Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum Foil?

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  • sherry bollingham
    sherry bollingham 13 saat önce

    Make. Hot glue rope

  • Troll [Sometimes]
    Troll [Sometimes] 15 saat önce

    Your foil is work hardening. And since when it's hard it isn't super hard it kinda shatters. Especially cuz it's brittle

  • Captain Kirk
    Captain Kirk 17 saat önce

    What are the random letters in the video?

  • paveldaddy
    paveldaddy 1 gün önce

    Looks rather nice though. I can imagine it as a film prop where one gets incredibly strong and rips a "metal" rope apart💪

  • SecretLars
    SecretLars 4 gün önce

    what happens if you heat treat that aluminium rope?

  • OOber21
    OOber21 4 gün önce

    Can you make a whip with the plastic bottle strands

  • Amen plyz
    Amen plyz 4 gün önce


  • Time Rift
    Time Rift 5 gün önce

    I guess now we know why aluminum wire is not usually used

  • Autum Scott
    Autum Scott 5 gün önce

    How strong is dental floss rope

  • Autum Scott
    Autum Scott 5 gün önce

    How strong is a rope from leather belts

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 5 gün önce

    Melt the foil

  • Rayaan khatri
    Rayaan khatri 6 gün önce

    why couldn't you use Grants(RIP) rope making machine?

  • Racists Boy
    Racists Boy 1 hafta önce

    Can I make a rope with a better life decision

  • Harvey Harbicht
    Harvey Harbicht 1 hafta önce

    I'd like to see a rope made from paracord. Each cord can (They say) support 550 pounds so yeah. LIft your pickup truck with a paracord rope.

    JAPETHEONE 1 hafta önce

    you can use aluminium rope to carry groceries lol but thats about it.

  • Harvey Harbicht
    Harvey Harbicht 1 hafta önce

    Sorry to be pedantic, but generally speaking when you twist many ropes together it becomes a "cable".
    The term" Rope" is also accurate though it's a gray area.
    FWIW, Fibers are twisted into cords. Cords are twisted into ropes and ropes are twisted into cables.
    Just thought I'd throw that out there.

    JAPETHEONE 1 hafta önce

    Aluminium sounds cooler

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 1 hafta önce

    Can you make aluminum foil using rope

  • Honey Boo
    Honey Boo 1 hafta önce


  • Royz View
    Royz View 1 hafta önce

    Think if I was reduced to making an aluminium foil rope I'd hang myself with it!

  • Starwarsgirl Michael
    Starwarsgirl Michael 1 hafta önce

    Can you make a rope of string cheese?

  • Nitesh Sridaran
    Nitesh Sridaran 1 hafta önce

    can you create an eco wasing machine

  • Mrunmaya Mishra
    Mrunmaya Mishra 1 hafta önce

    Hey TKOR just come to India and you'll find coconut fibre ropes in every house of India

  • Eat More
    Eat More 1 hafta önce

    I still can’t believe he is dead.

  • distinkt
    distinkt 1 hafta önce

    rest in peace

  • SirSwinesAlot
    SirSwinesAlot 1 hafta önce


  • Cobalt Disk
    Cobalt Disk 1 hafta önce

    RIP :(

  • liam Mc Ilroy
    liam Mc Ilroy 1 hafta önce

    Make a rope made from human hair

  • Elbert Lopez
    Elbert Lopez 1 hafta önce


  • Žiedė Grigutytė
    Žiedė Grigutytė 2 hafta önce

    Can you make rope with grass?

  • Luke Work
    Luke Work 2 hafta önce

    R.I.P such a great guy

  • OSB outdoors
    OSB outdoors 2 hafta önce


  • RaeRae Daniels
    RaeRae Daniels 2 hafta önce

    Have you tried the heavy duty foil?

  • RaeRae Daniels
    RaeRae Daniels 2 hafta önce

    What about folding the fouls instead of twisting?

  • James Nowell
    James Nowell 2 hafta önce

    Make rope with thread

  • James Nowell
    James Nowell 2 hafta önce

    Make rope with thread

  • drew Yang
    drew Yang 2 hafta önce

    How about soda can

  • James Fair
    James Fair 2 hafta önce

    I’d like to see a rubber band rope. And separately a flex tape vs duct tape rope challenge.

  • achemus razernum
    achemus razernum 2 hafta önce

    great now i can hang myself the shiney way

  • Adam Putz
    Adam Putz 2 hafta önce

    Rip. Their ears