Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum Foil?

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  • Levi Gayapersad
    Levi Gayapersad Biraz önce

    the length is a important role is the amount of pressure it can withstand

  • Chris Agner
    Chris Agner 16 dakika önce

    11:53 n'eh

  • Vikramjeet singh
    Vikramjeet singh 28 dakika önce

    Is combine rope of paper and Al foil is stronger than as they are individual one

  • Drago5400PlayzYT Roblox
    Drago5400PlayzYT Roblox 34 dakika önce

    You should to a gorilla tape rope

  • Drago5400PlayzYT Roblox
    Drago5400PlayzYT Roblox 34 dakika önce

    You should do a paper rope

  • Yo Huntin' boiii
    Yo Huntin' boiii 1 saat önce

    Can you make a door alarm

  • Sebastian sposetti oliveros

    can u try floss rope??

  • madmage21
    madmage21 1 saat önce

    If you were to soak an ordinary rope in salt water let it dry and burn it will it retain its shape ?

  • Asakano
    Asakano 1 saat önce

    What's stronger? A twisted rope, or a braided rope?

  • Maddie Hill
    Maddie Hill 1 saat önce


  • Diesel Dawg
    Diesel Dawg 2 saat önce

    Rope nopes!

  • ANIME Kid
    ANIME Kid 2 saat önce

    try to make a rope TIMES THICKER!!!!!!!

  • Jayden Comer
    Jayden Comer 2 saat önce

    im making a aluminum foil boat i was wondering if you could make one and put it in water and if it float can it withstand you cutting a hole under the water line and see how much water it takes to be in it before it fully is under water i want to know

  • Taran Mattimoe
    Taran Mattimoe 3 saat önce

    You should make a ducktape rope

  • SA Armstrong
    SA Armstrong 3 saat önce

    how many heaters does it take to make a fire?

  • Zivotot na Ivan
    Zivotot na Ivan 4 saat önce

    rope from gummy bears/ worms

  • Alvin Bystrom
    Alvin Bystrom 4 saat önce

    Intro metal rope nope a alliminium

  • TheFishDoctor
    TheFishDoctor 4 saat önce

    You should just roll a bunch of aluminum foil into a rope like you did with the small prices and compare how much weight it can hold to the rope foil

  • Random Theater
    Random Theater 4 saat önce

    Rope from condoms?

  • im tortillla
    im tortillla 4 saat önce

    Can you use synthetic hair, like wigs, into a rope?

  • LimonShark Gaming
    LimonShark Gaming 6 saat önce

    Make dental floss rope

  • Aaron Bryant
    Aaron Bryant 7 saat önce

    whos the new bull dyke with the axe in the intro lmao? shortys busted and burly

  • bcw wrestling est.2014
    bcw wrestling est.2014 7 saat önce

    Make a dental floss rope

    GRAVEYARD 8 saat önce

    Use girl long hair to make rope next time .

  • Micah Turner
    Micah Turner 8 saat önce

    Can yo make a rope of Clorox Wipes?

  • Anees Fathima
    Anees Fathima 8 saat önce

    Can u make rope from thin paper

  • Dave Auld
    Dave Auld 9 saat önce

    Is it not time to get a load cell with peak hold feature!

  • Mohini Bhore
    Mohini Bhore 10 saat önce

    How to make ferrow fluid

  • Nirmalkumar R
    Nirmalkumar R 10 saat önce

    Can you freeze gasoline? and make it to burn

  • Amalananth Curumoorthy
    Amalananth Curumoorthy 11 saat önce

    Maybe rope made of recyclable plastic ?

  • Devjot Singh
    Devjot Singh 13 saat önce

    This is how bridges are held up with wires

  • Artywolf 56
    Artywolf 56 13 saat önce

    Make a steel wool rope and then set it on fire

  • Artywolf 56
    Artywolf 56 13 saat önce

    Make a steel rope

  • Dylan Stephen
    Dylan Stephen 14 saat önce

    Can you make rope from obsidian?

  • Hey Yo
    Hey Yo 14 saat önce

    Great video i like how you put so much effort to it

  • adam dark
    adam dark 14 saat önce

    That is a nope rope.

  • Nezināmais Vārds
    Nezināmais Vārds 14 saat önce

    make an gummy rope....

  • Hawk Kids
    Hawk Kids 15 saat önce

    can you make a rope with candy

  • Mr Drifter
    Mr Drifter 17 saat önce

    Try make a fiber glass rope

  • IndieGamer
    IndieGamer 17 saat önce

    can you make a rope from rubber bands, sounds kinda hard and unexpected?