Sibling Struggles! Growing Up With Siblings | Funny Videos and Facts by Blossom

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    The black girl is super funny. Her mimics make me laugh. I wonder if she is actress or not

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    vy jste ale černý mongolci

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    1:26 my sister do that on me

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    Love if life done🤩😋😘❤😍

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    1:36 is that daniel radcliffe?🤔

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    Love you❤️

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    2:38 😂

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    10M Subscriber

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    My brother licks my food all the time!!!!

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    BR Brasil

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    Kkkkk Demais

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    4:49 What is that

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    Ayy does that African American girl have instagram I think she funny

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    This is the most relatable thing

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    Literally this is all just facts for me

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    1:35 Daniel Radcliffe!!

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    I love your vids

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    Yeah I have a brother and I can relate

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    The period ones just made dry coz it was so funny lol!!
    Like if u can relate👇

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    Did I saw roblox on computer

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    Peggio dei bambini

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    ថដថុិផិិិ ិិ្្កក្្្្្្្្្្ហ្្្្្ត៥៥៥៥៥៥៥៥៥៥៥៥តតតតតតយតររររររររេសឹឹឆឆឆ១១២ឹថងិកិុុុុុុងយយតយយយិយយហុុោិិ្្ិិកកលលើកោៀៀ៊ើផើៀយុ៧៧៧៧៧យេេេថងហុ្កកកក្ហបហហហ្នហ្បបហបបបតហ្ិកកក្កកក

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    I love vidio

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    I have a brother.we always fight about the remote

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    Why is this so accurate? Like this is literally all the stuff I do and this is so relatable lol

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    So yeah

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    My siblings are crazy and my kidds


    How people is going to hear music without headphones??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑😑

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    Hello love You

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    3:47 HELP ME PLZ¡¡¡

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    Que grasiosa