Is Ms Dhoni India's Biggest Legend? | Player Feature | ICC Cricket World Cup

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  • Suranjana Dutta
    Suranjana Dutta 3 saat önce

    No one can be compared to him. Love you Captain Cool. Always wear the Jersey No. 7. He is obviously a great legend.
    # A diehard fan of Dhoni

  • Rahi Khan
    Rahi Khan 4 saat önce

    If I love India it’s only because of your attitude Wow A great human being !

  • dhanush reddy
    dhanush reddy 5 saat önce

    Over rated! 😂😂 I get laugh when people say best finisher in the world!! Playing well in 1 in 20 match made him legend!!?? Wr did people who got man of series for many series wordcup.. t20 series highest scorers!! If they wr not tr!! Any lead to team woudnt! Win cups!! We know! Majority of our indians are idots! Praising without knowing facts! Well in keeping is best! But not in bat neither in captainship! If we won wordcup may also mean team was supergood too!!

  • chaurasiya ji
    chaurasiya ji 5 saat önce

    I miss you so much M.S Dhoni sir !!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sriram c
    sriram c 7 saat önce

    Except bcci all are now he is legend

  • Deepak Gour
    Deepak Gour 7 saat önce

    He is the biggest legend

  • Techno Burst
    Techno Burst 8 saat önce


  • MSD mahendra
    MSD mahendra 9 saat önce

    Last 10 balls to need 60 runs and dhoni is on strike and the pressure is on bowler not on #MSDdhoni

    - DON bradman

  • L Narendra Singh
    L Narendra Singh 9 saat önce

    Sir Dhoni please play ICC T20 WORLD CUP 2020😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar 9 saat önce

    I love 😍 u my Dr DHONI ❣ 😘 😘 😘 😘

  • Hemlata Joshi
    Hemlata Joshi 11 saat önce

    Virat and Sastri both are trying to kick off Dhoni but these bastard doesn’t know that now dada is the bcci head

    #want Dhoni back

  • Shubham Rawat
    Shubham Rawat 12 saat önce

    Dhoni is best

  • Anu Kochar
    Anu Kochar 12 saat önce

    Msd my love

  • manny bajpai
    manny bajpai 13 saat önce

    After Sachin!

  • Achal Pandey
    Achal Pandey 13 saat önce


  • Arnav Chattoraj
    Arnav Chattoraj 13 saat önce

    Ages to come will find it hard to believe that a man of such audacity was then a part and forerunner of Indian cricket team

  • AntNinja96
    AntNinja96 13 saat önce

    He's still in the shortlist for WT20 in Australia luckily

    If he does good in IPL he will play in WT20 is what Ravi Shrastri said

  • Pankaj Naravariya
    Pankaj Naravariya 15 saat önce

    I love you ms

  • Vidit Sinha
    Vidit Sinha 16 saat önce

    Dhoni is DHONI

  • Aditya Gawali
    Aditya Gawali 16 saat önce

    Mc bcci

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 16 saat önce

    I want to see MS Dhoni playing the Twenty20 World Cup. In this year

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 16 saat önce

    Best player & captain or perfect man
    I respect MS Dhoni

  • vikas pandit
    vikas pandit 16 saat önce

    Yes biggest legend

  • Taruna Kayande
    Taruna Kayande 17 saat önce

    Ms dhoni I Am your biggest fan of your please give MS dhoni phone number ICC

  • Mohsin Siddique
    Mohsin Siddique 17 saat önce

    MS Dhoni India's biggest legend.

  • Captain Shahab
    Captain Shahab 17 saat önce

    love dhoni from🇵🇰

  • Athul Livbrazil
    Athul Livbrazil 20 saat önce

    You made us cry😔Dhonii We love youu.....

  • Mahendra Giri
    Mahendra Giri 1 gün önce

    The real King of cricket ❣️🇳🇵

    AMIT DUTTA 1 gün önce

    Sachin was, is and will be best Indian cricketer

  • Gopal Trivedi
    Gopal Trivedi 1 gün önce

    Dhoni ke bina hamari india team athuri he🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😭❤😍

  • Manas Bharti
    Manas Bharti 1 gün önce

    U hv doubt?

  • Shantanu shantanu
    Shantanu shantanu 1 gün önce

    4.8k unlike... is this guy not love india?

  • jai khare
    jai khare 1 gün önce

    Who want he make again a comeback & play for India again

  • Suvra Banik
    Suvra Banik 1 gün önce

    He is the best

  • Amrendra Pratap Singh
    Amrendra Pratap Singh 1 gün önce

    @mahi u r always my favorite

  • Kapil Dubey
    Kapil Dubey 1 gün önce

    That's my #THALA

  • Hemant Ratawa
    Hemant Ratawa 1 gün önce

    Yes he is an ultra legend

  • Nasim Hossain
    Nasim Hossain 1 gün önce

    Dhoni is of the best finisher 🔥🔥 from🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • kaushal arya
    kaushal arya 1 gün önce


    GAURAV SINGH 1 gün önce

    The legend