in between October and February. what should it wait in until I can put it in a new pot

  • imb sysop
    imb sysop 4 ay önce

    What an incredible lot of nonsense! .. and what a ridiculous mistake at 51' .. transplanting a Rebutia in full flower bud production and without removing the "dead" soil on the old soil ball? really ?

  • Al
    Al 4 ay önce

    I'm living in Las Vegas...I bought this house almost 9 years ago and it had some "ugly" bushes. I hired a landscaper to re-do the entire property, front,back and the court yard. I had them install more desert landscaping. I'm actually VERY pleased with the array of flowers the cactus put out. My benny ear cactus....ARE MULTIPLYING LIKE BUNNIES. They grow with no effort. In Fact !!....a ear broke off in the wind during the summer atop 3-4 inches of crushed rock.....I never touched it but would sprinkle water on it.Today it HAS ROOTED and now I have MORE BUNNIES. They require no care.The more you FUSS with them the more issues you have. Only piece of advise....don't overwater and have good drainage.