Crazy and Desperate Music Video - Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash

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  • Amanda Fava
    Amanda Fava 1 saat önce

    I actually love this video

  • Marie LL
    Marie LL 3 saat önce

    I really really reallyyy like this song

  • Brie Hill
    Brie Hill 10 saat önce

    I still watch this all the time ♥️

  • Mary
    Mary 12 saat önce

    This song has so much of a dark meaning to it tho, it’s when couples hate each other and hit each other when no one is looking. Then when they are in public they act like couple goals lol

  • Leah 2604
    Leah 2604 15 saat önce

    They are both really good at what they do, they work hard and have passion, good luck to them both I say!

  • Vanillapeach
    Vanillapeach 17 saat önce

    Tbh, the singing wasn't that bad, I expected some mega cringe but it was actually pretty decent

  • Vanillapeach
    Vanillapeach 17 saat önce

    Wow. I mean, I know Trish is known for being sort of outrageous, but the bath scene kinda scared me there.

  • Jessica Mason
    Jessica Mason 18 saat önce

    I loved this so much!

  • Emmy9932
    Emmy9932 19 saat önce

    Fml..ok i miss them. Like not even them dating. Just them together as humans enjoying eachother and enjoying their moments.

  • Gabrielle P.
    Gabrielle P. 20 saat önce

    Yessssssssss love the high school musical reference

  • XIV
    XIV 20 saat önce

    Awww if they arent together anymore this is really sad 😞

  • Hannah Craycray
    Hannah Craycray 21 saat önce

    I wonder if Jason's kids watch this

  • bird feeder
    bird feeder 22 saat önce

    2:08 anyone else thing her head looks like a muppet or

  • laurenrobbb
    laurenrobbb 22 saat önce

    OMG how have I not seen this already??! Love it

  • Narimeh *
    Narimeh * 23 saat önce

    Low key love this song 😍

  • rachel crybach
    rachel crybach 23 saat önce

    A mf BOOOOP

  • rachel crybach
    rachel crybach 23 saat önce

    Love this

  • Sammi Conley
    Sammi Conley 1 gün önce

    Still my fave Trisha song lol

  • yourideordie
    yourideordie 1 gün önce

    Crying because their not together and this song is iconic 😭

  • Keniza Draws
    Keniza Draws 1 gün önce

    The first part looked like the scene from how to lose a guy in 10 days . (:

  • Amy Hendrick
    Amy Hendrick 1 gün önce

    who’s gonna tell them that Ryan and Sharpay are brother and sister..........

  • Christina Sarvent
    Christina Sarvent 1 gün önce

    I think Trisha n Jason's singing in this vid is pretty good. It might be auto turned but i still like it n the vid concept is pretty good too. The song is catch i was singing along in some parts

  • Marisa
    Marisa 1 gün önce

    this song slaps.

  • Abby Culwell
    Abby Culwell 1 gün önce

    Who actually puts this on in the car?

  • TaraLynn Ta'ala
    TaraLynn Ta'ala 2 gün önce

    This is the happiest ive ever seen them 💖😖

  • Rachel Wyatt
    Rachel Wyatt 2 gün önce

    Wow Jason actually has a great voice great video

  • Jodi Lynn
    Jodi Lynn 2 gün önce

    Sad that Jason is not around anymore... I hope your still together but keeping it private for the sake of the relationship.

  • Sonia Martinez
    Sonia Martinez 2 gün önce

    Idc if it’s over this is a bop

  • Trinity TLC
    Trinity TLC 2 gün önce


  • Ashley Jarvis
    Ashley Jarvis 3 gün önce

    This video is amazing! What goes on in there relationship is between them. Yes I know they have it in the public eye but they don’t deserve all the hate.

  • Bianca Anderson
    Bianca Anderson 3 gün önce

    I can't get enough of this song! I've had it on repeat for the past two days. Soooooo relatable! This song is just as bipolar as me 🤣🤣

  • SicilianChef 33
    SicilianChef 33 3 gün önce

    I still love this so much!

  • Jade Katarina
    Jade Katarina 3 gün önce


  • Aleah Moore
    Aleah Moore 4 gün önce

    Your music will never be on the radios ever

  • Aleah Moore
    Aleah Moore 4 gün önce

    You really had to put that movie clip in there SMH a bunch a movie clips in general so typical trish corny as hell You have the worst voice in the world and so does he

  • Hailey Fox
    Hailey Fox 4 gün önce

    wow jason is not bad at singing

  • Rosario Estay
    Rosario Estay 4 gün önce

    I really liked them together :(

  • Amy Stabenow
    Amy Stabenow 4 gün önce

    Jason is so yummy in this. Trisha is awesome but who knew jason just ties shit up and can actually sing. Excellent.

  • Kinley Harris
    Kinley Harris 5 gün önce

    I like it!!! So cute!

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez 6 gün önce

    Omg love! Basically their whole relationship in a nutshell